Major cities in Macedonia:

Skopje, Macedonia
Kumanovo, Macedonia
Bitola, Macedonia
Prilep, Macedonia
Tetovo, Macedonia
Veles, Macedonia
Ohrid, Macedonia
Gostivar, Macedonia
Stip, Macedonia
Strumica, Macedonia
Kavadarci, Macedonia
Struga, Macedonia
Kocani, Macedonia
Kicevo, Macedonia
Lipkovo, Macedonia

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Macedonia. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Macedonia

The largest cities in Macedonia are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 114 cities in Macedonia. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Zelino, Macedonia
Saraj, Macedonia
Radovis, Macedonia
Tearce, Macedonia
Kriva Palanka, Macedonia
Gevgelija, Macedonia
Negotino, Macedonia
Sveti Nikole, Macedonia
Studenicani, Macedonia
Vinica, Macedonia
Debar, Macedonia
Negotino-Polosko, Macedonia
Delcevo, Macedonia
Resen, Macedonia
Ilinden, Macedonia
Brvenica, Macedonia
Kamenjane, Macedonia
Bogovinje, Macedonia
Berovo, Macedonia
Aracinovo, Macedonia
Probistip, Macedonia
Cegrane, Macedonia
Bosilovo, Macedonia
Vasilevo, Macedonia
Zajas, Macedonia
Valandovo, Macedonia
Novo Selo, Macedonia
Dolneni, Macedonia
Oslomej, Macedonia
Kratovo, Macedonia
Dolna Banjica, Macedonia
Sopiste, Macedonia
Rostusa, Macedonia
Labunista, Macedonia
Vrapciste, Macedonia
Cucer, Macedonia
Velesta, Macedonia
Bogdanci, Macedonia
Delogozdi, Macedonia
Petrovec, Macedonia
Sipkovica, Macedonia
Dzepciste, Macedonia
Kamenica, Macedonia
Jegunovce, Macedonia
Demir Hisar, Macedonia
Murtino, Macedonia
Krivogastani, Macedonia
Brod, Macedonia
Krusevo, Macedonia
Oblesevo, Macedonia
Bistrica, Macedonia
Plasnica, Macedonia
Demir Kapija, Macedonia
Mogila, Macedonia
Kuklis, Macedonia
Orizari, Macedonia
Staro Nagoricane, Macedonia
Rosoman, Macedonia
Rankovce, Macedonia
Zelenikovo, Macedonia
Karbinci, Macedonia
Podares, Macedonia
Gradsko, Macedonia
Vratnica, Macedonia
Srbinovo, Macedonia
Konce, Macedonia
Star Dojran, Macedonia
Zletovo, Macedonia
Pehcevo, Macedonia
Zrnovci, Macedonia
Drugovo, Macedonia
Caska, Macedonia
Lozovo, Macedonia
Belcista, Macedonia
Topolcani, Macedonia
Miravci, Macedonia
Meseista, Macedonia
Vevcani, Macedonia
Kukurecani, Macedonia
Cesinovo, Macedonia
Novaci, Macedonia
Zitose, Macedonia
Sopotnica, Macedonia
Dobrusevo, Macedonia
Blatec, Macedonia
Klecevce, Macedonia
Samokov, Macedonia
Lukovo, Macedonia
Capari, Macedonia
Kosel, Macedonia
Vranestica, Macedonia
Bogomila, Macedonia
Orasac, Macedonia
Izvor, Macedonia
Mavrovi Anovi, Macedonia
Bac, Macedonia
Vitoliste, Macedonia
Konopiste, Macedonia
Staravina, Macedonia


Country: Macedonia
Continent: Europe
Category: countries

Cities in Macedonia

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