Major cities in Romania:

Bucharest, Romania
Iasi, Romania
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Timisoara, Romania
Craiova, Romania
Constanta, Romania
Galati, Romania
Brasov, Romania
Ploiesti, Romania
Braila, Romania
Oradea, Romania
Bacau, Romania
Arad, Romania
Pitesti, Romania
Sibiu, Romania

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Romania. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Romania

The largest cities in Romania are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on more than 300 cities in Romania. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Targu-Mures, Romania
Baia Mare, Romania
Buzau, Romania
Botosani, Romania
Satu Mare, Romania
Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
Suceava, Romania
Focsani, Romania
Piatra Neamt, Romania
Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Romania
Targu Jiu, Romania
Tulcea, Romania
Targoviste, Romania
Bistrita, Romania
Resita, Romania
Slatina, Romania
Vaslui, Romania
Hunedoara, Romania
Giurgiu, Romania
Roman, Romania
Barlad, Romania
Deva, Romania
Alba Iulia, Romania
Zalau, Romania
Turda, Romania
Medias, Romania
Slobozia, Romania
Onesti, Romania
Alexandria, Romania
Petrosani, Romania
Medgidia, Romania
Lugoj, Romania
Pascani, Romania
Miercurea-Ciuc, Romania
Tecuci, Romania
Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania
Mangalia, Romania
Ramnicu Sarat, Romania
Campina, Romania
Dej, Romania
Campulung, Romania
Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania
Mioveni, Romania
Reghin, Romania
Fagaras, Romania
Caracal, Romania
Navodari, Romania
Fetesti, Romania
Curtea de Arges, Romania
Sighisoara, Romania
Dorohoi, Romania
Rosiori de Vede, Romania
Lupeni, Romania
Voluntari, Romania
Sacele, Romania
Falticeni, Romania
Husi, Romania
Vulcan, Romania
Turnu Magurele, Romania
Aiud, Romania
Caransebes, Romania
Sebes, Romania
Radauti, Romania
Borsa, Romania
Campia Turzii, Romania
Oltenita, Romania
Tarnaveni, Romania
Petrila, Romania
Zarnesti, Romania
Cugir, Romania
Codlea, Romania
Moinesti, Romania
Gherla, Romania
Comanesti, Romania
Carei, Romania
Motru, Romania
Floresti, Romania
Orastie, Romania
Buftea, Romania
Dragasani, Romania
Bals, Romania
Moreni, Romania
Targu-Neamt, Romania
Blaj, Romania
Corabia, Romania
Baicoi, Romania
Gheorgheni, Romania
Campulung Moldovenesc, Romania
Bailesti, Romania
Filiasi, Romania
Marghita, Romania
Breaza, Romania
Calafat, Romania
Cernavoda, Romania
Buhusi, Romania
Salonta, Romania
Adjud, Romania
Ludus, Romania
Urziceni, Romania
Baia-Sprie, Romania
Bocsa, Romania
Viseu de Sus, Romania
Pantelimon, Romania
Vatra Dornei, Romania
Brad, Romania
Gura Humorului, Romania
Simleu Silvaniei, Romania
Toplita, Romania
Mizil, Romania
Ocna Mures, Romania
Popesti-Leordeni, Romania
Rasnov, Romania
Zimnicea, Romania
Cisnadie, Romania
Gaesti, Romania
Pucioasa, Romania
Vicovu de Sus, Romania
Avrig, Romania
Simeria, Romania
Dabuleni, Romania
Negresti-Oas, Romania
Valenii de Munte, Romania
Moldova Noua, Romania
Ovidiu, Romania
Comarnic, Romania
Targu-Lapus, Romania
Targu Ocna, Romania
Sannicolaul Mare, Romania
Pecica, Romania
Chitila, Romania
Calan, Romania
Santana, Romania
Poiana Mare, Romania
Scornicesti, Romania
Orsova, Romania
Oravita, Romania
Rovinari, Romania
Tandarei, Romania
Draganesti-Olt, Romania
Jilava, Romania
Sinaia, Romania
Darabani, Romania
Videle, Romania
Flamanzi, Romania
Urlati, Romania
Marasesti, Romania
Holboca, Romania
Bolintinu-din-Vale, Romania
Matca, Romania
Strehaia, Romania
Darmanesti, Romania
Otelu Rosu, Romania
Sovata, Romania
Boldesti-Scaeni, Romania
Sacueni, Romania
Nehoiu, Romania
Belcesti, Romania
Harlau, Romania
Pechea, Romania
Ianca, Romania
Jibou, Romania
Tomesti, Romania
Lipova, Romania
Topoloveni, Romania
Maneciu, Romania
Dolhasca, Romania
Covasna, Romania
Liesti, Romania
Beclean, Romania
Basarabi, Romania
Costesti, Romania
Hateg, Romania
Jimbolia, Romania
Dofteana, Romania
Beius, Romania
Agnita, Romania
Vladimirescu, Romania
Bumbesti-Jiu, Romania
Calinesti, Romania
Seini, Romania
Nasaud, Romania
Valea Calugareasca, Romania
Deleni, Romania
Otopeni, Romania
Macin, Romania
Bucov, Romania
Alesd, Romania
Sangeorz-Bai, Romania
Valea lui Mihai, Romania
Sabaoani, Romania
Filipestii de Padure, Romania
Ciurea, Romania
Babadag, Romania
Titu, Romania
Harsova, Romania
Ineu, Romania
Negresti, Romania
Sascut, Romania
Uricani, Romania
Busteni, Romania
Homocea, Romania
Poienile de sub Munte, Romania
Liteni, Romania
Munteni, Romania
Podu Iloaiei, Romania
Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania
Cumpana, Romania
Modelu, Romania
Ivesti, Romania
Curtici, Romania
Oituz, Romania
Plopeni, Romania
Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania
Borcea, Romania
Prim Decembrie, Romania
Cernica, Romania
Zorleni, Romania
Eforie, Romania
Marginea, Romania
Berca, Romania
Tasnad, Romania
Diosig, Romania
Simian, Romania
Baraolt, Romania
Huedin, Romania
Magurele, Romania
Babeni, Romania
Iernut, Romania
Siret, Romania
Branesti, Romania
Barcanesti, Romania
Preutesti, Romania
Vadu Pasii, Romania
Intorsura Buzaului, Romania
Cobadin, Romania
Borlesti, Romania
Moisei, Romania
Puchenii Mari, Romania
Lovrin, Romania
Panciu, Romania
Hotarele, Romania
Aricestii-Rahtivani, Romania
Bascov, Romania
Valu lui Traian, Romania
Vanatori-Neamt, Romania
Anina, Romania
Roznov, Romania
Talmaciu, Romania
Apahida, Romania
Salcea, Romania
Targu Carbunesti, Romania
Dragalina, Romania
Joita, Romania
Vernesti, Romania
Pipirig, Romania
Milcovul, Romania
Recas, Romania
Calimanesti, Romania
Targsorul-Vechi, Romania
Turceni, Romania
Brazi, Romania
Milisauti, Romania
Zlatna, Romania
Popesti, Romania
Roata de Jos, Romania
Bicaz, Romania
Stei, Romania
Razvad, Romania
Potlogi, Romania
Tamaseni, Romania
Sadova, Romania
Bragadiru, Romania
Dragomiresti, Romania
Corbii Mari, Romania
Vidra, Romania
Brahasesti, Romania
Raucesti, Romania
Dumbraveni, Romania
Chisineu Cris, Romania
Miroslava, Romania
Saveni, Romania
Prejmer, Romania
Chiajna, Romania
Patarlagele, Romania
Nadlac, Romania


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Continent: Europe
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Cities in Romania

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