Airport Rankings

When it comes to travel, the quality of the airports you take flight from and touch down at can have a big impact on your trip overall. Flight delays, cancellations, lost baggage claims, fare prices – these types of experiences can make or break your trip. Many travel rankings take into account airline reviews and even flight path feedback, but we’ve ranked the airports themselves to give you an inside look into the nation’s best and worst options. Using information collected from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics throughout 2015 so far, we were able to rank 322 airports across the United States based on their results in each category.

Airport Rankings list
RankAirport NameCxld
Flights %
Delays %Avg. Flight
Delay (mins)
Time (mins)
TSA Claims
1Canyonlands Field0.482.92-65.5$3230
2Cedar City Regional0.248.652.59$3090
3Lewiston Nez Perce County02.49-4.38.4$4490
5Yakutat Airport1.0311.68-5.85.9$3721
6Pocatello Regional0.425.02-1.98.4$4600
7Bert Mooney2.265.77-2.88.9$3510
8Hilo International0.188.28-0.68$2496
9Bethel Airport1.2112.640.65.5$4480
10Great Falls International0.898.720.310.45$3690
11Dillingham Airport012.340.65.7$6730
12St George Municipal0.319.151.89.9$3641
13Joslin Field-Magic Valley Regional1.556.29-2.58.05$4212
14Bellingham International0.388.83-110.2$2075
15Vernal Regional2.915.83-3.65.35$4930
16Merle K Mudhole Smith1.4415.19-36.1$4860
17Elko Regional1.175.86-4.48.4$5231
18Sitka Rocky Gutierrez0.8513.551.38.35$4481
19Valley International1.5913.673.98.5$3440
20Lihue Airport0.439.5718.15$26825
21Billings Logan International0.429.570.99.5$4483
22Helena Regional0.576.5-0.210$5461
23King Salmon Airport018.262.75.7$6880
24Kona International Airport at Keahole0.410.71.78.95$30620
26Grand Forks International0.2514.251.411.15$3364
27Tri Cities1.2710.991.49.95$4043
28Idaho Falls Regional0.7210.781.210.1$4364
29Casper/Natrona County International1.7812.75110.35$4600
30Brainerd Lakes Regional0.9212.59-0.512.5$4181
31Missoula International0.910.441.410.7$4094
32Gillette Campbell County1.2210.491.910.1$4981
33Coastal Carolina Regional1.2116.066.29.55$4550
35Laramie Regional4.2314.122.210.75$3710
36Bemidji Regional0.618.954.711.4$4133
37Rock Springs Sweetwater County2.112.552.710.55$4750
37Deadhorse Airport2.418.321.25.75$4751
39Kodiak Airport5.0917.561.15.2$6120
40Kahului Airport0.6613.684.28.65$30039
41Bozeman Yellowstone International0.8414.685.210.75$4330
42Mc Clellan-Palomar2.0215.65.210.75$3930
42Wrangell Airport1.6420.9956.05$4330
44Bangor International0.7512.416.910.95$4123
45Glacier Park International0.9211.381.311.4$4344
46Key West International1.0713.765.79.4$4421
47Roberts Field1.3414.263.510.25$4093
48Fairbanks International0.5413.663.59.4$5394
49Range Regional2.7612.730.810.65$5560
50Melbourne International0.313.287.312.05$4060
51Spokane International0.4812.944.710$38322
52Ketchikan International1.4217.973.28.65$4772
53Akron-Canton Regional1.815.796.610.85$3480
54Greater Binghamton/Edwin A. Link Field1.1614.626.810.55$4941
55Alpena County Regional4.0818.515.810$3660
55Falls International Einarson Field1.67145.712.4$3952
57Long Beach Airport0.8317.3669.5$25212
58Daytona Beach International0.3512.344.612$3934
59Hays Regional2.1519.193.410$4540
60Pueblo Memorial4.1618.941.811.4$3530
61Laredo International3.3917.054.711.05$3560
62Valdosta Regional0.8716.677.69.45$6151
63Rhinelander/Oneida County1.4418.881.111.8$4091
64Grand Junction Regional1.3312.662.412.55$4830
65Portland International0.4514.345.39.8$36589
66Northwest Florida Beaches International0.5414.347.19.95$4593
67Columbus Airport0.7616.145.29.8$5915
68Wiley Post/Will Rogers Memorial3.8420.435.1$5580
69Ralph Wien Memorial3.0921.9635.75$5180
70Bob Hope1.8116.46.29.05$29222
71Ted Stevens Anchorage International0.7113.353.49.15$52227
72Juneau International0.9716.913.59.7$4596
73Honolulu International0.4710.973.111.05$374138
74Delta County3.1212.746.710.85$5490
75Bishop International2.2714.494.210.7$3765
76Dickinson-Theodore Roosevelt Regional2.0611.911.311.85$6252
76Flagstaff Pulliam2.2415.053.812.1$4571
78Albert J Ellis1.4416.417.710.7$4551
79Wilmington International1.0114.076.710.95$4713
80Yuma MCAS/Yuma International1.311.62.212.55$4417
81Southwest Georgia Regional1.418.188.99.55$6110
82Pago Pago International023.7510.39$1,0600
83Aberdeen Regional1.2315.8510.212$4190
84Worcester Regional4.7620.5410.3$2772
85Rogue Valley International-Medford1.5817.226.610.7$3955
86Petersburg James A Johnson1.6423.3676.45$4541
87Brunswick Golden Isles1.116.77.711.7$5130
88John Wayne Airport-Orange County1.0516.576.59.8$38358
89Minot International1.6115.924.412.35$4462
90Boise Air Terminal0.8817.038.210.05$39111
91Lea County Regional3.3114.697.211.55$4890
92Santa Maria Public/Capt. G. Allan Hancock Field1.2317.3210.111.85$4260
93Central Nebraska Regional4.7519.01611.25$2312
94Nome Airport2.8823.14.85.45$5061
95Tucson International1.0316.526.110.75$39722
95Gustavus Airport1.2943.5116.97.15$2251
97Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional1.4419.3510.19.65$5610
98Mahlon Sweet Field1.6917.096.610.95$36214
99Henry E. Rohlsen0.4119.856.911.25$4203
100Ontario International1.0518.888.79.05$34927
101Sloulin Field International1.2215.183.814.2$7161
102Salt Lake City International0.413.354.811.7$41177
103Friedman Memorial5.317.463.910.3$5022
104Capital Region International2.3418.486.211.95$4270
105Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International1.2318.97.39.65$34142
106Martha's Vineyard Airport030.3427.77.65$3333
107Kansas City International1.2118.71910$3793
108Appleton International2.9220.085.412.75$4780
109Bismarck Municipal1.7318.047.511.7$4181
110Lake Charles Regional3.1317.85511.25$4881
111Barkley Regional6.5918.779.111.55$3820
112Lincoln Airport2.9416.015.411.8$5081
113Seattle/Tacoma International0.416.736.811.5$379214
114Asheville Regional1.96189.612.4$3870
115Elmira/Corning Regional2.0618.936.712.3$3852
116Reno/Tahoe International1.0118.98.210.25$36437
116Sacramento International1.0119.428.69.2$37852
118Golden Triangle Regional1.917.388.111.45$6270
119El Paso International1.0818.248.410.35$39512
120Rafael Hernandez123.29149.4$2594
121Meadows Field1.6217.526.611.3$5272
122Rapid City Regional1.6917.045.112.15$4583
123Theodore Francis Green State3.1420.28.610.4$3600
123Tri-Cities Regional TN/VA1.2517.666.811.35$47411
125Lubbock Preston Smith International3.2719.077.19.5$4138
126Jamestown Regional6.4523.86410.05$4370
127Abilene Regional4.4920.296.29.95$4606
128Lehigh Valley International1.7419.669.611.15$3344
129Toledo Express7.3720.863.413.15$2162
130Mc Allen Miller International3.2418.757.610.8$3683
131Redding Municipal2.7318.86.910.5$4853
132Gulfport-Biloxi International2.4917.085.311.5$4804
133Barnstable Municipal-Boardman/Polando Field1.332425.99.05$24879
134Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field1.0918.059.411$4665
135Northeast Florida Regional9.2538.4315.37.8$1600
137Yellowstone Regional1.7621.387.512.8$4750
138Durango La Plata County2.2619.157.411.75$4870
139Niagara Falls International4.1323.977.911$1361
140Albany International1.8516.777.410.85$44420
141Augusta Regional at Bush Field0.5819.79.612.45$4590
142San Antonio International1.1918.288.410.1$40363
143Nantucket Memorial0.9623.2517.511.05$3262
144Montrose Regional3.0818.094.512.3$5361
145Plattsburgh International0.9532.1512.411.65$1620
146Pittsburgh International1.7717.07711.2$40528
147Sarasota/Bradenton International1.3118.7410.510.55$39113
148Lovell Field2.0619.357.211.65$4132
149Texarkana Regional-Webb Field7.2421.38411.9$4630
150Albuquerque International Sunport1.1219.7699.8$38636
151Rick Husband Amarillo International3.220.367.310.15$4262
152Jackson Hole1.316.96.212.8$6062
153Manchester-Boston Regional2.9717.977.610.95$38022
154Metropolitan Oakland International1.521.799.38.4$30782
155Long Island Mac Arthur4.0321.679.58.3$3069
156Greenville-Spartanburg International2.4518.47.811.15$4115
157Buffalo Niagara International2.1418.628.110.75$33630
158Devils Lake Regional8.3921.78611.45$4620
159Brownsville South Padre Island International4.4119.26.711.1$4821
159Eppley Airfield1.7217.937.910.95$39927
159Louis Armstrong New Orleans International1.2619.399.59.7$36274
162Eglin AFB Destin Fort Walton Beach2.1619.7710.612.9$5310
163Guam International1.2328.8121.59.45$1,4860
164Minneapolis-St Paul International0.7916.787.512.15$435101
165Chippewa County International1.8518.3312.513.7$5580
166Southwest Oregon Regional2.0231.0616.69.5$4180
167Wilkes Barre Scranton International2.5518.877.311.75$4493
168Palm Springs International1.0719.058.411.55$38418
169Sawyer International2.8819.236.718.4$5490
170Tallahassee International1.5317.337.811.3$5398
171Dubuque Regional6.5421.54.214.1$4620
171Stewart International2.3522.4510.411.8$3670
173Easterwood Field5.9919.584.610.7$4614
174Abraham Lincoln Capital4.520.76813.05$3241
175Newport News/Williamsburg International2.3520.2711.510.55$4591
176Key Field1.8225.1210.69.1$5090
177San Luis County Regional2.2119.447.111.7$4852
178Southwest Florida International1.3420.019.110.5$33070
179La Crosse Regional4.1819.05513.85$5101
180Houghton County Memorial7.4219.385.513.55$4670
181Jacksonville International1.3518.558.911.15$39030
182Austin-Bergstrom International1.2318.971010.3$39479
183Central Illinois Regional4.2421.418.112.25$3930
184University Park2.2219.598.911.25$5752
185San Diego International1.1119.78.511.05$376135
186Robert Gray AAF4.7621.546.511.25$4640
187Waterloo Regional5.7621.295.516.15$4480
188Gainesville Regional1.6821.079.411.15$4651
189Hector International2.1318.796.913.25$4084
190Ithaca Tompkins Regional16.66252.614.15$5300
191Dothan Regional1.5120.518.411.75$6751
192Garden City Regional4.5322.387.411.4$4711
193Atlantic City International1.4224.0211.910$16810
194Bradley International2.4118.89810.9$39442
195Luis Munoz Marin International0.9520.4310.610.95$30882
196Tulsa International1.8119.27.911.2$43517
197Fort Smith Regional3.4421.377.511.85$5060
198General Mitchell International2.0819.298.211.3$36439
199Phoenix Sky Harbor International0.6420.529.311.05$359214
200Tampa International1.1620.9311.210.2$337112
201Pensacola International1.8818.857.811.45$46811
202Dallas Love Field1.5325.5412.58.65$29834
203Pellston Regional Airportof Emmet County2.8116.351112.75$6714
204General Downing-Peoria International3.6321.88.612.9$3370
205Midland International3.6921.47.89.85$4424
206Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International1.6219.099.411.25$44315
206Lambert-St. Louis International1.6521.7310.19.65$38461
206Jack Mc Namara Field8.4233.1615.99.75$4040
209Jackson Medgar Wiley Evers International2.8520.667.512.7$4830
210Indianapolis International1.9518.848.911.15$41341
211Mammoth Lakes Airport6.4730.226.213.15$1864
212Montgomery Regional2.0521.23812.35$5270
213Austin Straubel International3.3518.194.712.35$5736
214Mobile Regional2.1119.497.711.25$5607
215Will Rogers World1.9319.869.310.85$42013
216Huntsville International-Carl T Jones Field2.1117.137.512.6$5616
217Harrisburg International2.0317.889.712.35$4448
218Fresno Yosemite International0.9720.4610.512.4$4153
219Cherry Capital3.3217.455.713.05$5745
220South Bend International2.3520.1110.913$3623
221Manhattan Regional4.8720.57513$4876
222Roswell International Air Center5.3122.318.211.55$5500
222Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International0.8618.949.811.8$425302
224Charleston AFB/International2.4219.519.111.35$40018
225William P Hobby1.6825.7413.18.25$35551
226Monroe Regional3.0921.159.111.2$4971
227Myrtle Beach International2.2824.5110.210.65$2676
228Santa Barbara Municipal2.1919.59711.7$4967
229Central Wisconsin3.9320.567.712.9$5202
231Syracuse Hancock International3.1519.056.413.55$41511
231Greater Rochester International2.7819.788.412.35$3797
233East Texas Regional5.7227.018.711.9$4550
233Yampa Valley1.4121.649.513.55$5780
235Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field2.9321.8510.211.65$4190
236Blue Grass3.2319.077.812.4$40314
237Duluth International3.2820.15713.95$4354
238Gerald R. Ford International2.6118.83812.05$44013
238Corpus Christi International3.422.148.610.25$4385
240Sioux Gateway/Col. Bud Day Field4.8722.297.717.1$3942
241Arnold Palmer Regional3.1627.7611.911.2$1632
242Fort Wayne International3.7421.6710.212.9$3780
243Louisville International-Standiford Field2.6319.679.111.5$42015
244Mc Carran International0.7923.1411.810.9$266215
245MBS International3.8720.236.913.3$5381
246Joe Foss Field3.0822.539.113.6$3850
247Dane County Regional-Truax Field3.4719.065.812.35$50511
248Wichita Dwight D Eisenhower National2.4521.629.811.55$4075
249Detroit Metro Wayne County1.3119.761012.65$43074
250Nashville International2.7121.9710.310.35$38541
251Cityof Colorado Springs Municipal1.8418.859.414.2$4567
252Portland International Jetport3.420.6810.210.95$41215
252Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International1.2921.4311.111.65$296210
254Sheppard AFB/Wichita Falls Municipal5.8524.848.511.5$4491
255New Castle54228.510.75$1917
256Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International6.2821.54.413.5$5701
257Monterey Regional4.8321.327.912.55$4005
258Rochester International3.5122.317.913.85$4401
259Lawton-Fort Sill Regional7.726.019.610.4$4990
260Trenton Mercer1.9326.0215.611.55$1985
261Alexandria International3.1921.689.311.6$5052
262Muskegon County8.2327.167.914.05$3881
263James M Cox/Dayton International3.6120.427.512.5$4169
264Roanoke Regional/Woodrum Field2.5920.929.911.9$5043
265San Angelo Regional/Mathis Field5.6125.058.810.2$4712
265Cyril E King1.2322.5411.212.45$39116
267Orlando International1.2123.1513.111.1$312356
268Erie International/Tom Ridge Field5.3822.83813.4$4631
269Universityof Illinois/Willard5.5822.36814.45$4991
270Norfolk International3.3220.1110.111.3$44119
271Chippewa Valley Regional5.7423.7211.213.95$3901
272Denver International1.0224.6612.511.25$337164
273Chicago Midway International2.4526.9313.69.65$33384
274Charlotte Douglas International1.3721.198.913.35$436120
275Waco Regional5.7724.719.610.25$4752
276Jack Brooks Regional7.3831.9615.812.6$4090
277St. Cloud Regional6.0236.1417.615.05$1990
278Palm Beach International1.9224.2212.211.05$34851
279Quad City International4.5723.738.812.6$3795
280Ronald Reagan Washington National3.3420.818.213.3$39191
281Cleveland-Hopkins International2.4620.17911.85$44553
282Port Columbus International2.6121.7810.811.2$41333
283Raleigh-Durham International2.8621.7410.211.55$38651
284Lafayette Regional Paul Fournet Field2.7721.158.812.3$5198
285Baton Rouge Metropolitan/Ryan Field2.6724.4811.511.55$4801
286Columbia Metropolitan2.1321.0810.612.4$4945
287Burlington International3.0722.21012.65$42214
288Evansville Regional3.4821.898.213.55$5211
289Charlottesville Albemarle5.6624.9712.811.8$4730
290Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall2.2327.114.410.4$341129
291Memphis International2.7620.599.712.05$45226
292San Francisco International1.5122.310.912.65$43629
293Shreveport Regional2.9423.8111.410.9$4597
294Tyler Pounds Regional5.0924.49.511.85$4687
295Los Angeles International1.2323.021112$423454
297Des Moines International3.3622.7710.812.25$39414
298Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional4.7624.6510.212.4$6201
299The Eastern Iowa3.4423.9210.413.2$3835
300Santa Fe Municipal4.1423.489.812.2$4895
301Joplin Regional6.3728.412.813$4661
302Richmond International3.2921.4710.612.15$42728
303Springfield-Branson National3.2323.251113.7$3926
304Savannah/Hilton Head International2.2622.4812.112.5$44631
305Logan International3.1223.710.214.15$382241
306Piedmont Triad International4.6223.9310.712.95$4473
307Eagle County Regional2.1722.6112.713.95$6355
308Philadelphia International2.0523.3811.115.1$430174
309Miami International1.3325.2212.813.25$409340
310Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International2.821.8410.112.2$51325
311Westchester County4.3226.2311.812.4$3947
312George Bush Intercontinental/Houston1.6224.2212.412.45$493182
313Mc Ghee Tyson324.7711.712.9$4538
314Dallas/Fort Worth International326.0312.511.85$425194
315John F. Kennedy International2.5724.2912.817.3$432644
316Aspen Pitkin County Sardy Field7.0631.7912.611.95$6881
317Columbia Regional5.9828.3415.214.55$4622
318Northwest Arkansas Regional3.6225.2612.713$4775
319Chicago O'Hare International3.1628.614.913.1$416248
320Washington Dulles International1.9324.714.213.1$488209
321La Guardia5.4829.611417.6$396118
322Newark Liberty International3.6426.9114.114.2$492341

For more details on these rankings, click here to view the methodology.

This year’s travel rankings reveal the range of quality in airports of all sizes across the United States. The No. 1-ranked airport in the country is Canyonlands Field Airport in Moab, Utah. Overall, Western states including Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska dominate the list of the top 20 airports, suggesting that the country’s best airports are located mostly in the West. All but six of the top 20 top-ranked airports were also the least busy (less than 1,000 flight volume) – in other words, the country’s smallest airports are also its top ranked.

The country’s lowest-ranked airports, on the other hand, are not grouped or limited by region. Instead, the overwhelming trend shows that the higher the air traffic, the more airport rankings suffer. In fact, more than half of the country’s 20 lowest-ranked airports serviced more than 10,000 flights. Some of the country’s busiest airports are located in major cities, and, surprisingly, many of these well-known airports rank at the bottom of the list.

The New York City area’s three major airports, for example, all rank in the bottom 10. John F. Kennedy International Airport ranks No. 315 overall, while New York’s LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International in New Jersey come in at 321 and 322, respectively – the nation’s lowest rankings. Large commuter hub airports and airports that service a substantial number of connecting flights across the country and around the world also rank quite poorly: Chicago O’Hare International Airport is No. 319, and Washington Dulles International stands at No. 320.

Airport Top 10 Lists

Canyonlands Field in Utah is the country’s top-ranked airport – and it also falls in the category of smallest airports (based on flight volume). This connection is no coincidence: Along with being dominated by Western states, the list of the 20 best airports overall includes all of the 10 smallest airports (less than 1,000 flight volume). That’s not to say that there aren’t some low-ranked small airports. In fact, Columbia Regional falls into the smallest airport category by flight volume and it ranks No. 317 overall, landing it in the five worst airport rankings in the country. The overall trend of small airports with high rankings ends as airport size increases – larger airports have considerably lower average airport rankings.

For the top 10 airports in the smallest airport category (1–999 flight volume), the average ranking is 6. But in the very next category (flight volume of 1,000 to 9,999), the average ranking plummets to 129.3. The larger the airport, the worse the ranking – until the largest airport category (75,000+ flight volume). For this group, the average ranking is 248 – which is actually better than the next-smallest group (50,000–74,999 flight volume), whose average ranking is 260.2.

This higher mark for busier airports could be attributed to the high performance pressure and steep requirements for airports that service so many flights. With hundreds of thousands of travelers passing through their gates, these airports are expected to provide not only efficiency but also a certain level of service that could help boost their rankings. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, for example, is the busiest airport in the country (253,577 flights so far this year), and it ranks No. 222 – in the bottom half of nationwide airport rankings but considerably higher than others in its flight category, including New York LaGuardia and Dallas/Fort Worth International.

Customs and Border Protection Wait Times

When it comes to international travel, your experience at a United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) checkpoint can greatly impact your airport experience. Customs declarations and document checks should be taken seriously, but travelers who have faced long wait times in endless customs queues know that this final step in an arrivals process can put a definite damper on the trip. Of course, airport professionals do all that they can to expedite customs and border protection processes while still respecting the federal protocols and checks that CBP agents are required to oversee.

The 2015 data records show that overall, airports that service more international flights (based on flight volume) have longer customs and border patrol wait times. For example, Miami has become a travel destination not only for its beaches but also for its international flair and rich Latin influence from Florida’s Central and South American neighbors. Around 2.5 million immigrants live in the metro Miami area alone, and immigrants make up more than 65% of the city’s labor force. As Miami International Airport holds fast as an international arrivals and immigration hub, an important responsibility falls on U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to be diligent in verifying documentation for new arrivals.

Unfortunately, this diligence combined with high flight volume can lead to longer wait times at customs and border protection checkpoints. Miami International Airport has the longest average normal wait time at almost 22 minutes, as well as the longest average maximum wait time at approximately 52.5 minutes. But contrary to popular belief, increasing the number of booths available for CBP agents to process arrivals doesn’t necessarily improve wait time. Miami International has an average of 22 U.S. Customs and Border Protection booths open at any one time; in contrast, Palm Beach International holds the lowest average normal and maximum wait times, at around 5.5 minutes and 11.5 minutes, respectively. And though it has the lowest wait times on average in the entire country, the CBP checkpoint at Palm Beach International only has one agent booth open on average.

TSA Incidents

The country’s most popular and lowest-ranked airports also experience the most reported claims to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Travelers often use TSA claims to report lost or stolen personal property, but it may come as a surprise to see that personal electronics don’t top the list of missing items. Sporting equipment and supplies are the most commonly reported lost or stolen items, with 705 instances reported in 2014. Reports of lost or stolen clothing also beat personal electronics, with 312 reported incidents. These findings suggest that TSA claims are reported in the baggage area, where travelers discover that their oversized sporting equipment and checked baggage has been misplaced by the airline or even stolen by other travelers.

The five U.S. airports with the most reported claims are John F. Kennedy International, Los Angeles International, Orlando International, Newark Liberty International, and Miami International – all airports with overall rankings in the lowest quarter of the country. TSA officials at John F. Kennedy International received 644 claim reports in 2014, and Los Angeles International received 454 claims. These airports and the other eight with the most TSA claims filed all see a flight volume of more than 50,000 on average. Most of them experience flight volumes surpassing 75,000 or even 100,000 flights on average. With this many travelers, it’s no wonder TSA claims are so high in the country’s most popular airports.

Many different elements of travel factor into the overall experience, but airports play an important role in this assessment. Airport quality rankings, efficiency standings, and even border protection wait times all contribute to overall travel experience, so choosing the right airport can make all the difference. Next time you’re looking to book any kind of domestic or international flight, read up on the pros and cons of departures and arrivals at airports across the United States. Because many popular cities and states in the U.S. play host to multiple airports, you might even be able to choose a higher-ranked airport in your destination city based on the 2015 Airport Rankings report.


The 2015 Airport Rankings were determined from data gathered from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Airport data was gathered from January 1 to August 31, 2015. To determine the overall ranking, we ranked the airports in each of the six categories listed in the table. Next, we assigned an overall rank based on the sum of all categories. If more than one airport had the same overall rank, it was deemed a tie and consequently given the same rank.

A flight is considered delayed if its departure is 15 or more minutes past its scheduled time.

If a negative value is indicated for the category of "Avg. Flight Delay (mins)" that means that the airport is ahead of schedule, on average.

The "Cxld" abbreviation means "Cancelled".

The 2015 Airport Top 10 Lists graphic was created by filtering the overall rank by flight volume.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection graphic was created by plotting data gathered from

The TSA Claims graphic was created by gathering claims made against TSA. Claims were reported/recorded by the TSA in 2014 but did not necessarily occur in 2014. The category "other" was excluded from the graph due to its ambiguous nature.

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