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Flight Distance 2,333 miles / 3755 km
Flight Time 5 hours, 10 minutes
Time Difference Lakeland is 3 hours ahead
Airports near Destination Tampa International Airport (TPA)
St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE)
Orlando International Airport (MCO)
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Driving Distance 2,823 miles / 4543 km
Driving Time 42 hours, 45 minutes
Cost of Driving $372.30
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The Terrace Hotel
Lake Wire Inn
Hyatt Place - Lakeland (Center)
Amercias Best Inn & Suites
Kingston Lakeside Inn
Cities near Destination Winston, FL
Lakeland Highlands, FL
Auburndale, FL
Plant City, FL
Bartow, FL
Winter Haven, FL
Cypress Gardens, FL
Zephyrhills, FL
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