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Flight Distance 1,759 miles / 2831 km
Flight Time 4 hours, 1 minute
Airports near Destination Vardø Airport, Svartnes (VAW)
Vadsø Airport (VDS)
Båtsfjord Airport (BJF)
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Driving Distance 2,180 miles / 3508 km
Driving Time 40 hours, 10 minutes
Cost of Driving $707.01
Halfway Point Stockholm, Sweden
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Barents Frokosthotell
Sollia Gjestegaard Kirkenes
Sollia Gjestegaard
Nuorgamin Lomakeskus
Nordic Safari Wildlife Adventures AS
Cities near Destination Vardo, Norway
Kiberg, Norway
Vadso, Norway
Batsfjord, Norway
Kirkenes, Norway
Bjornevatn, Norway
Pechenga, Russia
Berlevag, Norway
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