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Flight Distance 1,768 miles / 2845 km
Flight Time 4 hours, 2 minutes
Time Difference Edmonton is 2 hours behind
Airports near Destination Edmonton International Airport (YEG)
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Sports Stadiums Commonwealth Stadium
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Driving Distance 2,146 miles / 3454 km
Driving Time 35 hours, 39 minutes
Cost of Driving $357.85
Stopping Points North Bay, Canada
Sault Sainte Marie, Canada
Duluth, MN
Grand Forks, ND
Regina, Canada
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The Sutton Place Hotel Edmonton
Delta Edmonton-Centre Suite Hotel
The Westin Edmonton
Union Bank Inn
Coast Edmonton Plaza
Cities near Destination Saint Albert, Canada
Sherwood Park, Canada
Devon, Canada
Fort Saskatchewan, Canada
Spruce Grove, Canada
Morinville, Canada
Leduc, Canada
Bon Accord, Canada
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