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Flight Distance 1,133 miles / 1824 km
Flight Time 2 hours, 24 minutes
Time Difference EWR is 1 hour ahead
Airports near Destination Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Teterboro Airport (TEB)
Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU)
LaGuardia Airport (LGA)
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
Westchester County Airport (HPN)
Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN)
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Sports Stadiums Prudential Center
Red Bull Arena
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Driving Distance 1,246 miles / 2005 km
Driving Time 19 hours, 48 minutes
Cost of Driving $162.85
Stopping Points Aurora, IL
Toledo, OH
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Marriott - Newark International Airport
Holiday Inn Newark Airport
Hilton Newark Airport
Hampton Inn Newark Airport
Wyndham Garden Hotel Newark Airport
Cities near Destination Elizabeth, NJ
Hillside, NJ
Newark, NJ
Bayonne, NJ
Irvington, NJ
Harrison, NJ
Union, NJ
Roselle Park, NJ
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