Stopping points from Salem, Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada:

Start from Salem, Oregon.

Ashland, Oregon is stopping point #1 after driving about 240 miles (390 km) or 4 hours.

Reno, Nevada is stopping point #2 after driving about 290 miles (470 km) or 5 hours. Your total trip so far is about 540 miles or 860 km over roughly 9 hours of driving.

Finally, Las Vegas, Nevada is your destination after driving about 450 miles (720 km) or 7 hours. Your total trip with all stops is around 980 miles or 1580 km, taking roughly 16.5 hours for the whole trip.

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Salem, Oregon

City: Salem
State: Oregon
Country: United States
Category: cities

Las Vegas, Nevada

City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Country: United States
Category: cities

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