Major airports near Niue International Airport:

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The nearest major airport is Pago Pago International Airport (PPG / NSTU). This airport has international flights from Pago Pago, American Samoa and is about 534 km from IUE.

Another major airport is Fuaʻamotu International Airport (TBU / NFTF), which has international flights from Nukuʻalofa, Tonga and is 599 km from IUE.

Faleolo International Airport (APW / NSFA) has international flights from Apia, Samoa and is 624 km from IUE.

Hihifo Airport (WLS / NLWW) has international and domestic flights from Vailala, Wallis and Futuna and is 926 km from IUE.

Lakeba Airport (LKB / NFNK) has domestic flights from Lakeba, Fiji and is 940 km from IUE.

Vanuabalavu Airport (VBV / NFVB) has domestic flights from Vanua Balavu, Fiji and is 973 km from IUE.

Cicia Airport (ICI / NFCI) has domestic flights from Cicia, Fiji and is 1001 km from IUE.

Pointe Vele Airport (FUT / NLWF) has domestic flights from Futuna, Wallis and Futuna and is 1007 km from IUE.

Matei Airport (TVU / NFNM) has domestic flights from Taveuni, Fiji and is 1079 km from IUE.

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International airports near IUE

534 km: Pago Pago, American Samoa (PPG / NSTU) Pago Pago International Airport
599 km: Nukuʻalofa, Tonga (TBU / NFTF) Fuaʻamotu International Airport
624 km: Apia, Samoa (APW / NSFA) Faleolo International Airport
926 km: Vailala, Wallis and Futuna (WLS / NLWW) Hihifo Airport
1089 km: Avarua, Cook Islands (RAR / NCRG) Rarotonga International Airport
2142 km: Papeete, French Polynesia (PPT / NTAA) Faa'a International Airport
2690 km: Banana, Kiribati (CXI / PLCH) Cassidy International Airport
4557 km: Kailua, HI (KOA / PHKO) Kona International Airport at Keāhole
4666 km: Kahului, HI (OGG / PHOG) Kahului Airport

Domestic airports near IUE

926 km: Vailala, Wallis and Futuna (WLS / NLWW) Hihifo Airport
940 km: Lakeba, Fiji (LKB / NFNK) Lakeba Airport
973 km: Vanua Balavu, Fiji (VBV / NFVB) Vanuabalavu Airport
1001 km: Cicia, Fiji (ICI / NFCI) Cicia Airport
1007 km: Futuna, Wallis and Futuna (FUT / NLWF) Pointe Vele Airport
1068 km: Aitutaki, Cook Islands (AIT / NCAI) Aitutaki Airport
1079 km: Taveuni, Fiji (TVU / NFNM) Matei Airport
1089 km: Avarua, Cook Islands (RAR / NCRG) Rarotonga International Airport
1245 km: Atiu, Cook Islands (AIU / NCAT) Enua Airport
1287 km: Mitiaro, Cook Islands (MOI / NCMR) Mitiaro Airport

Local airports near IUE

428 km: Vava'u, Tonga (VAV) Vavau
470 km: Lifuka, Tonga (HPA) Lifuka Airport
533 km: Hihifo, Tonga (NTT / NFTP) Niuatoputapu Airport
541 km: Tau, American Samoa (TAV / HI36) Tau Airport
543 km: Fitiuta , American Samoa (FTI / NSFQ / FAQ) Fitiuta Airport
545 km: Ofu, American Samoa (OFU / Z08) Ofu Airport
587 km: Eua, Tonga (EUA) Eua Airport
612 km: Apia, Samoa (FGI) Fagali I
642 km: Maota, Samoa (MXS) Maota Airport

Map of airports near IUE

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Niue International Airport

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