Major cities in Greece:

Athens, Greece
Thessaloniki, Greece
Patras, Greece
Heraklion, Greece
Piraeus, Greece
Patrai, Greece
Larissa, Greece
Peristerion, Greece
Iraklion, Greece
Larisa, Greece
Kallithea, Greece
Nikaia, Greece
Kalamaria, Greece
Volos, Greece
Akharnai, Greece

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Greece. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Greece

The largest cities in Greece are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 299 cities in Greece. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Keratsinion, Greece
Nea Smirni, Greece
Khalandrion, Greece
Alexandroupoli, Greece
Aigaleo, Greece
Amarousion, Greece
Nea Ionia, Greece
Palaion Faliron, Greece
Ioannina, Greece
Viron, Greece
Kavala, Greece
Galatsion, Greece
Rodos, Greece
Serrai, Greece
Khania, Greece
Khalkis, Greece
Chania, Greece
Rhodes, Greece
Katerini, Greece
Kalamata, Greece
Trikala, Greece
Xanthi, Greece
Lamia, Greece
Kifisia, Greece
Komotini, Greece
Sikeai, Greece
Veroia, Greece
Drama, Greece
Agrinion, Greece
Polikhni, Greece
Corfu, Greece
Kozani, Greece
Mytilene, Greece
Karditsa, Greece
Aspropirgos, Greece
Naousa, Greece
Kholargos, Greece
Ayia Varvara, Greece
Korinthos, Greece
Ptolemais, Greece
Rethimnon, Greece
Voula, Greece
Ano Liosia, Greece
Mitilini, Greece
Yiannitsa, Greece
Agios Nikolaos, Greece
Eleusis, Greece
Kerkira, Greece
Salamis, Greece
Delphi, Greece
Tripoli, Greece
Kaisariani, Greece
Perama, Greece
Argos, Greece
Kamateron, Greece
Megara, Greece
Khios, Greece
Chios, Greece
Moskhaton, Greece
Pilaia, Greece
Pyrgos, Greece
Melissia, Greece
Thivai, Greece
Aiyion, Greece
Kilkis, Greece
Amalias, Greece
Arta, Greece
Kos, Greece
Edessa, Greece
Ellinikon, Greece
Preveza, Greece
Koropion, Greece
Panorama, Greece
Nea Erithraia, Greece
Orestias, Greece
Peraia, Greece
Menemeni, Greece
Sparti, Greece
Oraiokastron, Greece
Florina, Greece
Pallini, Greece
Nea Makri, Greece
Kalivia Thorikou, Greece
Kastoria, Greece
Nauplion, Greece
Thermi, Greece
Paiania, Greece
Alexandria, Greece
Mouzaki, Greece
Papagos, Greece
Rafina, Greece
Mesolongion, Greece
Ierapetra, Greece
Loutrakion, Greece
Vari, Greece
Nea Alikarnassos, Greece
Zakinthos, Greece
Ialisos, Greece
Ermoupolis, Greece
Mandra, Greece
Triandria, Greece
Psikhikon, Greece
Ayios Stefanos, Greece
Tirnavos, Greece
Grevena, Greece
Farsala, Greece
Diavata, Greece
Kiato, Greece
Kalimnos, Greece
Argostolion, Greece
Gazion, Greece
Igoumenitsa, Greece
Nea Artaki, Greece
Likovrisi, Greece
Paralia, Greece
Sitia, Greece
Anavissos, Greece
Koufalia, Greece
Sindos, Greece
Kalambaka, Greece
Spata, Greece
Epanomi, Greece
Gastouni, Greece
Nea Mikhaniona, Greece
Argos Orestikon, Greece
Aiyina, Greece
Mikonos, Greece
Vouliagmeni, Greece
Nea Peramos, Greece
Keratea, Greece
Naxos, Greece
Khalastra, Greece
Almiros, Greece
Nea Kallikratia, Greece
Elasson, Greece
Vasilikon, Greece
Yiannouli, Greece
Filiatra, Greece
Polikastron, Greece
Karpenision, Greece
Mournies, Greece
Amfissa, Greece
Kria Vrisi, Greece
Messini, Greece
Souda, Greece
Litokhoron, Greece
Anoixis, Greece
Moirai, Greece
Anatoli, Greece
Samos, Greece
Gargalianoi, Greece
Aridaia, Greece
Rion, Greece
Itea, Greece
Ambelon, Greece
Neon Karlovasion, Greece
Orkhomenos, Greece
Nea Ankhialos, Greece
Zakharo, Greece
Atalanti, Greece
Ovria, Greece
Psakhna, Greece
Sidirokastron, Greece
Kato Akhaia, Greece
Palamas, Greece
Ekali, Greece
Siatista, Greece
Afantou, Greece
Agria, Greece
Mirina, Greece
Ferai, Greece
Arkhangelos, Greece
Asvestokhorion, Greece
Nigrita, Greece
Paros, Greece
Megalopoli, Greece
Poliyiros, Greece
Xilokastron, Greece
Skiathos, Greece
Aliverion, Greece
Stilis, Greece
Karistos, Greece
Neoi Epivatai, Greece
Kiparissia, Greece
Skhimatarion, Greece
Makrokhorion, Greece
Timbakion, Greece
Lekhaion, Greece
Krestena, Greece
Kremasti, Greece
Ambelakia, Greece
Ayios Athanasios, Greece
Vrontados, Greece
Yithion, Greece
Tinos, Greece
Playiarion, Greece
Vayia, Greece
Vasilika, Greece
Sapai, Greece
Poros, Greece
Kranidion, Greece
Nerokouros, Greece
Trilofon, Greece
Filiron, Greece
Amarinthos, Greece
Nemea, Greece
Malia, Greece
Ayioi Apostoloi, Greece
Aitolikon, Greece
Malesina, Greece
Aiyinion, Greece
Aliartos, Greece
Filippias, Greece
Markopoulon, Greece
Nea Kios, Greece
Kissamos, Greece
Istiaia, Greece
Korinos, Greece
Kalokhorion, Greece
Souflion, Greece
Nea Magnisia, Greece
Marathon, Greece
Amfilokhia, Greece
Prosotsani, Greece
Goumenissa, Greece
Arakhova, Greece
Spetsai, Greece
Aiantion, Greece
Epano Arkhanai, Greece
Deskati, Greece
Kimina, Greece
Vonitsa, Greece
Lixourion, Greece
Daratsos, Greece
Magoula, Greece
Lekhaina, Greece
Amfiklia, Greece
Andravida, Greece
Khora, Greece
Kolindros, Greece
Ayia Trias, Greece
Falanna, Greece
Arkalokhorion, Greece
Kalambakion, Greece
Khortiatis, Greece
Yefira, Greece
Ormilia, Greece
Iraklia, Greece
Kimmeria, Greece
Servia, Greece
Velventos, Greece
Axioupoli, Greece
Thasos, Greece
Plomarion, Greece
Asprovalta, Greece
Khorion, Greece
Perivolia, Greece
Varda, Greece
Metsovon, Greece
Molos, Greece
Vrakhation, Greece
Erithrai, Greece
Liti, Greece
Eretria, Greece
Velestinon, Greece
Livanatai, Greece
Ierissos, Greece
Neokhorion, Greece
Limin Khersonisou, Greece
Vartholomio, Greece
Eleousa, Greece
Martinon, Greece
Meliki, Greece
Nea Triglia, Greece
Leonidion, Greece
Velon, Greece
Molaoi, Greece
Neos Marmaras, Greece
Neon Rision, Greece
Krokos, Greece
Katsikas, Greece
Kimi, Greece
Oinofita, Greece
Alistrati, Greece


Country: Greece
Continent: Europe
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Cities in Greece

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