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Flight Distance 181 miles / 291 km
Flight Time 52 minutes
Airports near Destination Linyi Shubuling Airport (LYI)
Lianyungang Baitabu Airport (LYG)
Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO)
Weifang Airport (WEF)
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Driving Distance 206 miles / 332 km
Driving Time 3 hours, 46 minutes
Cost of Driving $42.67
Stopping Points Qingdao, China
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Tian Cheng Grand Hotel
Jinjiang Inn Rizhao Haiqu Park
Super 8 Hotel Rizhao Hai Qu Zh
Detal Hotel - Rizhao
Tian Cheng Grand Hotel
Cities near Destination Rizhao, China
Juxian, China
Shizilu, China
Zhucheng, China
Yishui, China
Jiaonan, China
Jiehu, China
Linshu, China
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