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Flight Distance 1,025 miles / 1649 km
Flight Time 2 hours, 33 minutes
Time Difference Wales is 1 hour behind
Airports near Destination Cardiff Airport (CWL)
Bristol Airport (BRS)
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Sports Stadiums Cardiff City Stadium
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Driving Distance 1,279 miles / 2058 km
Driving Time 22 hours, 36 minutes
Cost of Driving $414.22
Stopping Points Vienna, Austria
Cologne, Germany
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Lincoln House Private Hotel
Barcelo Cardiff Angel Hotel
Village Urban Resort Cardiff
Holiday Inn City Centre
Hilton Cardiff
Cities near Destination Cardiff, United Kingdom
Penarth, United Kingdom
Barry, United Kingdom
Pontypridd, United Kingdom
Newport, United Kingdom
Cwmbran, United Kingdom
Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom
Rhondda, United Kingdom
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