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Flight Distance 216 miles / 348 km
Flight Time 56 minutes
Time Difference Ohrid is 1 hour behind
Airports near Destination Kastoria National Airport (KSO)
Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa (TIA)
Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP)
Kozani National Airport Filippos (KZI)
Ioannina National Airport (IOA)
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Driving Distance 337 miles / 542 km
Driving Time 7 hours, 42 minutes
Cost of Driving $73.41
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Hotel Donco
Villa Milka
Villa Milka
Millenium Palace Hotel
Anastasia Homestay
Cities near Destination Kosel, Macedonia
Struga, Macedonia
Meseista, Macedonia
Delogozdi, Macedonia
Resen, Macedonia
Velesta, Macedonia
Belcista, Macedonia
Vevcani, Macedonia
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