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Flight Distance 51 miles / 82 km
Flight Time 36 minutes
Airports near Destination Yibin Caiba Airport (YBP)
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Driving Distance 119 miles / 192 km
Driving Time 2 hours, 5 minutes
Cost of Driving $24.44
Stopping Points Liupanshui, China
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Ibis Yibin
Super 8 Hotel Yibin Cui Ping T
Jiudu Hotel Yibin
Shu Nan Zhu Hai Hotel - Yibin
Eden Resort Hotel Yibin Sichuan - Yibin
Cities near Destination Yibin, China
Xunchang, China
Zigong, China
Luocheng, China
Luzhou, China
Neijiang, China
Leshan, China
Yongchang, China
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