Major cities in Hungary:

Budapest, Hungary
Debrecen, Hungary
Miskolc, Hungary
Szeged, Hungary
Pecs, Hungary
Gyor, Hungary
Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
Kecskemet, Hungary
Szekesfehervar, Hungary
Szombathely, Hungary
Szolnok, Hungary
Tatabanya, Hungary
Kaposvar, Hungary
Bekescsaba, Hungary
Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Hungary. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Hungary

The largest cities in Hungary are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on more than 300 cities in Hungary. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Veszprem, Hungary
Erd, Hungary
Eger, Hungary
Sopron, Hungary
Dunaujvaros, Hungary
Nagykanizsa, Hungary
Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary
Salgotarjan, Hungary
Cegled, Hungary
Ozd, Hungary
Baja, Hungary
Szekszard, Hungary
Vac, Hungary
Papa, Hungary
Gyongyos, Hungary
Kazincbarcika, Hungary
Godollo, Hungary
Gyula, Hungary
Hajduboszormeny, Hungary
Kiskunfelegyhaza, Hungary
Ajka, Hungary
Oroshaza, Hungary
Szentes, Hungary
Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary
Dunakeszi, Hungary
Kiskunhalas, Hungary
Esztergom, Hungary
Jaszbereny, Hungary
Komlo, Hungary
Nagykoros, Hungary
Mako, Hungary
Budaors, Hungary
Szigetszentmiklos, Hungary
Tata, Hungary
Szentendre, Hungary
Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary
Siofok, Hungary
Torokszentmiklos, Hungary
Hatvan, Hungary
Karcag, Hungary
Gyal, Hungary
Monor, Hungary
Keszthely, Hungary
Varpalota, Hungary
Bekes, Hungary
Dombovar, Hungary
Paks, Hungary
Oroszlany, Hungary
Komarom, Hungary
Vecses, Hungary
Mezotur, Hungary
Mateszalka, Hungary
Mohacs, Hungary
Csongrad, Hungary
Kalocsa, Hungary
Kisvarda, Hungary
Szarvas, Hungary
Satoraljaujhely, Hungary
Hajdunanas, Hungary
Balmazujvaros, Hungary
Mezokovesd, Hungary
Tapolca, Hungary
Szazhalombatta, Hungary
Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary
Dunaharaszti, Hungary
Fot, Hungary
Dabas, Hungary
Abony, Hungary
Berettyoujfalu, Hungary
Puspokladany, Hungary
God, Hungary
Sarvar, Hungary
Gyomaendrod, Hungary
Kiskoros, Hungary
Pomaz, Hungary
Mor, Hungary
Sarospatak, Hungary
Batonyterenye, Hungary
Bonyhad, Hungary
Gyomro, Hungary
Tiszavasvari, Hungary
Ujfeherto, Hungary
Nyirbator, Hungary
Sarbogard, Hungary
Nagykata, Hungary
Budakeszi, Hungary
Pecel, Hungary
Pilisvorosvar, Hungary
Sajoszentpeter, Hungary
Szigethalom, Hungary
Balatonfured, Hungary
Hajduhadhaz, Hungary
Kisujszallas, Hungary
Dorog, Hungary
Kormend, Hungary
Marcali, Hungary
Barcs, Hungary
Tolna, Hungary
Tiszafured, Hungary
Kiskunmajsa, Hungary
Tiszafoldvar, Hungary
Albertirsa, Hungary
Nagyatad, Hungary
Tiszakecske, Hungary
Torokbalint, Hungary
Koszeg, Hungary
Celldomolk, Hungary
Heves, Hungary
Mezobereny, Hungary
Szigetvar, Hungary
Pilis, Hungary
Veresegyhaz, Hungary
Bicske, Hungary
Edeleny, Hungary
Lajosmizse, Hungary
Hajdusamson, Hungary
Csorna, Hungary
Nagykallo, Hungary
Isaszeg, Hungary
Sarkad, Hungary
Kapuvar, Hungary
Ullo, Hungary
Siklos, Hungary
Maglod, Hungary
Paszto, Hungary
Szerencs, Hungary
Turkeve, Hungary
Szeghalom, Hungary
Jaszapati, Hungary
Janoshalma, Hungary
Budakalasz, Hungary
Tamasi, Hungary
Kistarcsa, Hungary
Kunszentmarton, Hungary
Hajdudorog, Hungary
Vasarosnameny, Hungary
Solymar, Hungary
Rackeve, Hungary
Derecske, Hungary
Kecel, Hungary
Nadudvar, Hungary
Tokol, Hungary
Ocsa, Hungary
Dunafoldvar, Hungary
Fehergyarmat, Hungary
Kiskunlachaza, Hungary
Kunszentmiklos, Hungary
Szentgotthard, Hungary
Devavanya, Hungary
Kerepes, Hungary
Biatorbagy, Hungary
Kunhegyes, Hungary
Lenti, Hungary
Ercsi, Hungary
Balatonalmadi, Hungary
Polgar, Hungary
Tura, Hungary
Fuzesabony, Hungary
Jaszarokszallas, Hungary
Gardony, Hungary
Tarnok, Hungary
Nyiradony, Hungary
Zalaszentgrot, Hungary
Sandorfalva, Hungary
Soltvadkert, Hungary
Nyergesujfalu, Hungary
Bacsalmas, Hungary
Csomor, Hungary
Putnok, Hungary
Veszto, Hungary
Kistelek, Hungary
Zirc, Hungary
Martfu, Hungary
Halasztelek, Hungary
Mindszent, Hungary
Acs, Hungary
Enying, Hungary
Letavertes, Hungary
Nyirtelek, Hungary
Szentlorinc, Hungary
Felsozsolca, Hungary
Solt, Hungary
Fegyvernek, Hungary
Nagyecsed, Hungary
Encs, Hungary
Ibrany, Hungary
Mezokovacshaza, Hungary
Ujszasz, Hungary
Bataszek, Hungary
Balkany, Hungary
Sumeg, Hungary
Tapioszecso, Hungary
Szabadszallas, Hungary
Battonya, Hungary
Polgardi, Hungary
Mezocsat, Hungary
Totkomlos, Hungary
Piliscsaba, Hungary
Szecseny, Hungary
Fuzesgyarmat, Hungary
Kaba, Hungary
Pusztaszabolcs, Hungary
Teglas, Hungary
Mezohegyes, Hungary
Jaszladany, Hungary
Tapioszele, Hungary
Aszod, Hungary
Diosd, Hungary
Taksony, Hungary
Tiszalok, Hungary
Izsak, Hungary
Alsozsolca, Hungary
Komadi, Hungary
Lorinci, Hungary
Kartal, Hungary
Dunavarsany, Hungary
Erdokertes, Hungary
Janossomorja, Hungary
Kerekegyhaza, Hungary
Balatonboglar, Hungary
Szikszo, Hungary
Domsod, Hungary
Nagyhalasz, Hungary
Kisber, Hungary
Kunmadaras, Hungary
Berhida, Hungary
Kondoros, Hungary
Melykut, Hungary
Jaszkiser, Hungary
Csurgo, Hungary
Csorvas, Hungary
Nagyszenas, Hungary
Ujkigyos, Hungary
Tapioszentmarton, Hungary
Tat, Hungary
Egyek, Hungary
Tiszaluc, Hungary
Orbottyan, Hungary
Rakoczifalva, Hungary
Hosszupalyi, Hungary
Paty, Hungary
Elek, Hungary
Vamospercs, Hungary
Morahalom, Hungary
Bugyi, Hungary
Emod, Hungary
Labatlan, Hungary
Csakvar, Hungary
Kenderes, Hungary
Csenger, Hungary
Fonyod, Hungary
Rakamaz, Hungary
Martonvasar, Hungary
Devecser, Hungary
Orkeny, Hungary
Tokaj, Hungary
Tiszaalpar, Hungary
Kemecse, Hungary
Korosladany, Hungary
Alsonemedi, Hungary
Tiszacsege, Hungary
Mogyorod, Hungary
Nyekladhaza, Hungary
Balatonlelle, Hungary
Mezofalva, Hungary
Szegvar, Hungary
Petfurdo, Hungary
Szentmartonkata, Hungary
Nagykovacsi, Hungary
Tompa, Hungary
Velence, Hungary
Tab, Hungary
Zahony, Hungary
Zsambek, Hungary
Urom, Hungary
Nyirmada, Hungary
Tortel, Hungary
Cegledbercel, Hungary
Onga, Hungary
Szirmabesenyo, Hungary
Tahitofalu, Hungary
Abadszalok, Hungary
Nagymaros, Hungary
Toszeg, Hungary


Country: Hungary
Continent: Europe
Category: countries

Cities in Hungary

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