Major cities in Colombia:

Bogota, Colombia
Cali, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Barranquilla, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
Cucuta, Colombia
Bucaramanga, Colombia
Pereira, Colombia
Santa Marta, Colombia
Ibague, Colombia
Bello, Colombia
Pasto, Colombia
Manizales, Colombia
Neiva, Colombia
Soledad, Colombia

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Colombia. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Colombia

The largest cities in Colombia are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 298 cities in Colombia. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Villavicencio, Colombia
Armenia, Colombia
Soacha, Colombia
Valledupar, Colombia
Itagui, Colombia
Monteria, Colombia
Popayan, Colombia
Sincelejo, Colombia
Floridablanca, Colombia
Palmira, Colombia
Buenaventura, Colombia
Barrancabermeja, Colombia
Dos Quebradas, Colombia
Tulua, Colombia
Florencia, Colombia
Envigado, Colombia
Cartago, Colombia
Maicao, Colombia
Girardot, Colombia
Sogamoso, Colombia
Buga, Colombia
Tunja, Colombia
Giron, Colombia
Malambo, Colombia
Magangue, Colombia
Facatativa, Colombia
Riohacha, Colombia
Duitama, Colombia
Mosquera, Colombia
Zipaquira, Colombia
Fusagasuga, Colombia
Cienaga, Colombia
Tumaco, Colombia
Apartado, Colombia
Piedecuesta, Colombia
Ocana, Colombia
La Dorada, Colombia
Sabanalarga, Colombia
Ipiales, Colombia
Rionegro, Colombia
Quibdo, Colombia
Aguachica, Colombia
Yumbo, Colombia
Arauca, Colombia
Chinchina, Colombia
Villa del Rosario, Colombia
Chia, Colombia
Calarca, Colombia
Yopal, Colombia
Sahagun, Colombia
Fundacion, Colombia
Los Patios, Colombia
Caucasia, Colombia
Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia
Bolivar, Colombia
Riosucio, Colombia
Espinal, Colombia
Turbaco, Colombia
Cerete, Colombia
El Banco, Colombia
Caldas, Colombia
Funza, Colombia
Pitalito, Colombia
Puerto Tejada, Colombia
Pamplona, Colombia
Agustin Codazzi, Colombia
Granada, Colombia
Turbo, Colombia
Madrid, Colombia
Arjona, Colombia
La Estrella, Colombia
Copacabana, Colombia
Plato, Colombia
Chigorodo, Colombia
El Carmen De Bolivar, Colombia
Florida, Colombia
Chiquinquira, Colombia
Jamundi, Colombia
Pradera, Colombia
Baranoa, Colombia
Sevilla, Colombia
El Bagre, Colombia
Santander de Quilichao, Colombia
Acacias, Colombia
Lorica, Colombia
Segovia, Colombia
Corozal, Colombia
El Cerrito, Colombia
Planeta Rica, Colombia
La Ceja, Colombia
San Marcos, Colombia
Montenegro, Colombia
Villamaria, Colombia
Sabaneta, Colombia
Montelibano, Colombia
Puerto Berrio, Colombia
La Virginia, Colombia
Saravena, Colombia
San Gil, Colombia
Pivijay, Colombia
San Onofre, Colombia
Caicedonia, Colombia
Quimbaya, Colombia
Mompos, Colombia
Since, Colombia
San Andres, Colombia
Puerto Asis, Colombia
Leticia, Colombia
San Juan Nepomuceno, Colombia
Garzon, Colombia
Tame, Colombia
Zarzal, Colombia
Libano, Colombia
Honda, Colombia
Palmar de Varela, Colombia
Aracataca, Colombia
Roldanillo, Colombia
Tolu, Colombia
Puerto Boyaca, Colombia
La Tebaida, Colombia
Argelia, Colombia
Balboa, Colombia
San Juan del Cesar, Colombia
Ariguani, Colombia
Tierralta, Colombia
Puerto Colombia, Colombia
Melgar, Colombia
Santo Tomas, Colombia
Barbosa, Colombia
Anserma, Colombia
Guamal, Colombia
Cajica, Colombia
Concordia, Colombia
Sabanagrande, Colombia
Bosconia, Colombia
Marinilla, Colombia
Fonseca, Colombia
La Union, Colombia
Maria La Baja, Colombia
Sucre, Colombia
Sibate, Colombia
Mariquita, Colombia
Campo de la Cruz, Colombia
Ayapel, Colombia
Campoalegre, Colombia
Yarumal, Colombia
San Jose Del Guaviare, Colombia
Curumani, Colombia
Mocoa, Colombia
San Vicente del Caguan, Colombia
Sampues, Colombia
Carmen de Viboral, Colombia
Calamar, Colombia
Flandes, Colombia
Albania, Colombia
Villeta, Colombia
Carepa, Colombia
Ubate, Colombia
San Jacinto, Colombia
Tuquerres, Colombia
Circasia, Colombia
Lerida, Colombia
Chaparral, Colombia
Galapa, Colombia
Aguadas, Colombia
Guacari, Colombia
Chinu, Colombia
La Plata, Colombia
Urrao, Colombia
Villanueva, Colombia
Zaragoza, Colombia
Malaga, Colombia
Salamina, Colombia
Repelon, Colombia
San Benito Abad, Colombia
El Copey, Colombia
Socorro, Colombia
Fresno, Colombia
Cienaga De Oro, Colombia
Restrepo, Colombia
Andalucia, Colombia
Puerto Rico, Colombia
Barrancas, Colombia
Sonson, Colombia
San Martin, Colombia
Chimichagua, Colombia
Pacho, Colombia
Puerto Lopez, Colombia
Paz de Ariporo, Colombia
Corinto, Colombia
Andes, Colombia
Manzanares, Colombia
Puerto Santander, Colombia
El Reten, Colombia
Santa Lucia, Colombia
Belen De Umbria, Colombia
Aguazul, Colombia
Viterbo, Colombia
Chiriguana, Colombia
Guamo, Colombia
Santuario, Colombia
Guaduas, Colombia
Los Palmitos, Colombia
Miraflores, Colombia
Guarne, Colombia
Manati, Colombia
San Pablo, Colombia
Santa Ana, Colombia
Guapi, Colombia
Istmina, Colombia
Toro, Colombia
Orito, Colombia
Puerto Wilches, Colombia
Taraza, Colombia
Tibu, Colombia
Paipa, Colombia
Puebloviejo, Colombia
El Zulia, Colombia
Samaniego, Colombia
Ovejas, Colombia
Luruaco, Colombia
Miranda, Colombia
El Doncello, Colombia
Supia, Colombia
Santa Barbara, Colombia
San Estanislao, Colombia
Bugalagrande, Colombia
Ansermanuevo, Colombia
Dagua, Colombia
Amaga, Colombia
El Bordo, Colombia
Antioquia, Colombia
Sitionuevo, Colombia
Neira, Colombia
Darien, Colombia
Candelaria, Colombia
San Antero, Colombia
Dabeiba, Colombia
San Pedro, Colombia
Chivolo, Colombia
Venadillo, Colombia
Pelaya, Colombia
Sabana de Torres, Colombia
Cimitarra, Colombia
San Vicente De Chucuri, Colombia
Cumaral, Colombia
Ponedera, Colombia
Natagaima, Colombia
Marsella, Colombia
Majagual, Colombia
Garagoa, Colombia
San Pedro De Uraba, Colombia
La Victoria, Colombia
Soata, Colombia
Velez, Colombia
Quinchia, Colombia
Agua de Dios, Colombia
Purificacion, Colombia
Necocli, Colombia
San Juan De Uraba, Colombia
Abrego, Colombia
Algeciras, Colombia
Ituango, Colombia
Valencia, Colombia
San Alberto, Colombia
Santa Rosa, Colombia
Pailitas, Colombia
Sandona, Colombia
Suan, Colombia
Turbana, Colombia
Tocaima, Colombia
Santa Rosa de Osos, Colombia
La Calera, Colombia
Tado, Colombia
Algarrobo, Colombia
Don Matias, Colombia
Valle del Guamuez, Colombia
Arauquita, Colombia
Convencion, Colombia
Condoto, Colombia
Palermo, Colombia
Puerto Salgar, Colombia
Gigante, Colombia


Country: Colombia
Continent: South America
Category: countries

Cities in Colombia

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