Major cities in Morocco:

Casablanca, Morocco
Rabat, Morocco
Fes, Morocco
Marrakesh, Morocco
Tangier, Morocco
Sale, Morocco
Meknes, Morocco
Agadir, Morocco
Khenifra, Morocco
Oujda, Morocco
Kenitra, Morocco
Tetouan, Morocco
Asfi, Morocco
Safi, Morocco
Temara, Morocco

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Morocco. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Morocco

The largest cities in Morocco are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 283 cities in Morocco. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Inezgane, Morocco
El Aaiun, Morocco
Mohammedia, Morocco
Khouribga, Morocco
Beni Mellal, Morocco
Nador, Morocco
El Jadida, Morocco
Taza, Morocco
Ait Melloul, Morocco
Larache, Morocco
Taourirt, Morocco
Guelmim, Morocco
Settat, Morocco
Khemisset, Morocco
Ksar el-Kebir, Morocco
Khemis Sahel, Morocco
Al Hoceima, Morocco
Imzouren, Morocco
Errachidia, Morocco
Oued Zem, Morocco
Tarudant, Morocco
Fkih Ben Saleh, Morocco
Berkane, Morocco
Sidi Qasim, Morocco
Sidi Slimane, Morocco
Sidi Kacem, Morocco
Tiznit, Morocco
Ben Guerir, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco
Tiflet, Morocco
El Kelaa des Sraghna, Morocco
Oulad Teima, Morocco
Youssoufia, Morocco
Wazzan, Morocco
Sefrou, Morocco
Tan-Tan, Morocco
Azrou, Morocco
M'diq, Morocco
Ouazzane, Morocco
Guercif, Morocco
Ouarzazate, Morocco
Dakhla, Morocco
Fnideq, Morocco
Lahraouyine, Morocco
Suq as-Sabt Awlad an-Nama, Morocco
Driouch, Morocco
Boujad, Morocco
Ben Slimane, Morocco
Sidi Bennour, Morocco
Midelt, Morocco
Souk El Arbaa, Morocco
Skhirat, Morocco
Smara, Morocco
Ain Harrouda, Morocco
Cape Bojador, Morocco
Kasba Tadla, Morocco
Azemmour, Morocco
Sidi Bouzid, Morocco
Lqliaa, Morocco
Azimur, Morocco
Tinghir, Morocco
Mrirt, Morocco
Al Aaroui, Morocco
Chefchaouen, Morocco
Zagora, Morocco
El Aioun Sidi Mellouk, Morocco
Beni Ansar, Morocco
Taounate, Morocco
Sidi Yahya El Gharb, Morocco
Asilah, Morocco
Azilal, Morocco
Jerada, Morocco
Martil, Morocco
Amalou Ighriben, Morocco
Bouznika, Morocco
Tawnat, Morocco
El Hajeb, Morocco
Biougra, Morocco
Tahla, Morocco
Ihddaden, Morocco
Ain El Aouda, Morocco
Bouarfa, Morocco
Aguelmous, Morocco
Arfoud, Morocco
Demnate, Morocco
Sidi Slimane Echcharraa, Morocco
Zaouiat Cheikh, Morocco
Ain Taoujdate, Morocco
Echemmaia, Morocco
Aourir, Morocco
Oulad Ayad, Morocco
Ben Ahmed, Morocco
Tabounte, Morocco
Missour, Morocco
Jorf El Melha, Morocco
Rissani, Morocco
Segangan, Morocco
Er-Rich, Morocco
Ait Ourir, Morocco
Sidi Ifni, Morocco
Sidi Taibi, Morocco
Ahfir, Morocco
El Ksiba, Morocco
Saidia, Morocco
Goulmima, Morocco
Imintanoute, Morocco
Drarga, Morocco
Bouderbala, Morocco
Mehdya, Morocco
Bouhdila, Morocco
Chichaoua, Morocco
Bni Bouayach, Morocco
Oulad Berhil, Morocco
Jamaat Shaim, Morocco
Bir Jdid, Morocco
Tata, Morocco
Boujniba, Morocco
Oulad Hriz Sahel, Morocco
Mediouna, Morocco
Kalaat M'Gouna, Morocco
Imouzzer Kandar, Morocco
Ain Bni Mathar, Morocco
Bouskoura, Morocco
Agourai, Morocco
Midar, Morocco
Ain Jemaa, Morocco
Lalla Mimouna, Morocco
Nouaceur, Morocco
Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, Morocco
Figuig, Morocco
Boumia, Morocco
Rommani, Morocco
Jorf, Morocco
Ifrane, Morocco
Bouizakarne, Morocco
Oulad M Barek, Morocco
Afourar, Morocco
Ait Ishaq, Morocco
Tit Mellil, Morocco
Assa, Morocco
Bhalil, Morocco
Targuist, Morocco
El Menzel, Morocco
Boumalne Dades, Morocco
Amizmiz, Morocco
Farkhana, Morocco
Boulanouare, Morocco
Ben Taieb, Morocco
Deroua, Morocco
El Marsa, Morocco
Agdz, Morocco
Tamanar, Morocco
Ait Iaaza, Morocco
Boudnib, Morocco
Dar Ould Zidouh, Morocco
Foum Zguid, Morocco
Tissa, Morocco
Jaadar, Morocco
Oulmes, Morocco
Bouknadel, Morocco
El Guerdane, Morocco
Selouane, Morocco
Maaziz, Morocco
Oulad M'Rah, Morocco
Aklim, Morocco
Ouaouizert, Morocco
Bni Drar, Morocco
N'Zalat Bni Amar, Morocco
El Kbab, Morocco
Oued Laou, Morocco
Oued Amlil, Morocco
Bni Tadjite, Morocco
Zag, Morocco
Sidi Ahmed, Morocco
Oulad Yaich, Morocco
Tinejdad, Morocco
Tighassaline, Morocco
Tounfit, Morocco
Akka, Morocco
Talsint, Morocco
Fam El Hisn, Morocco
Taghjijt, Morocco
Boulemane, Morocco
Zirara, Morocco
Tahannaout, Morocco
Bradia, Morocco
Moulay Abdallah, Morocco
El Ouatia, Morocco
Tameslouht, Morocco
Aghbala, Morocco
Tendrara, Morocco
Taznakht, Morocco
Dar Gueddari, Morocco
Itzer, Morocco
Taliouine, Morocco
Oualidia, Morocco
Aoulouz, Morocco
Moulay Bousselham, Morocco
Tarfaya, Morocco
Ghafsai, Morocco
Foum Jamaa, Morocco
Ain Leuh, Morocco
Moulay Bouazza, Morocco
Had Kourt, Morocco
Loulad, Morocco
Zaida, Morocco
Tafraout, Morocco
El Hanchane, Morocco
Sidi Jaber, Morocco
Irherm, Morocco
Debdou, Morocco
Ras Kebdana, Morocco
Ain Cheggag, Morocco
Bzou, Morocco
Lakhsas, Morocco
Oulad Zbair, Morocco
Bni Chiker, Morocco
Talmest, Morocco
Aknoul, Morocco
Bab Taza, Morocco
Tiztoutine, Morocco
Imouzzer Marmoucha, Morocco
Ajdir, Morocco
Gourrama, Morocco
Zoumi, Morocco
Thar Essouk, Morocco
Zrarda, Morocco
Ras El Ain, Morocco
Sebt Jahjouh, Morocco
Tafersit, Morocco
Touissit, Morocco
Lalla Takerkoust, Morocco
Bouanane, Morocco
Soualem, Morocco
Alnif, Morocco
Sidi Allal Tazi, Morocco
Dar El Kebdani, Morocco
El Jebha, Morocco
Ain Erreggada, Morocco
Skoura, Morocco
Smimou, Morocco
Timahdite, Morocco
Ait Daoud, Morocco
Souk El Had, Morocco
Had Bouhssoussen, Morocco
Oulad Said, Morocco
Arbaoua, Morocco
Ain Dorij, Morocco
Madagh, Morocco
Tighza, Morocco
Matmata, Morocco
Kerouna, Morocco
Bni Hadifa, Morocco
Kerrouchen, Morocco
Guisser, Morocco
Sidi Boubker, Morocco
Tamassint, Morocco
Assahrij, Morocco
Sidi Bou Othmane, Morocco
Sidi Rahhal, Morocco
Issaguen, Morocco
Bouguedra, Morocco
Brikcha, Morocco
Ighoud, Morocco
Aoufous, Morocco
Tafetachte, Morocco
Ahrara, Morocco
Ounagha, Morocco


Country: Morocco
Continent: Africa
Category: countries

Cities in Morocco

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