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Flight Distance 242 miles / 389 km
Flight Time 59 minutes
Airports near Destination Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport (COO)
Lomé-Tokoin Airport (LFW)
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Driving Distance 364 miles / 586 km
Driving Time 6 hours, 57 minutes
Cost of Driving $58.26
Stopping Points Lagos, Nigeria
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Maison Rouge
Novotel Orisha Cotonou
Ibis Cotonou
Hotel Du Port
Bw Plus Nobila Airport Hotel
Cities near Destination Grand-Popo, Benin
Ouidah, Benin
Athieme, Benin
Lokossa, Benin
Aneho, Togo
Vogan, Togo
Allada, Benin
Tabligbo, Togo
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