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Flight Distance 88 miles / 141 km
Flight Time 41 minutes
Airports near Destination Samos International Airport (SMI)
Ikaria Island National Airport (JIK)
─░zmir Adnan Menderes International Airport (ADB)
Leros Island National Airport (LRS)
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Driving Distance 459 miles / 739 km
Driving Time 29 hours, 43 minutes
Cost of Driving $125.53
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Aeolis Hotel Vathy
Samos Hotel
Aria Hotel
Aria Hotel Samos
Virginia Hotel
Cities near Destination Vathi, Greece
Mitilinioi, Greece
Kokkarion, Greece
Khora, Greece
Pagondas, Greece
Fournoi, Greece
Neon Karlovasion, Greece
Marathokambos, Greece
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