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Team Social Sentiment
How people on Twitter talk about NCAA Basketball Teams.

Public Transportation Hygiene
Handrails were swabbed on public transit trains in five major cities.

Hotel Hygiene Exposed
Find out which surfaces have the most bacteria in hotel rooms.

Top Fears of Air Travelers
What are the top travel fears in the not-so-friendly skies when you're 30,000 feet in the air?

Airport Rankings
Find out how big and small U.S. airports rank against each other.

Most Annoying Air Travel Behaviors
Hate flying? You're not alone. Find out exactly what bothers Americans most while in the air.

Airline Hygiene Exposed
What are the dirtiest places on airplanes and airports? We sent a scientist to find out.

Fictional Travel Times
Faster than light travel is essential in the sci-fi universe. Which ships are the fastest?

TSA Sentiment According to Twitter
Analyzing tweets to determine the nation's sentiment towards the TSA.

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