Major cities in Norway:

Oslo, Norway
Bergen, Norway
Stavanger, Norway
Trondheim, Norway
Drammen, Norway
Fredrikstad, Norway
Skien, Norway
Kristiansand, Norway
Tromso, Norway
Sarpsborg, Norway
Alesund, Norway
Sandefjord, Norway
Arendal, Norway
Tonsberg, Norway
Porsgrunn, Norway

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Norway. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Norway

The largest cities in Norway are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on more than 300 cities in Norway. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Haugesund, Norway
Bodo, Norway
Moss, Norway
Hamar, Norway
Ski, Norway
Rana, Norway
Larvik, Norway
Halden, Norway
Harstad, Norway
Lillehammer, Norway
Molde, Norway
Mo i Rana, Norway
Horten, Norway
Kongsberg, Norway
Gjovik, Norway
Askoy, Norway
Kristiansund, Norway
Narvik, Norway
Lillestrom, Norway
Honefoss, Norway
Elverum, Norway
Askim, Norway
Jessheim, Norway
Alta, Norway
Drobak, Norway
Steinkjer, Norway
Kongsvinger, Norway
Leirvik, Norway
Nesoddtangen, Norway
Mandal, Norway
Stjordalshalsen, Norway
Bryne, Norway
Mosjoen, Norway
Grimstad, Norway
Egersund, Norway
Namsos, Norway
Brumunddal, Norway
Notodden, Norway
Levanger, Norway
Floro, Norway
Hokksund, Norway
Stathelle, Norway
As, Norway
Sogne, Norway
Sande, Norway
Verdalsora, Norway
Sogndal, Norway
Hammerfest, Norway
Fetsund, Norway
Kopervik, Norway
Orsta, Norway
Indre Arna, Norway
Holmestrand, Norway
Raufoss, Norway
Klofta, Norway
Lillesand, Norway
Fauske, Norway
Tananger, Norway
Hommersak, Norway
Sandnessjoen, Norway
Flekkefjord, Norway
Bo, Norway
Stavern, Norway
Vossevangen, Norway
Jorpeland, Norway
Odda, Norway
Mysen, Norway
Tranby, Norway
Langesund, Norway
Vestby, Norway
Volda, Norway
Kragero, Norway
Vadso, Norway
Ulsteinvik, Norway
Fevik, Norway
Naerbo, Norway
Rotnes, Norway
Sortland, Norway
Melhus, Norway
Risor, Norway
Hauge, Norway
Bronnoysund, Norway
Jevnaker, Norway
Sauda, Norway
Knarvik, Norway
Sunndalsora, Norway
Svolvaer, Norway
Moelv, Norway
Hommelvik, Norway
Svelvik, Norway
Finnsnes, Norway
Rakkestad, Norway
Oppdal, Norway
Lyngdal, Norway
Sorumsand, Norway
Hareid, Norway
Rjukan, Norway
Fosnavag, Norway
Roros, Norway
Ovre Ardal, Norway
Eidsvoll, Norway
Kirkenes, Norway
Sagvag, Norway
Tofte, Norway
Flateby, Norway
Spydeberg, Norway
Stokmarknes, Norway
Arnes, Norway
Farsund, Norway
Maloy, Norway
Saetre, Norway
Klaebu, Norway
Asgardstrand, Norway
Royken, Norway
Loding, Norway
Dokka, Norway
Andenes, Norway
Ulefoss, Norway
Brevik, Norway
Leknes, Norway
Stokke, Norway
Rorvik, Norway
Honningsvag, Norway
Stranda, Norway
Nordfjordeid, Norway
Ytre Arna, Norway
Gol, Norway
Tau, Norway
Kyrksaeterora, Norway
Vikersund, Norway
Stange, Norway
Rognan, Norway
Loten, Norway
Vinstra, Norway
Maura, Norway
Varhaug, Norway
Skjervoy, Norway
Tjome, Norway
Tynset, Norway
Bjorkelangen, Norway
Setermoen, Norway
Bjornevatn, Norway
Lopsmarka, Norway
Hoyanger, Norway
Al, Norway
Geilo, Norway
Lervik, Norway
Batsfjord, Norway
Birkeland, Norway
Andalsnes, Norway
Brattvag, Norway
Lakselv, Norway
Hov, Norway
Melbu, Norway
Rensvik, Norway
Sandane, Norway
Skarnes, Norway
Norheimsund, Norway
Stryn, Norway
Aroysund, Norway
Vestnes, Norway
Nesbyen, Norway
Rena, Norway
Vardo, Norway
Fagerstrand, Norway
Myre, Norway
Tvedestrand, Norway
Skjold, Norway
Gullhaug, Norway
Blakstad, Norway
Vanse, Norway
Karasjok, Norway
Skogn, Norway
Brekstad, Norway
Skjeberg, Norway
Selvik, Norway
Hauknes, Norway
Sem, Norway
Lodingen, Norway
Nodeland, Norway
Fagernes, Norway
Hylkje, Norway
Espeland, Norway
Karlshus, Norway
Vigrestad, Norway
Orje, Norway
Rypefjord, Norway
Moi, Norway
Kabelvag, Norway
Oystese, Norway
Gjusvik, Norway
Frekhaug, Norway
Gravdal, Norway
Otta, Norway
Skodje, Norway
Vatne, Norway
Skoppum, Norway
Melsomvik, Norway
Ornes, Norway
Kolvereid, Norway
Ardalstangen, Norway
Grua, Norway
Vagamo, Norway
Borkenes, Norway
Storslett, Norway
Agotnes, Norway
Vaernes, Norway
Tveit, Norway
Strai, Norway
Larkollen, Norway
Hagavik, Norway
Skotterud, Norway
Aneby, Norway
Kautokeino, Norway
Herre, Norway
Ringebu, Norway
Fitjar, Norway
A, Norway
Tomter, Norway
Skreia, Norway
Vigeland, Norway
Hemnesberget, Norway
Malm, Norway
Longyearbyen, Norway
Kirkenaer, Norway
Barkaker, Norway
Straumen, Norway
Bjerkvik, Norway
Svelgen, Norway
Glomfjord, Norway
Dombas, Norway
Nesna, Norway
Seljord, Norway
Valer, Norway
Koppang, Norway
Dale, Norway
Reinsvoll, Norway
Mosterhamn, Norway
Tomra, Norway
Havoysund, Norway
Botngard, Norway
Frogner, Norway
Berger, Norway
Rubbestadneset, Norway
Aros, Norway
Sjoholt, Norway
Lena, Norway
Laerdalsoyri, Norway
Vestbygda, Norway
Lundamo, Norway
Viksoyri, Norway
Knappskog, Norway
Storebo, Norway
Berlevag, Norway
Ask, Norway
Grong, Norway
Lindas, Norway
Naustdal, Norway
Hvittingfoss, Norway
Kjollefjord, Norway
Stamsund, Norway
Hjelset, Norway
Magnor, Norway
Hell, Norway
Ballangen, Norway
Slevik, Norway
Sand, Norway
Etne, Norway
Tanem, Norway
Siljan, Norway
Rosendal, Norway
Kjopsvik, Norway
Sveio, Norway
Lorenfallet, Norway
Loken, Norway
Kil, Norway
Follebu, Norway
Lokken Verk, Norway
Storsteinnes, Norway
Haga, Norway
Berkak, Norway
Olen, Norway
Nordkisa, Norway
Segalstad, Norway
Gvarv, Norway


Country: Norway
Continent: Europe
Category: countries

Cities in Norway

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