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Flight Distance 54 miles / 87 km
Flight Time 37 minutes
Airports near Destination Lauro Kurtz Airport (PFB)
Sepé Tiaraju Airport (GEL)
Santa Maria Airport (RIA)
Erechim Airport (ERM)
Santa Rosa Airport (SRA)
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Driving Distance 65 miles / 105 km
Driving Time 1 hour, 24 minutes
Cost of Driving $18.71
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Ibis Passo Fundo Shopping
Prix Hotel
Itatiaia Premium Hotel
Harbor Self Erechim
Dall'Onder Vittoria Hotel
Cities near Destination Espumoso, Brazil
Nao-me-toque, Brazil
Carazinho, Brazil
Ouro Fino, Brazil
Cruz Alta, Brazil
Panambi, Brazil
Soledade, Brazil
Passo Fundo, Brazil
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