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Flight Distance 1,443 miles / 2322 km
Flight Time 3 hours, 23 minutes
Time Difference DR Congo is 1 hour behind
Airports near Destination N'Djili International Airport (FIH)
Maya-Maya Airport (BZV)
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Driving Distance 2,131 miles / 3430 km
Driving Time 51 hours, 55 minutes
Cost of Driving $357.89
Stopping Points Lusaka, Zambia
Zambezi, Zambia
Saurimo, Angola
Tshikapa, DR Congo
Kikwit, DR Congo
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Sunny Day Guest House Hotel
Ledger Plaza Maya Maya
Mikhael S Hotel
Atlantic Palace Hotel
Aldeamento da Mulemba
Cities near Destination Kinshasa, DR Congo
Brazzaville, Congo
Kasangulu, DR Congo
Kinkala, Congo
Mbanza-Ngungu, DR Congo
Kindamba, Congo
Luozi, DR Congo
Kimpese, DR Congo
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