Major airports near Ler, Sudan:

The nearest major airport is Juba International Airport (JUB / HSSJ). This airport has international flights from Juba, South Sudan and is 867 km from the center of Ler, Sudan.

Another major airport is Nyala Airport (UYL / HSNN), which has domestic flights from Nyala, Sudan and is 885 km from Ler, Sudan.

Lokichogio Airport (LKG / HKLK) has domestic flights from Lokichogio, Kenya and is 1015 km from Ler, Sudan.

Arua Airport (RUA / HUAR) has domestic flights from Arua, Uganda and is 1027 km from Ler, Sudan.

Pakuba Airport (PAF / HUPA) has domestic flights from Pakuba, Uganda and is 1147 km from Ler, Sudan.

Asosa Airport (ASO / HASO) has domestic flights from Asosa, Ethiopia and is 1556 km from Ler, Sudan.

Gambela Airport (GMB / HAGM) has domestic flights from Gambela, Ethiopia and is 1975 km from Ler, Sudan.

Bunia Airport (BUX / FZKA) has domestic flights from Bunia, DR Congo and is 2004 km from Ler, Sudan.

Aba Segud Airport (JIM / HAJM) has domestic flights from Jimma, Ethiopia and is 2128 km from Ler, Sudan.

Isiro Airport (IRP) has domestic flights from Isiro, DR Congo and is 2235 km from Ler, Sudan.

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International airports near Ler, Sudan

867 km: Juba, South Sudan (JUB / HSSJ) Juba International Airport
1551 km: Entebbe, Uganda (EBB / HUEN) Entebbe International Airport
1915 km: Nairobi, Kenya (WIL / HKNW) Wilson Airport
2020 km: Kigali, Rwanda (KGL / HRYR) Kigali International Airport
2256 km: Mwanza, Tanzania (MWZ / HTMW) Mwanza Airport
2371 km: Khartoum, Sudan (KRT / HSSS) Khartoum International Airport
2940 km: Bujumbura, Burundi (BJM / HBBA) Bujumbura International Airport
3272 km: Asmara, Eritrea (ASM / HHAS) Asmara International Airport
3444 km: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADD / HAAB) Addis Ababa Bole International Airport
4138 km: Dire Dawa, Ethiopia (DIR / HADR) Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport

Domestic airports near Ler, Sudan

793 km: Al-Fashir, Sudan (ELF / HSFS) Al Fashir Airport
885 km: Nyala, Sudan (UYL / HSNN) Nyala Airport
1015 km: Lokichogio, Kenya (LKG / HKLK) Lokichogio Airport
1027 km: Arua, Uganda (RUA / HUAR) Arua Airport
1147 km: Pakuba, Uganda (PAF / HUPA) Pakuba Airport
1556 km: Asosa, Ethiopia (ASO / HASO) Asosa Airport
1975 km: Gambela, Ethiopia (GMB / HAGM) Gambela Airport
2004 km: Bunia, DR Congo (BUX / FZKA) Bunia Airport
2128 km: Jimma, Ethiopia (JIM / HAJM) Aba Segud Airport
2235 km: Isiro, DR Congo (IRP) Isiro Airport

Local airports near Ler, Sudan

217 km: Malakal, South Sudan (MAK / HSSM) Malakal Airport
312 km: Rumbek, South Sudan (RBK / HSMK) Rumbek Airport
340 km: Wau, Sudan (WUU / HSWW) Wau Airport
455 km: Kaduqli, Sudan (KDX / HSLI) Kadugli Airport
524 km: En Nahud, Sudan (NUD / HSNH) En Nahud Airport
568 km: Obo, Central African Republic (FEGE) M'Boki Airport
1064 km: Moyo, Uganda (OYG / N/A) Moyo Airport
1661 km: Beica, Ethiopia (BEI / HABE) Beica Airport
1857 km: Dembidollo, Ethiopia (DEM) Dembidollo Airport
2319 km: Al-Ubayyid, Sudan (EBD / HSOB) El Obeid Airport

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