Major cities in Guatemala:

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Mixco, Guatemala
Villa Nueva, Guatemala
Petapa, Guatemala
San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Villa Canales, Guatemala
Escuintla, Guatemala
Coatepeque, Guatemala
Chinautla, Guatemala
San Miguel Petapa, Guatemala
Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Chichicastenango, Guatemala
Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Amatitlan, Guatemala

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Guatemala. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Guatemala

The largest cities in Guatemala are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on more than 300 cities in Guatemala. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Totonicapan, Guatemala
Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala
Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Guatemala
Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
San Francisco El Alto, Guatemala
Coban, Guatemala
San Jose Pinula, Guatemala
San Pedro Ayampuc, Guatemala
Jalapa, Guatemala
Solola, Guatemala
Mazatenango, Guatemala
Chiquimula, Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Retalhuleu, Guatemala
Zacapa, Guatemala
Jutiapa, Guatemala
Jacaltenango, Guatemala
Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala
San Pedro Sacatepequez, Guatemala
Momostenango, Guatemala
Palin, Guatemala
San Benito, Guatemala
Barberena, Guatemala
Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala
Ostuncalco, Guatemala
Olintepeque, Guatemala
Fraijanes, Guatemala
Nahuala, Guatemala
Santa Catalina la Tinta, Guatemala
Cantel, Guatemala
San Marcos, Guatemala
Santiago Sacatepequez, Guatemala
La Gomera, Guatemala
Santa Cruz Del Quiche, Guatemala
Nebaj, Guatemala
Flores, Guatemala
Salama, Guatemala
Tecpan Guatemala, Guatemala
Sumpango, Guatemala
Comalapa, Guatemala
Esquipulas, Guatemala
Chicacao, Guatemala
Puerto San Jose, Guatemala
San Pablo Jocopilas, Guatemala
Comitancillo, Guatemala
Gualan, Guatemala
San Cristobal Verapaz, Guatemala
Colomba, Guatemala
Nuevo San Carlos, Guatemala
Morales, Guatemala
Santa Barbara, Guatemala
Patzun, Guatemala
Panzos, Guatemala
San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala
Palencia, Guatemala
Tiquisate, Guatemala
San Lucas Sacatepequez, Guatemala
Jocotenango, Guatemala
Alotenango, Guatemala
Poptun, Guatemala
Cuilapa, Guatemala
Patzicia, Guatemala
La Esperanza, Guatemala
Sanarate, Guatemala
El Estor, Guatemala
El Tejar, Guatemala
Asuncion Mita, Guatemala
Santa Maria De Jesus, Guatemala
El Palmar, Guatemala
Malacatan, Guatemala
San Sebastian, Guatemala
Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan, Guatemala
San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala
Livingston, Guatemala
Patulul, Guatemala
Barillas, Guatemala
San Francisco Zapotitlan, Guatemala
San Pablo, Guatemala
Guastatoya, Guatemala
San Mateo Ixtatan, Guatemala
San Pedro Carcha, Guatemala
Joyabaj, Guatemala
Siquinala, Guatemala
Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, Guatemala
San Miguel Chicaj, Guatemala
Rabinal, Guatemala
Panajachel, Guatemala
Chiquimulilla, Guatemala
Chisec, Guatemala
San Andres Xecul, Guatemala
El Quetzal, Guatemala
Sacapulas, Guatemala
Salcaja, Guatemala
Flores Costa Cuca, Guatemala
Almolonga, Guatemala
Cabrican, Guatemala
Chajul, Guatemala
San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala
Atescatempa, Guatemala
Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala
Ayutla, Guatemala
Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala
San Juan Cotzal, Guatemala
San Antonio Suchitepequez, Guatemala
Soloma, Guatemala
Cuyotenango, Guatemala
Santa Catarina Mita, Guatemala
Dolores, Guatemala
Jalpatagua, Guatemala
Pastores, Guatemala
Monjas, Guatemala
San Agustin Acasaguastlan, Guatemala
San Luis Jilotepeque, Guatemala
Cubulco, Guatemala
Oratorio, Guatemala
Nueva Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Masagua, Guatemala
Zunil, Guatemala
Huitan, Guatemala
San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala
Parramos, Guatemala
Santa Ana, Guatemala
Ocos, Guatemala
Zaragoza, Guatemala
Zacualpa, Guatemala
San Cristobal Cucho, Guatemala
Sayaxche, Guatemala
Samayac, Guatemala
Casillas, Guatemala
Yepocapa, Guatemala
Estanzuela, Guatemala
Concepcion, Guatemala
San Felipe, Guatemala
Tactic, Guatemala
Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Guatemala
San Raymundo, Guatemala
La Libertad, Guatemala
San Jeronimo, Guatemala
Chiantla, Guatemala
San Miguel Duenas, Guatemala
Cunen, Guatemala
Pajapita, Guatemala
Moyuta, Guatemala
Nuevo Progreso, Guatemala
Concepcion Chiquirichapa, Guatemala
San Lorenzo, Guatemala
Santa Cruz Balanya, Guatemala
San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemala
Champerico, Guatemala
Rio Bravo, Guatemala
El Tumbador, Guatemala
San Miguel Siguila, Guatemala
Mataquescuintla, Guatemala
El Progreso, Guatemala
San Andres, Guatemala
San Vicente Pacaya, Guatemala
Chuarrancho, Guatemala
Guazacapan, Guatemala
Acatenango, Guatemala
Santa Maria Chiquimula, Guatemala
San Carlos Sija, Guatemala
San Luis, Guatemala
Taxisco, Guatemala
Tacana, Guatemala
Teculutan, Guatemala
San Jose Acatempa, Guatemala
Santo Domingo Suchitepequez, Guatemala
San Bartolome Milpas Altas, Guatemala
Santa Cruz Naranjo, Guatemala
El Asintal, Guatemala
Rio Hondo, Guatemala
San Jose Poaquil, Guatemala
Santa Rosa de Lima, Guatemala
Santa Cruz Verapaz, Guatemala
Purulha, Guatemala
San Antonio Huista, Guatemala
Magdalena Milpas Altas, Guatemala
Aguacatan, Guatemala
San Mateo, Guatemala
San Bernardino, Guatemala
Senahu, Guatemala
La Democracia, Guatemala
Ipala, Guatemala
Chahal, Guatemala
San Andres Villa Seca, Guatemala
Usumatlan, Guatemala
Jocotan, Guatemala
Santa Eulalia, Guatemala
San Jose Del Golfo, Guatemala
La Reforma, Guatemala
Uspantan, Guatemala
Cabanas, Guatemala
Cahabon, Guatemala
Jerez, Guatemala
San Martin Zapotitlan, Guatemala
Tajumulco, Guatemala
El Jicaro, Guatemala
Pueblo Nuevo Vinas, Guatemala
San Cristobal Totonicapan, Guatemala
Quezaltepeque, Guatemala
San Gabriel, Guatemala
Tucuru, Guatemala
Iztapa, Guatemala
San Francisco, Guatemala
Pochuta, Guatemala
Sansare, Guatemala
Genova, Guatemala
Ixtahuacan, Guatemala
La Union, Guatemala
San Miguel Ixtahuacan, Guatemala
San Martin Sacatepequez, Guatemala
Santa Maria Ixhuatan, Guatemala
San Antonio Palopo, Guatemala
San Pedro Necta, Guatemala
Los Amates, Guatemala
Conguaco, Guatemala
San Pedro Pinula, Guatemala
Todos Santos Cuchumatan, Guatemala
Santa Catarina Barahona, Guatemala
Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala
Catarina, Guatemala
Yupiltepeque, Guatemala
Santiago Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Santa Catarina Palopo, Guatemala
Cajola, Guatemala
Guanagazapa, Guatemala
Agua Blanca, Guatemala
San Miguel Acatan, Guatemala
Zunilito, Guatemala
Huite, Guatemala
Santa Cruz Mulua, Guatemala
Chinique, Guatemala
San Juan Bautista, Guatemala
Tejutla, Guatemala
San Manuel Chaparron, Guatemala
San Andres Semetabaj, Guatemala
Morazan, Guatemala
San Juan Ixcoy, Guatemala
El Chol, Guatemala
Nenton, Guatemala
San Jose El Idolo, Guatemala
Chiche, Guatemala
Santa Apolonia, Guatemala
Pachalum, Guatemala
Ixchiguan, Guatemala
Quezada, Guatemala
San Juan Tecuaco, Guatemala
San Cristobal Acasaguastlan, Guatemala
Malacatancito, Guatemala
Chicaman, Guatemala
San Miguel Panan, Guatemala
San Antonio Ilotenango, Guatemala
Santa Ana Huista, Guatemala
Lanquin, Guatemala
San Andres Sajcabaja, Guatemala
El Adelanto, Guatemala
San Juan Atitan, Guatemala
El Rodeo, Guatemala
Pasaco, Guatemala
Cuilco, Guatemala
Canilla, Guatemala
Palestina de los Altos, Guatemala
Colotenango, Guatemala
Olopa, Guatemala
San Antonio Sacatepequez, Guatemala
Sibinal, Guatemala
San Juan Ermita, Guatemala
San Bartolome Jocotenango, Guatemala
Zapotitlan, Guatemala
Camotan, Guatemala
Esquipulas Palo Gordo, Guatemala
San Rafael Petzal, Guatemala
San Jacinto, Guatemala
Comapa, Guatemala
Santa Maria Visitacion, Guatemala
San Sebastian Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Santa Lucia Utatlan, Guatemala
San Bartolo, Guatemala
San Jose Ojetenan, Guatemala
San Jose, Guatemala
Sibilia, Guatemala
Concepcion Tutuapa, Guatemala
Granados, Guatemala
Tamahu, Guatemala
San Pedro Jocopilas, Guatemala


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Continent: North America
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Cities in Guatemala

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