Major cities in Kazakhstan:

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Shymkent, Kazakhstan
Taraz, Kazakhstan
Astana, Kazakhstan
Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
Oskemen, Kazakhstan
Semey, Kazakhstan
Oral, Kazakhstan
Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Qostanay, Kazakhstan
Kostanay, Kazakhstan
Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
Petropavl, Kazakhstan
Temirtau, Kazakhstan

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Kazakhstan. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Kazakhstan

The largest cities in Kazakhstan are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 122 cities in Kazakhstan. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan
Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan
Turkistan, Kazakhstan
Sarkand, Kazakhstan
Balkhash, Kazakhstan
Aksu, Kazakhstan
Satpayev, Kazakhstan
Kentau, Kazakhstan
Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan
Shakhtinsk, Kazakhstan
Ridder, Kazakhstan
Stepnogorsk, Kazakhstan
Zyryanovsk, Kazakhstan
Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan
Zhitikara, Kazakhstan
Talgar, Kazakhstan
Saran, Kazakhstan
Shu, Kazakhstan
Karatau, Kazakhstan
Arys, Kazakhstan
Baikonur, Kazakhstan
Abay, Kazakhstan
Aksay, Kazakhstan
Atbasar, Kazakhstan
Zharkent, Kazakhstan
Zhanatas, Kazakhstan
Ayagoz, Kazakhstan
Lisakovsk, Kazakhstan
Shieli, Kazakhstan
Zhetysay, Kazakhstan
Esik, Kazakhstan
Arkalyk, Kazakhstan
Chardara, Kazakhstan
Saryagash, Kazakhstan
Khromtau, Kazakhstan
Tekeli, Kazakhstan
Zhanakorgan, Kazakhstan
Lenger, Kazakhstan
Boralday, Kazakhstan
Ushtobe, Kazakhstan
Shemonaikha, Kazakhstan
Dzhusaly, Kazakhstan
Balykshi, Kazakhstan
Emba, Kazakhstan
Makinsk, Kazakhstan
Zaysan, Kazakhstan
Energeticheskiy, Kazakhstan
Tasbuget, Kazakhstan
Karabulak, Kazakhstan
Merke, Kazakhstan
Mikhaylovka, Kazakhstan
Urdzhar, Kazakhstan
Beyneu, Kazakhstan
Ereymentau, Kazakhstan
Makat, Kazakhstan
Saryozek, Kazakhstan
Derzhavinsk, Kazakhstan
Esil, Kazakhstan
Zachagansk, Kazakhstan
Inderborskiy, Kazakhstan
Atasu, Kazakhstan
Krasnoarmeysk, Kazakhstan
Ilyich, Kazakhstan
Shetpe, Kazakhstan
Kuryk, Kazakhstan
Kirovskiy, Kazakhstan
Shubarkuduk, Kazakhstan
Zhetybay, Kazakhstan
Serebryansk, Kazakhstan
Glubokoe, Kazakhstan
Aktau, Kazakhstan
Belousovka, Kazakhstan
Aktas, Kazakhstan
Bulaevo, Kazakhstan
Komsomolets, Kazakhstan
Georgiyevka, Kazakhstan
Oytal, Kazakhstan
Borovskoy, Kazakhstan
Dossor, Kazakhstan
Mamlyutka, Kazakhstan
Shar, Kazakhstan
Kachiry, Kazakhstan
Karaton, Kazakhstan
Sergeyevka, Kazakhstan
Kurchum, Kazakhstan
Shubarshi, Kazakhstan
Karkaralinsk, Kazakhstan
Kushmurun, Kazakhstan
Maykain, Kazakhstan
Osakarovka, Kazakhstan
Bestobe, Kazakhstan
Tobol, Kazakhstan
Zholymbet, Kazakhstan
Kazalinsk, Kazakhstan
Chingirlau, Kazakhstan
Batamshinskiy, Kazakhstan
Achisay, Kazakhstan
Fort-Shevchenko, Kazakhstan
Novodolinskiy, Kazakhstan
Stepnyak, Kazakhstan
Saryshagan, Kazakhstan
Alekseyevka, Kazakhstan
Temir, Kazakhstan
Gulshat, Kazakhstan


Country: Kazakhstan
Continent: Asia
Category: countries

Cities in Kazakhstan

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