Major cities in Tanzania:

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Mwanza, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Arusha, Tanzania
Mbeya, Tanzania
Morogoro, Tanzania
Tanga, Tanzania
Dodoma, Tanzania
Kigoma, Tanzania
Moshi, Tanzania
Tabora, Tanzania
Songea, Tanzania
Musoma, Tanzania
Iringa, Tanzania
Katumba, Tanzania

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Tanzania. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Tanzania

The largest cities in Tanzania are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 269 cities in Tanzania. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Shinyanga, Tanzania
Mtwara, Tanzania
Ushirombo, Tanzania
Kilosa, Tanzania
Sumbawanga, Tanzania
Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Mpanda, Tanzania
Bukoba, Tanzania
Singida, Tanzania
Uyovu, Tanzania
Makambako, Tanzania
Buseresere, Tanzania
Bunda, Tanzania
Ifakara, Tanzania
Njombe, Tanzania
Lindi, Tanzania
Vwawa, Tanzania
Nguruka, Tanzania
Newala, Tanzania
Gairo, Tanzania
Kasulu, Tanzania
Tunduru, Tanzania
Tunduma, Tanzania
Masasi, Tanzania
Kahama, Tanzania
Kidodi, Tanzania
Igunga, Tanzania
Missungwi, Tanzania
Mlimba, Tanzania
Mafinga, Tanzania
Masumbwe, Tanzania
Chalinze, Tanzania
Babati, Tanzania
Biharamulo, Tanzania
Somanda, Tanzania
Korogwe, Tanzania
Bariadi, Tanzania
Kirando, Tanzania
Tarime, Tanzania
Tumbi, Tanzania
Bugarama, Tanzania
Mvomero, Tanzania
Chanika, Tanzania
Kyela, Tanzania
Kibiti, Tanzania
Kisesa, Tanzania
Lukuledi, Tanzania
Mlandizi, Tanzania
Rujewa, Tanzania
Ilula, Tanzania
Kibondo, Tanzania
Tukuyu, Tanzania
Namanyere, Tanzania
Mkuranga, Tanzania
Bungu, Tanzania
Chato, Tanzania
Kasamwa, Tanzania
Sikonge, Tanzania
Malinyi, Tanzania
Mtinko, Tanzania
Nzega, Tanzania
Maramba, Tanzania
Wete, Tanzania
Magugu, Tanzania
Sokoni, Tanzania
Sepuka, Tanzania
Manyoni, Tanzania
Mbinga, Tanzania
Luchingu, Tanzania
Igurusi, Tanzania
Chimala, Tanzania
Shelui, Tanzania
Kakonko, Tanzania
Uvinza, Tanzania
Nyalikungu, Tanzania
Sirari, Tanzania
Lushoto, Tanzania
Matai, Tanzania
Old Shinyanga, Tanzania
Urambo, Tanzania
Mgandu, Tanzania
Kibaha, Tanzania
Songwa, Tanzania
Kondoa, Tanzania
Kiomboi, Tanzania
Vikindu, Tanzania
Mwadui, Tanzania
Nangomba, Tanzania
Kingori, Tanzania
Iguguno, Tanzania
Ngudu, Tanzania
Chala, Tanzania
Magomeni, Tanzania
Kigonsera, Tanzania
Tinde, Tanzania
Rulenge, Tanzania
Maswa, Tanzania
Chake Chake, Tanzania
Mhango, Tanzania
Kiwira, Tanzania
Isaka, Tanzania
Bwanga, Tanzania
Mazinde, Tanzania
Muriti, Tanzania
Matui, Tanzania
Hedaru, Tanzania
Nsunga, Tanzania
Dareda, Tanzania
Nshamba, Tanzania
Mpwapwa, Tanzania
Karatu, Tanzania
Itigi, Tanzania
Ikungi, Tanzania
Nanyamba, Tanzania
Kibakwe, Tanzania
Maposeni, Tanzania
Kabanga, Tanzania
Liwale, Tanzania
Laela, Tanzania
Mtwango, Tanzania
Ilembula, Tanzania
Dongobesh, Tanzania
Matiri, Tanzania
Magole, Tanzania
Mlowo, Tanzania
Usa River, Tanzania
Nangwa, Tanzania
Mugumu, Tanzania
Katerero, Tanzania
Nyakabindi, Tanzania
Nachingwea, Tanzania
Izazi, Tanzania
Msowero, Tanzania
Ipinda, Tanzania
Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania
Usevya, Tanzania
Nanganga, Tanzania
Same, Tanzania
Ilongero, Tanzania
Kibara, Tanzania
Ngerengere, Tanzania
Puma, Tanzania
Tandahimba, Tanzania
Muheza, Tanzania
Malampaka, Tanzania
Lugoba, Tanzania
Ngara, Tanzania
Mwandiga, Tanzania
Mikumi, Tanzania
Mungaa, Tanzania
Nyamuswa, Tanzania
Mbuguni, Tanzania
Butiama, Tanzania
Kishapu, Tanzania
Nyangao, Tanzania
Tingi, Tanzania
Kitama, Tanzania
Lembeni, Tanzania
Kamachumu, Tanzania
Mlalo, Tanzania
Makuyuni, Tanzania
Usagara, Tanzania
Mabama, Tanzania
Mahanje, Tanzania
Nkoaranga, Tanzania
Nyakahanga, Tanzania
Ndungu, Tanzania
Misasi, Tanzania
Mabamba, Tanzania
Dunda, Tanzania
Kyaka, Tanzania
Mahuta, Tanzania
Nanhyanga, Tanzania
Naberera, Tanzania
Itumba, Tanzania
Mbulu, Tanzania
Liuli, Tanzania
Ikwiriri, Tanzania
Ndago, Tanzania
Mwanga, Tanzania
Chiungutwa, Tanzania
Masoko, Tanzania
Karema, Tanzania
Malya, Tanzania
Kisarawe, Tanzania
Madimba, Tanzania
Kilindoni, Tanzania
Kayanga, Tanzania
Soni, Tanzania
Kaliua, Tanzania
Ulenje, Tanzania
Namanga, Tanzania
Mtama, Tanzania
Katoro, Tanzania
Utete, Tanzania
Kongwa, Tanzania
Matongo, Tanzania
Mbekenyera, Tanzania
Inyonga, Tanzania
Namikupa, Tanzania
Muleba, Tanzania
Lupiro, Tanzania
Kimamba, Tanzania
Namalenga, Tanzania
Mtimbira, Tanzania
Ruangwa, Tanzania
Kisanga, Tanzania
Kitangari, Tanzania
Ngorongoro, Tanzania
Nyanguge, Tanzania
Matamba, Tanzania
Bugene, Tanzania
Mugango, Tanzania
Mingoyo, Tanzania
Kandete, Tanzania
Makungu, Tanzania
Igurubi, Tanzania
Majengo, Tanzania
Micheweni, Tanzania
Poli, Tanzania
Konde, Tanzania
Makanya, Tanzania
Longido, Tanzania
Maneromango, Tanzania
Mwembe, Tanzania
Mbamba, Tanzania
Kihurio, Tanzania
Pangani, Tanzania
Masuguru, Tanzania
Kintinku, Tanzania
Lulindi, Tanzania
Issenye, Tanzania
Mahenge, Tanzania
Mwaya, Tanzania
Kwakoa, Tanzania
Bukene, Tanzania
Usoke, Tanzania
Kisiwani, Tanzania
Malangali, Tanzania
Mtambile, Tanzania
Nansio, Tanzania
Nakatunguru, Tanzania
Kilimatinde, Tanzania
Monduli, Tanzania
Mahonda, Tanzania
Msanga, Tanzania
Kibaya, Tanzania
Katesh, Tanzania
Mbumi, Tanzania
Kijini, Tanzania
Gamba, Tanzania
Ilembo, Tanzania
Mkokotoni, Tanzania
Koani, Tanzania


Country: Tanzania
Continent: Africa
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Cities in Tanzania

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