Major cities in Lithuania:

Vilnius, Lithuania
Kaunas, Lithuania
Klaipeda, Lithuania
Siauliai, Lithuania
Panevezys, Lithuania
Alytus, Lithuania
Marijampole, Lithuania
Mazeikiai, Lithuania
Jonava, Lithuania
Utena, Lithuania
Kedainiai, Lithuania
Telsiai, Lithuania
Ukmerge, Lithuania
Visaginas, Lithuania
Taurage, Lithuania

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Lithuania. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Lithuania

The largest cities in Lithuania are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 113 cities in Lithuania. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Plunge, Lithuania
Kretinga, Lithuania
Silute, Lithuania
Radviliskis, Lithuania
Palanga, Lithuania
Druskininkai, Lithuania
Rokiskis, Lithuania
Gargzdai, Lithuania
Birzai, Lithuania
Kursenai, Lithuania
Garliava, Lithuania
Elektrenai, Lithuania
Jurbarkas, Lithuania
Vilkaviskis, Lithuania
Raseiniai, Lithuania
Naujoji Akmene, Lithuania
Lentvaris, Lithuania
Anyksciai, Lithuania
Grigiskes, Lithuania
Prienai, Lithuania
Joniskis, Lithuania
Kelme, Lithuania
Varena, Lithuania
Kaisiadorys, Lithuania
Pasvalys, Lithuania
Kupiskis, Lithuania
Zarasai, Lithuania
Skuodas, Lithuania
Sirvintos, Lithuania
Kazlu Ruda, Lithuania
Moletai, Lithuania
Salcininkai, Lithuania
Svencioneliai, Lithuania
Sakiai, Lithuania
Ignalina, Lithuania
Pabrade, Lithuania
Kybartai, Lithuania
Nemencine, Lithuania
Silale, Lithuania
Pakruojis, Lithuania
Svencionys, Lithuania
Trakai, Lithuania
Vievis, Lithuania
Lazdijai, Lithuania
Kalvarija, Lithuania
Ziezmariai, Lithuania
Eisiskes, Lithuania
Rietavas, Lithuania
Ariogala, Lithuania
Seduva, Lithuania
Venta, Lithuania
Birstonas, Lithuania
Akmene, Lithuania
Tytuvenai, Lithuania
Rudiskes, Lithuania
Rusne, Lithuania
Neringa, Lithuania
Pagegiai, Lithuania
Vilkija, Lithuania
Vieksniai, Lithuania
Zagare, Lithuania
Ezerelis, Lithuania
Juodupe, Lithuania
Skaudvile, Lithuania
Kudirkos Naumiestis, Lithuania
Simnas, Lithuania
Gelgaudiskis, Lithuania
Salantai, Lithuania
Linkuva, Lithuania
Priekule, Lithuania
Veisiejai, Lithuania
Ramygala, Lithuania
Joniskelis, Lithuania
Kulautuva, Lithuania
Jieznas, Lithuania
Zemaiciu Naumiestis, Lithuania
Virbalis, Lithuania
Daugai, Lithuania
Obeliai, Lithuania
Varniai, Lithuania
Seda, Lithuania
Vabalninkas, Lithuania
Subacius, Lithuania
Baltoji Voke, Lithuania
Dukstas, Lithuania
Pandelys, Lithuania
Kacergine, Lithuania
Dusetos, Lithuania
Uzventis, Lithuania
Dotnuva, Lithuania
Naujamiestis, Lithuania
Kavarskas, Lithuania
Smalininkai, Lithuania
Pabirze, Lithuania
Troskunai, Lithuania
Tyruliai, Lithuania
Panemune, Lithuania
Turmantas, Lithuania


Country: Lithuania
Continent: Europe
Category: countries

Cities in Lithuania

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