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Flight Distance 60 miles / 96 km
Flight Time 37 minutes
Airports near Destination Antwerp International Airport (ANR)
Brussels Airport (BRU)
Eindhoven Airport (EIN)
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Sports Stadiums Olympisch Stadion
Freethiel Stadion
Herman Vanderpoortenstadion
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Driving Distance 67 miles / 108 km
Driving Time 1 hour, 11 minutes
Cost of Driving $24.80
Halfway Point Ghent, Belgium
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Sandton Hotel Empire
Hyllit Hotel
Sandton Antwerp Hotel
Hotel Keyserlei
De Keyser Hotel
Cities near Destination Borsbeek, Belgium
Zwijndrecht, Belgium
Mortsel, Belgium
Schoten, Belgium
Wommelgem, Belgium
Brasschaat, Belgium
Edegem, Belgium
Boechout, Belgium
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