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Cities within a radius

Travelmath helps you find cities within a certain number of miles or kilometers from a starting point. You can also search by travel time and look for destinations that are within a few hours of your home city. Use this tool to research colleges within 2 hours from home, or take a road trip and explore new towns within driving distance. If you're a runner, you can type in your total yearly running mileage and pick a virtual destination to set as a goal. Let us know what ideas you come up with!

You may prefer to search for the closest cities near your starting point, or browse major cities in any state or country in the world if you're researching a trip. You can also search for a city map based on the latitude and longitude coordinates.

Looking for examples?  Find cities within 100 miles of  Chicago, ILLos Angeles, CAPhiladelphia, PAPhoenix, AZSan Antonio, TX  or  Saitama, Japan.

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