Major cities in Mauritius:

Port Louis, Mauritius
Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius
Beau-Bassin Rose-Hill, Mauritius
Curepipe, Mauritius
Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Triolet, Mauritius
Goodlands, Mauritius
Bel Air Riviere Seche, Mauritius
Mahebourg, Mauritius
Saint Pierre, Mauritius
Centre de Flacq, Mauritius
Le Hochet, Mauritius
Baie du Tombeau, Mauritius
Bambous, Mauritius
Rose Belle, Mauritius

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Mauritius. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Mauritius

The largest cities in Mauritius are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 101 cities in Mauritius. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Chemin Grenier, Mauritius
Riviere Du Rempart, Mauritius
Grand Baie, Mauritius
Plaine Magnien, Mauritius
Pailles, Mauritius
Surinam, Mauritius
Lalmatie, Mauritius
New Grove, Mauritius
Riviere Des Anguilles, Mauritius
Terre Rouge, Mauritius
Petit Raffray, Mauritius
Moka, Mauritius
Montagne Blanche, Mauritius
Grand Bois, Mauritius
Long Mountain, Mauritius
Plaines des Papayes, Mauritius
Brisee Verdiere, Mauritius
Nouvelle France, Mauritius
Grand Gaube, Mauritius
Poste de Flacq, Mauritius
Beau Vallon, Mauritius
Dagotiere, Mauritius
Bon Accueil, Mauritius
Quartier Militaire, Mauritius
Laventure, Mauritius
Ecroignard, Mauritius
Piton, Mauritius
Fond du Sac, Mauritius
Sebastopol, Mauritius
Roches Noires, Mauritius
Quatre Cocos, Mauritius
Petite Riviere, Mauritius
Belle Vue Maurel, Mauritius
Camp Diable, Mauritius
Chamouny, Mauritius
Cap Malheureux, Mauritius
Calebasses, Mauritius
Midlands, Mauritius
Camp de Masque Pave, Mauritius
Camp Ithier, Mauritius
Souillac, Mauritius
Saint Hubert, Mauritius
Olivia, Mauritius
Notre Dame, Mauritius
Tamarin, Mauritius
The Vale, Mauritius
Cottage, Mauritius
Quatre Soeurs, Mauritius
Gros Cailloux, Mauritius
Albion, Mauritius
Roche Terre, Mauritius
Saint Julien, Mauritius
Providence, Mauritius
Creve Coeur, Mauritius
Ripailles, Mauritius
Queen Victoria, Mauritius
Amaury, Mauritius
Dubreuil, Mauritius
Camp de Masque, Mauritius
Cascavelle, Mauritius
Arsenal, Mauritius
Grand River South East, Mauritius
Bel-Ombre, Mauritius
Grande Riviere Noire, Mauritius
Esperance Trebuchet, Mauritius
Camp Thorel, Mauritius
La Gaulette, Mauritius
Verdun, Mauritius
Grand Sable, Mauritius
Mare La Chaux, Mauritius
Flic en Flac, Mauritius
Melrose, Mauritius
Bois des Amourettes, Mauritius
Congomah, Mauritius
Esperance, Mauritius
Clemencia, Mauritius
Saint Aubin, Mauritius
Cluny, Mauritius
Bambous Virieux, Mauritius
Grand Bel Air, Mauritius
La Laura-Malenga, Mauritius
Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius
Mapou, Mauritius
Chamarel, Mauritius
Bananes, Mauritius
Mare Chicose, Mauritius


Country: Mauritius
Continent: Africa
Category: countries

Cities in Mauritius

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