Major cities in Belarus:

Minsk, Belarus
Gomel, Belarus
Mogilev, Belarus
Vitebsk, Belarus
Hrodna, Belarus
Brest, Belarus
Babruysk, Belarus
Baranovichi, Belarus
Barysaw, Belarus
Pinsk, Belarus
Orsha, Belarus
Mazyr, Belarus
Salihorsk, Belarus
Navapolatsk, Belarus
Lida, Belarus

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Belarus. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Belarus

The largest cities in Belarus are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 111 cities in Belarus. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Maladzyechna, Belarus
Polotsk, Belarus
Zlobin, Belarus
Svietlahorsk, Belarus
Rechytsa, Belarus
Zhodzina, Belarus
Slutsk, Belarus
Slonim, Belarus
Kobryn, Belarus
Vawkavysk, Belarus
Kalinkavichy, Belarus
Smarhon, Belarus
Horki, Belarus
Rahachow, Belarus
Asipovichy, Belarus
Navahrudak, Belarus
Biaroza, Belarus
Krychaw, Belarus
Vileyka, Belarus
Dzerzhinsk, Belarus
Luninets, Belarus
Ivatsevichy, Belarus
Maryina Horka, Belarus
Pastavy, Belarus
Dobrush, Belarus
Pruzhany, Belarus
Hlybokaye, Belarus
Lepiel, Belarus
Bykhaw, Belarus
Klimavichy, Belarus
Zhytkavichy, Belarus
Shklou, Belarus
Masty, Belarus
Kastsyukovichy, Belarus
Stowbtsy, Belarus
Shchuchyn, Belarus
Ashmyany, Belarus
Hantsavichy, Belarus
Zaslawye, Belarus
Nesvizh, Belarus
Smalyavichy, Belarus
Khoyniki, Belarus
Novolukoml, Belarus
Mikashevichy, Belarus
Ivanava, Belarus
Haradok, Belarus
Drahichyn, Belarus
Fanipol, Belarus
Byelaazyorsk, Belarus
Zhabinka, Belarus
Braslav, Belarus
Byerazino, Belarus
Baran, Belarus
Lyakhavichy, Belarus
Staryya Darohi, Belarus
Zabinka, Belarus
Skidzyel, Belarus
Mstsislaw, Belarus
Lahoysk, Belarus
Chavusy, Belarus
Valozhyn, Belarus
Pyetrykaw, Belarus
Stolin, Belarus
Talachyn, Belarus
Lyuban, Belarus
Chervyen, Belarus
Uzda, Belarus
Senno, Belarus
Kapyl, Belarus
Malaryta, Belarus
Iwye, Belarus
Kletsk, Belarus
Chashniki, Belarus
Yelsk, Belarus
Dubrouna, Belarus
Kamyanyets, Belarus
Buda-Kashalyova, Belarus
Kirawsk, Belarus
Krupki, Belarus
Narowlya, Belarus
Dzyatlava, Belarus
Cherykaw, Belarus
Miory, Belarus
Verkhnyadzvinsk, Belarus
Vetka, Belarus
Slawharad, Belarus
Chachersk, Belarus
Davyd-Haradok, Belarus
Klichaw, Belarus
Svislach, Belarus
Dokshytsy, Belarus
Vysokaye, Belarus
Vasilyevichy, Belarus
Turau, Belarus
Disna, Belarus
Kosava, Belarus


Country: Belarus
Continent: Europe
Category: countries

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