Major cities in Finland:

Helsinki, Finland
Espoo, Finland
Vantaa, Finland
Tampere, Finland
Turku, Finland
Oulu, Finland
Lahti, Finland
Kuopio, Finland
Jyvaskyla, Finland
Pori, Finland
Lappeenranta, Finland
Vaasa, Finland
Kotka, Finland
Joensuu, Finland
Hameenlinna, Finland

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Finland. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Finland

The largest cities in Finland are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 143 cities in Finland. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Porvoo, Finland
Mikkeli, Finland
Hyvinkaa, Finland
Jarvenpaa, Finland
Nurmijarvi, Finland
Rauma, Finland
Lohja, Finland
Kokkola, Finland
Kajaani, Finland
Rovaniemi, Finland
Tuusula, Finland
Kirkkonummi, Finland
Seinajoki, Finland
Kerava, Finland
Kouvola, Finland
Imatra, Finland
Nokia, Finland
Savonlinna, Finland
Riihimaki, Finland
Vihti, Finland
Salo, Finland
Kangasala, Finland
Raisio, Finland
Kemi, Finland
Iisalmi, Finland
Varkaus, Finland
Raahe, Finland
Ylojarvi, Finland
Hamina, Finland
Kaarina, Finland
Tornio, Finland
Heinola, Finland
Hollola, Finland
Valkeakoski, Finland
Siilinjarvi, Finland
Kuusankoski, Finland
Jakobstad, Finland
Pieksamaki, Finland
Sipoo, Finland
Pietarsaari, Finland
Lempaala, Finland
Mantsala, Finland
Forssa, Finland
Kuusamo, Finland
Haukipudas, Finland
Kauhava, Finland
Mustasaari, Finland
Akaa, Finland
Laukaa, Finland
Loimaa, Finland
Uusikaupunki, Finland
Janakkala, Finland
Pargas, Finland
Jamsa, Finland
Lieto, Finland
Vammala, Finland
Pirkkala, Finland
Nastola, Finland
Ekenas, Finland
Orimattila, Finland
Kauhajoki, Finland
Tammisaari, Finland
Kempele, Finland
Lapua, Finland
Lieksa, Finland
Naantali, Finland
Aanekoski, Finland
Ylivieska, Finland
Kankaanpaa, Finland
Ulvila, Finland
Parainen, Finland
Ilmajoki, Finland
Mariehamn, Finland
Valkeala, Finland
Keuruu, Finland
Maarianhamina, Finland
Kurikka, Finland
Nivala, Finland
Joutseno, Finland
Paimio, Finland
Saarijarvi, Finland
Alajarvi, Finland
Hanko, Finland
Orivesi, Finland
Narpes, Finland
Kemijarvi, Finland
Eura, Finland
Kuhmo, Finland
Somero, Finland
Alavus, Finland
Karis, Finland
Karkkila, Finland
Kitee, Finland
Kiuruvesi, Finland
Huittinen, Finland
Kauniainen, Finland
Pudasjarvi, Finland
Laitila, Finland
Kokemaki, Finland
Nurmes, Finland
Oulainen, Finland
Muhos, Finland
Kristiinankaupunki, Finland
Haapajarvi, Finland
Jamsankoski, Finland
Harjavalta, Finland
Suonenjoki, Finland
Nykarleby, Finland
Virrat, Finland
Outokumpu, Finland
Ikaalinen, Finland
Haapavesi, Finland
Loviisa, Finland
Viitasaari, Finland
Parkano, Finland
Nilsia, Finland
Ahtari, Finland
Kittila, Finland
Siuntio, Finland
Noormarkku, Finland
Pyhajarvi, Finland
Nakkila, Finland
Kannus, Finland
Eurajoki, Finland
Juankoski, Finland
Sakyla, Finland
Ivalo, Finland
Kaskinen, Finland


Country: Finland
Continent: Europe
Category: countries

Cities in Finland

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