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Flight Distance 3,636 miles / 5852 km
Flight Time 7 hours, 46 minutes
Time Difference Beijing is 4 hours ahead
Airports near Destination Beijing Nanyuan Airport (NAY)
Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)
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Direct Flights Emirates
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Driving Distance 5,930 miles / 9543 km
Driving Time 116 hours, 20 minutes
Cost of Driving $922.10
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Huafang Yilu Hotel - Beijing
Grand Hyatt Beijing
Jianguo Garden Hotel
Beijing Hotel
Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Beijing
Cities near Destination Tongzhou, China
Huangcun, China
Mentougou, China
Liangxiang, China
Shunyi, China
Changping, China
Fangshan, China
Langfang, China
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