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Flight Distance 178 miles / 286 km
Flight Time 51 minutes
Airports near Destination Ruben Berta International Airport (URG)
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Direct Flights NHT Linhas A reas
Passaredo Linhas Aereas
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Driving Distance 250 miles / 402 km
Driving Time 5 hours, 13 minutes
Cost of Driving $51.64
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Posada de la Laguna Lodge
Irupe Lodge
Puerto Valle Hotel De Esteros
La Mision Posadas Hotel & Spa
Hotel Residencial Col
Cities near Destination Itaqui, Brazil
Sao Borja, Brazil
Santo Tome, Argentina
Paso de los Libres, Argentina
Uruguaiana, Brazil
Alegrete, Brazil
Sao Francisco De Assis, Brazil
Santiago, Brazil
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