Major cities in Serbia:

Belgrade, Serbia
Novi Sad, Serbia
Nis, Serbia
Kragujevac, Serbia
Subotica, Serbia
Pec, Serbia
Zrenjanin, Serbia
Pancevo, Serbia
Cacak, Serbia
Leskovac, Serbia
Smederevo, Serbia
Valjevo, Serbia
Kraljevo, Serbia
Krusevac, Serbia
Vranje, Serbia

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Serbia. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Serbia

The largest cities in Serbia are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 246 cities in Serbia. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Novi Pazar, Serbia
Uzice, Serbia
Sabac, Serbia
Sombor, Serbia
Pozarevac, Serbia
Pirot, Serbia
Zajecar, Serbia
Bor, Serbia
Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia
Kikinda, Serbia
Borca, Serbia
Vrsac, Serbia
Jagodina, Serbia
Kosovo Polje, Serbia
Ruma, Serbia
Backa Palanka, Serbia
Indija, Serbia
Prokuplje, Serbia
Vrbas, Serbia
Becej, Serbia
Smederevska Palanka, Serbia
Paracin, Serbia
Arandelovac, Serbia
Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
Lazarevac, Serbia
Obrenovac, Serbia
Kaluderica, Serbia
Mladenovac, Serbia
Loznica, Serbia
Veternik, Serbia
Cuprija, Serbia
Senta, Serbia
Temerin, Serbia
Apatin, Serbia
Kula, Serbia
Futog, Serbia
Stara Pazova, Serbia
Priboj, Serbia
Sremcica, Serbia
Nova Pazova, Serbia
Knjazevac, Serbia
Negotin, Serbia
Trstenik, Serbia
Sid, Serbia
Vlasotince, Serbia
Aleksinac, Serbia
Velika Plana, Serbia
Backa Topola, Serbia
Surcin, Serbia
Prijepolje, Serbia
Petrovaradin, Serbia
Kovin, Serbia
Novi Becej, Serbia
Kursumlija, Serbia
Presevo, Serbia
Pozega, Serbia
Srbobran, Serbia
Sjenica, Serbia
Ivanjica, Serbia
Sremska Kamenica, Serbia
Bujanovac, Serbia
Kac, Serbia
Lacarak, Serbia
Ripanj, Serbia
Surdulica, Serbia
Bela Crkva, Serbia
Novi Banovci, Serbia
Ada, Serbia
Nova Varos, Serbia
Crvenka, Serbia
Lebane, Serbia
Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia
Kanjiza, Serbia
Zabalj, Serbia
Bajina Basta, Serbia
Odzaci, Serbia
Svilajnac, Serbia
Majdanpek, Serbia
Padinska Skela, Serbia
Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
Kostolac, Serbia
Tutin, Serbia
Kladovo, Serbia
Lestane, Serbia
Vrcin, Serbia
Sivac, Serbia
Curug, Serbia
Barajevo, Serbia
Bela Palanka, Serbia
Bajmok, Serbia
Grocka, Serbia
Vladicin Han, Serbia
Dobanovci, Serbia
Beocin, Serbia
Sokobanja, Serbia
Ugrinovci, Serbia
Petrovac, Serbia
Loznicko Polje, Serbia
Palic, Serbia
Svrljig, Serbia
Sevojno, Serbia
Starcevo, Serbia
Kacarevo, Serbia
Novi Knezevac, Serbia
Banatsko Novo Selo, Serbia
Bogatic, Serbia
Klupci, Serbia
Lapovo, Serbia
Backo Petrovo Selo, Serbia
Cantavir, Serbia
Majur, Serbia
Arilje, Serbia
Dimitrovgrad, Serbia
Dolovo, Serbia
Baric, Serbia
Veliki Trnovac, Serbia
Kovacica, Serbia
Bojnik, Serbia
Backi Petrovac, Serbia
Mol, Serbia
Raska, Serbia
Banja Koviljaca, Serbia
Omoljica, Serbia
Aleksandrovac, Serbia
Melenci, Serbia
Beska, Serbia
Backi Jarak, Serbia
Pocerski Pricinovic, Serbia
Zvecka, Serbia
Vranjska Banja, Serbia
Rumenka, Serbia
Horgos, Serbia
Kljajicevo, Serbia
Bac, Serbia
Jakovo, Serbia
Ub, Serbia
Bolec, Serbia
Vinca, Serbia
Bavaniste, Serbia
Donji Komren, Serbia
Stari Banovci, Serbia
Mokrin, Serbia
Titel, Serbia
Banatski Karlovac, Serbia
Veliko Gradiste, Serbia
Kovilj, Serbia
Padina, Serbia
Topola, Serbia
Kusadak, Serbia
Batocina, Serbia
Stara Moravica, Serbia
Celarevo, Serbia
Lozovik, Serbia
Backo Gradiste, Serbia
Mali Idos, Serbia
Badovinci, Serbia
Kisac, Serbia
Umka, Serbia
Durdevo, Serbia
Bezdan, Serbia
Blace, Serbia
Vojka, Serbia
Ruski Krstur, Serbia
Cicevac, Serbia
Irig, Serbia
Radinac, Serbia
Krupanj, Serbia
Karavukovo, Serbia
Sonta, Serbia
Mali Zvornik, Serbia
Rusanj, Serbia
Prigrevica, Serbia
Crepaja, Serbia
Sajkas, Serbia
Koceljeva, Serbia
Stanisic, Serbia
Lesnica, Serbia
Donja Vrezina, Serbia
Opovo, Serbia
Brzi Brod, Serbia
Kucura, Serbia
Brus, Serbia
Coka, Serbia
Babusnica, Serbia
Azanja, Serbia
Veliki Crljeni, Serbia
Kucevo, Serbia
Despotovac, Serbia
Lucani, Serbia
Ljubovija, Serbia
Kosjeric, Serbia
Niska Banja, Serbia
Ostruznica, Serbia
Macvanska Mitrovica, Serbia
Boljevac, Serbia
Beli Potok, Serbia
Lajkovac, Serbia
Alibunar, Serbia
Cajetina, Serbia
Zitiste, Serbia
Osecina, Serbia
Vucje, Serbia
Donji Milanovac, Serbia
Ljig, Serbia
Mataruska Banja, Serbia
Jasa Tomic, Serbia
Pinosava, Serbia
Ribnica, Serbia
Medveda, Serbia
Raca, Serbia
Bosilegrad, Serbia
Zlatibor, Serbia
Grdelica, Serbia
Resavica, Serbia
Ovca, Serbia
Cenej, Serbia
Guca, Serbia
Rudovci, Serbia
Sopot, Serbia
Mionica, Serbia
Baljevac, Serbia
Aleksinacki Rudnik, Serbia
Bogovina, Serbia
Predejane, Serbia
Josanicka Banja, Serbia
Brza Palanka, Serbia
Sijarinska Banja, Serbia
Belo Polje, Serbia
Belanovica, Serbia
Divcibare, Serbia
Kursumlijska Banja, Serbia


Country: Serbia
Continent: Europe
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Cities in Serbia

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