Major cities in Bulgaria:

Sofia, Bulgaria
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Varna, Bulgaria
Burgas, Bulgaria
Ruse, Bulgaria
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Pleven, Bulgaria
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Sliven, Bulgaria
Dobrich, Bulgaria
Shumen, Bulgaria
Pernik, Bulgaria
Haskovo, Bulgaria
Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
Yambol, Bulgaria

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Bulgaria. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Bulgaria

The largest cities in Bulgaria are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on more than 300 cities in Bulgaria. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Asenovgrad, Bulgaria
Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Vidin, Bulgaria
Vratsa, Bulgaria
Kyustendil, Bulgaria
Montana, Bulgaria
Kardzhali, Bulgaria
Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria
Lovech, Bulgaria
Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
Dupnica, Bulgaria
Silistra, Bulgaria
Targovishte, Bulgaria
Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria
Smoljan, Bulgaria
Razgrad, Bulgaria
Svishtov, Bulgaria
Petric, Bulgaria
Petrich, Bulgaria
Samokov, Bulgaria
Sandanski, Bulgaria
Lom, Bulgaria
Karlovo, Bulgaria
Velingrad, Bulgaria
Nova Zagora, Bulgaria
Sevlievo, Bulgaria
Trojan, Bulgaria
Troyan, Bulgaria
Ajtos, Bulgaria
Aytos, Bulgaria
Peshtera, Bulgaria
Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria
Botevgrad, Bulgaria
Harmanli, Bulgaria
Karnobat, Bulgaria
Pestera, Bulgaria
Popovo, Bulgaria
Panagjuriste, Bulgaria
Panagyurishte, Bulgaria
Cirpan, Bulgaria
Svilengrad, Bulgaria
Parvomay, Bulgaria
Chirpan, Bulgaria
Rakovski, Bulgaria
Radomir, Bulgaria
Hisarya, Bulgaria
Provadija, Bulgaria
Cherven Bryag, Bulgaria
Kozloduy, Bulgaria
Berkovica, Bulgaria
Berkovitsa, Bulgaria
Stamboliyski, Bulgaria
Levski, Bulgaria
Novi Iskar, Bulgaria
Radnevo, Bulgaria
Novi Pazar, Bulgaria
Pomorie, Bulgaria
Provadia, Bulgaria
Byala Slatina, Bulgaria
Razlog, Bulgaria
Balchik, Bulgaria
Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Elhovo, Bulgaria
Ihtiman, Bulgaria
Hadzhidimovo, Bulgaria
Kostinbrod, Bulgaria
Knezha, Bulgaria
Etropole, Bulgaria
Bankya, Bulgaria
Teteven, Bulgaria
Kavarna, Bulgaria
Kozloduj, Bulgaria
Belene, Bulgaria
Trjavna, Bulgaria
Sopot, Bulgaria
Kostenets, Bulgaria
Tryavna, Bulgaria
Kostenec, Bulgaria
Krichim, Bulgaria
Tutrakan, Bulgaria
Sredec, Bulgaria
Sredets, Bulgaria
Kneza, Bulgaria
Galabovo, Bulgaria
Lukovit, Bulgaria
Byala, Bulgaria
Ljaskovec, Bulgaria
Omurtag, Bulgaria
Septemvri, Bulgaria
Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria
Mezdra, Bulgaria
Kricim, Bulgaria
Bansko, Bulgaria
Devnya, Bulgaria
Lyaskovets, Bulgaria
Isperih, Bulgaria
Bankja, Bulgaria
Dryanovo, Bulgaria
Rakitovo, Bulgaria
Drjanovo, Bulgaria
Pirdop, Bulgaria
Slivnitsa, Bulgaria
Momchilgrad, Bulgaria
Beloslav, Bulgaria
Zlatograd, Bulgaria
Lyubimets, Bulgaria
Ljubimec, Bulgaria
Simeonovgrad, Bulgaria
Kubrat, Bulgaria
Simitli, Bulgaria
Bobovdol, Bulgaria
Madan, Bulgaria
General Toshevo, Bulgaria
Kotel, Bulgaria
Svoge, Bulgaria
Tervel, Bulgaria
Momcilgrad, Bulgaria
Bobov Dol, Bulgaria
Kuklen, Bulgaria
Devin, Bulgaria
Dolni Chiflik, Bulgaria
Varshets, Bulgaria
Dulovo, Bulgaria
Tvardica, Bulgaria
Saedinenie, Bulgaria
Yakoruda, Bulgaria
Elena, Bulgaria
Straldzha, Bulgaria
Jakoruda, Bulgaria
Tsarevo, Bulgaria
Straldza, Bulgaria
Nesebar, Bulgaria
Topolovgrad, Bulgaria
Tvarditsa, Bulgaria
Dolna Banya, Bulgaria
Trastenik, Bulgaria
Dolni Dabnik, Bulgaria
Chepelare, Bulgaria
Oryahovo, Bulgaria
Cepelare, Bulgaria
Belogradchik, Bulgaria
Zlatitsa, Bulgaria
Perustica, Bulgaria
Strazhitsa, Bulgaria
Slavjanovo, Bulgaria
Kameno, Bulgaria
Pravec, Bulgaria
Carevo, Bulgaria
Strazica, Bulgaria
Dalgopol, Bulgaria
Nikopol, Bulgaria
Zlatica, Bulgaria
Belogradcik, Bulgaria
Strelcha, Bulgaria
Vetovo, Bulgaria
Bozhurishte, Bulgaria
Elin Pelin, Bulgaria
Strelca, Bulgaria
Nedelino, Bulgaria
Godech, Bulgaria
Bratsigovo, Bulgaria
Bracigovo, Bulgaria
Dve Mogili, Bulgaria
Godec, Bulgaria
Polski Trambesh, Bulgaria
Belovo, Bulgaria
Suvorovo, Bulgaria
Pravets, Bulgaria
Krumovgrad, Bulgaria
Dolna Banja, Bulgaria
Koynare, Bulgaria
Orjahovo, Bulgaria
Ivajlovgrad, Bulgaria
Sapareva Banya, Bulgaria
Slavyanovo, Bulgaria
Debelec, Bulgaria
Glodzhevo, Bulgaria
Kostandovo, Bulgaria
Breznik, Bulgaria
Guljanci, Bulgaria
Debelets, Bulgaria
Iskar, Bulgaria
Batak, Bulgaria
Rudozem, Bulgaria
Smyadovo, Bulgaria
Kresna, Bulgaria
Letnica, Bulgaria
Shivachevo, Bulgaria
Banya, Bulgaria
Marten, Bulgaria
Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Tsar Kaloyan, Bulgaria
Valchedram, Bulgaria
Ivaylovgrad, Bulgaria
Dolna Mitropolija, Bulgaria
Letnitsa, Bulgaria
Kalofer, Bulgaria
Kojnare, Bulgaria
Sarnitsa, Bulgaria
Sabla, Bulgaria
Shabla, Bulgaria
Stara Kresna, Bulgaria
Varbitsa, Bulgaria
Sozopol, Bulgaria
Ardino, Bulgaria
Magliz, Bulgaria
Sungurlare, Bulgaria
Gulyantsi, Bulgaria
Maglizh, Bulgaria
Kula, Bulgaria
Vetren, Bulgaria
Opaka, Bulgaria
Belica, Bulgaria
Apriltsi, Bulgaria
Dzhebel, Bulgaria
Dolna Mitropoliya, Bulgaria
Kaspichan, Bulgaria
Dolna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria
Kaspican, Bulgaria
Dragoman, Bulgaria
Slivo Pole, Bulgaria
Buhovo, Bulgaria
Zavet, Bulgaria
Rila, Bulgaria
Malko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Pavel Banya, Bulgaria
Gurkovo, Bulgaria
Ugarcin, Bulgaria
Yablanitsa, Bulgaria
Kableshkovo, Bulgaria
Zlatarica, Bulgaria
Nikolaevo, Bulgaria
Ugarchin, Bulgaria
Dunavtsi, Bulgaria
Laki, Bulgaria
Pordim, Bulgaria
Jablanica, Bulgaria
Krivodol, Bulgaria
Bregovo, Bulgaria
Koprivstica, Bulgaria
Tran, Bulgaria
Batanovtsi, Bulgaria
Zlataritsa, Bulgaria
Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria
Batanovci, Bulgaria
Borovo, Bulgaria
Loznica, Bulgaria
Kilifarevo, Bulgaria
Sadovo, Bulgaria
Kocherinovo, Bulgaria
Kocerinovo, Bulgaria
Loznitsa, Bulgaria
Suhindol, Bulgaria
Dospat, Bulgaria
Balgarovo, Bulgaria
Roman, Bulgaria
Chernomorets, Bulgaria
Mericleri, Bulgaria
Aheloy, Bulgaria
Kermen, Bulgaria
Zemen, Bulgaria
Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria
Plackovci, Bulgaria
Plachkovtsi, Bulgaria
Merichleri, Bulgaria
Antonovo, Bulgaria
Alfatar, Bulgaria
Glavinitsa, Bulgaria
Brezovo, Bulgaria
Obzor, Bulgaria
Gramada, Bulgaria
Primorsko, Bulgaria
Momin Prohod, Bulgaria
Klisura, Bulgaria
Boychinovtsi, Bulgaria
Bobosevo, Bulgaria
Sipka, Bulgaria
Boboshevo, Bulgaria
Kaolinovo, Bulgaria
Senovo, Bulgaria
Boljarovo, Bulgaria
Shipka, Bulgaria
Bolyarovo, Bulgaria


Country: Bulgaria
Continent: Europe
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Cities in Bulgaria

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