Major cities in Japan:

Tokyo, Japan
Yokohama, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Nagoya, Japan
Sapporo, Japan
Kobe, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan
Kawasaki, Japan
Saitama, Japan
Hiroshima, Japan
Sendai, Japan
Kitakyushu, Japan
Chiba, Japan
Sakai, Japan

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Japan. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Japan

The largest cities in Japan are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on more than 300 cities in Japan. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Kumamoto, Japan
Sagamihara, Japan
Okayama, Japan
Hamamatsu, Japan
Hachioji, Japan
Funabashi, Japan
Kagoshima, Japan
Higashiosaka, Japan
Niigata, Japan
Matsuyama, Japan
Himeji, Japan
Matsudo, Japan
Nishinomiya, Japan
Kawaguchi, Japan
Shizuoka, Japan
Kanazawa, Japan
Ichikawa, Japan
Utsunomiya, Japan
Oita, Japan
Amagasaki, Japan
Kurashiki, Japan
Yokosuka, Japan
Nagasaki, Japan
Hirakata, Japan
Machida, Japan
Gifu, Japan
Fujisawa, Japan
Toyonaka, Japan
Fukuyama, Japan
Toyohashi, Japan
Wakayama, Japan
Nara, Japan
Toyota, Japan
Nagano, Japan
Iwaki, Japan
Asahikawa, Japan
Takatsuki, Japan
Okazaki, Japan
Suita, Japan
Koriyama, Japan
Kashiwa, Japan
Tokorozawa, Japan
Kawagoe, Japan
Kochi, Japan
Takamatsu, Japan
Toyama, Japan
Akita, Japan
Koshigaya, Japan
Miyazaki, Japan
Naha, Japan
Kasugai, Japan
Aomori, Japan
Otsu, Japan
Akashi, Japan
Yokkaichi, Japan
Morioka, Japan
Fukushima, Japan
Ichihara, Japan
Maebashi, Japan
Ichinomiya, Japan
Hakodate, Japan
Yao, Japan
Kakogawa, Japan
Tokushima, Japan
Ibaraki, Japan
Hiratsuka, Japan
Yamagata, Japan
Fukui, Japan
Mito, Japan
Shimonoseki, Japan
Takasaki, Japan
Fuchu, Japan
Fuji, Japan
Hachinohe, Japan
Neyagawa, Japan
Kurume, Japan
Sasebo, Japan
Chigasaki, Japan
Soka, Japan
Yamato, Japan
Atsugi, Japan
Takarazuka, Japan
Ageo, Japan
Chofu, Japan
Matsumoto, Japan
Kasukabe, Japan
Kishiwada, Japan
Joetsu, Japan
Numazu, Japan
Odawara, Japan
Nishitokyo, Japan
Kure, Japan
Nagaoka, Japan
Itami, Japan
Uji, Japan
Suzuka, Japan
Kofu, Japan
Yachiyo, Japan
Izumi, Japan
Kodaira, Japan
Hitachi, Japan
Higashihiroshima, Japan
Sakura, Japan
Mitaka, Japan
Tsukuba, Japan
Hirosaki, Japan
Tomakomai, Japan
Hadano, Japan
Obihiro, Japan
Ube, Japan
Tachikawa, Japan
Hino, Japan
Takaoka, Japan
Anjo, Japan
Kamakura, Japan
Saga, Japan
Tsu, Japan
Sayama, Japan
Kawanishi, Japan
Oyama, Japan
Niiza, Japan
Ashikaga, Japan
Matsue, Japan
Narashino, Japan
Nagareyama, Japan
Kumagaya, Japan
Hitachinaka, Japan
Tottori, Japan
Shunan, Japan
Ota, Japan
Higashimurayama, Japan
Komaki, Japan
Ogaki, Japan
Ome, Japan
Iruma, Japan
Moriguchi, Japan
Tama, Japan
Yamaguchi, Japan
Tsuchiura, Japan
Otaru, Japan
Urayasu, Japan
Yonago, Japan
Kariya, Japan
Musashino, Japan
Osaki, Japan
Zama, Japan
Seto, Japan
Ebetsu, Japan
Misato, Japan
Tondabayashi, Japan
Sanda, Japan
Fujieda, Japan
Kakamigahara, Japan
Omuta, Japan
Abiko, Japan
Kadoma, Japan
Miyakonojo, Japan
Matsubara, Japan
Isesaki, Japan
Daito, Japan
Minoh, Japan
Ebina, Japan
Asaka, Japan
Oshu, Japan
Kirishima, Japan
Kusatsu, Japan
Ueda, Japan
Kashihara, Japan
Okinawa, Japan
Aizuwakamatsu, Japan
Beppu, Japan
Matsusaka, Japan
Niihama, Japan
Kisarazu, Japan
Nobeoka, Japan
Fujinomiya, Japan
Noda, Japan
Yaizu, Japan
Toyokawa, Japan
Toda, Japan
Kokubunji, Japan
Uruma, Japan
Ikoma, Japan
Higashiomi, Japan
Nasushiobara, japan
Ishinomaki, Japan
Habikino, Japan
Hofu, Japan
Handa, Japan
Higashikurume, Japan
Koganei, Japan
Imabari, Japan
Urasoe, Japan
Mishima, Japan
Kitami, Japan
Kuwana, Japan
Kawachinagano, Japan
Akishima, Japan
Hikone, Japan
Hakusan, Japan
Kiryu, Japan
Tokai, Japan
Komatsu, Japan
Iwatsuki, Japan
Kamagaya, Japan
Tajimi, Japan
Kasuga, Japan
Fujimi, Japan
Fujimino, Japan
Chikusei, Japan
Iida, Japan
Fukaya, Japan
Yatsushiro, Japan
Iwakuni, Japan
Isehara, Japan
Nishio, Japan
Inazawa, Japan
Tokuyama, Japan
Satsumasendai, Japan
Narita, Japan
Sakata, Japan
Chikushino, Japan
Konan, Japan
Tsuruoka, Japan
Ikeda, Japan
Azumino, Japan
Isahaya, Japan
Mobara, Japan
Ise, Japan
Kameoka, Japan
Sakado, Japan
Muroran, Japan
Kanuma, Japan
Yonezawa, Japan
Kitakami, Japan
Chitose, Japan
Kaizuka, Japan
Maizuru, Japan
Kimitsu, Japan
Ginowan, Japan
Amakusa, Japan
Onomichi, Japan
Omura, Japan
Tsuyama, Japan
Izumo, Japan
Ashiya, Japan
Iwata, Japan
Konosu, Japan
Nabari, Japan
Yotsukaido, Japan
Hamakita, Japan
Gyoda, Japan
Hanno, Japan
Kashiwazaki, Japan
Ryugasaki, Japan
Iwamizawa, Japan
Kakegawa, Japan
Gotemba, Japan
Yachimata, Japan
Sanjo, Japan
Sano, Japan
Kanoya, Japan
Tochigi, Japan
Tanashi, Japan
Marugame, Japan
Tatebayashi, Japan
Shibata, Japan
Gamagori, Japan
Izumiotsu, Japan
Toride, Japan
Mihara, Japan
Ushiku, Japan
Kashiwara, Japan
Karatsu, Japan
Iizuka, Japan
Kunitachi, Japan
Obu, Japan
Komae, Japan
Wako, Japan
Hatsukaichi, Japan
Seki, Japan
Furukawa, Japan
Shimada, Japan
Takefu, Japan
Choshi, Japan


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Continent: Asia
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Cities in Japan

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