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Flight Distance 629 miles / 1012 km
Flight Time 1 hour, 45 minutes
Time Difference Norway is 1 hour ahead
Airports near Destination Røros Airport (RRS)
Fagernes Airport, Leirin (VDB)
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Driving Distance 1,675 miles / 2696 km
Driving Time 30 hours, 22 minutes
Cost of Driving $589.51
Stopping Points Leeds, United Kingdom
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bremen, Germany
Aarhus, Denmark
Drammen, Norway
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RondaneSpa Hotell og Hytter
Norlandia Otta Hotel
Trolltun Gjesteg
Dombas Hotel
Cities near Destination Folldal, Norway
Otta, Norway
Alvdal, Norway
Dovre, Norway
Kvam, Norway
Lia, Norway
Lalm, Norway
Dombas, Norway
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