Major cities in Azerbaijan:

Baku, Azerbaijan
Ganja, Azerbaijan
Sumqayit, Azerbaijan
Agjabadi, Azerbaijan
Mingachevir, Azerbaijan
Lankaran, Azerbaijan
Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan
Qaracuxur, Azerbaijan
Shamkir, Azerbaijan
Shaki, Azerbaijan
Yevlakh, Azerbaijan
Yevlax, Azerbaijan
Stepanakert, Azerbaijan
Barda, Azerbaijan
Mastaga, Azerbaijan

This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Azerbaijan. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Larger cities are listed first so you can find a major airport if you're booking a flight.

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Local cities and towns in Azerbaijan

The largest cities in Azerbaijan are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 115 cities in Azerbaijan. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.

Agdam, Azerbaijan
Xirdalan, Azerbaijan
Khirdalan, Azerbaijan
Khachmaz, Azerbaijan
Salyan, Azerbaijan
Hovsan, Azerbaijan
Goychay, Azerbaijan
Kirovskiy, Azerbaijan
Shamakhi, Azerbaijan
Imishli, Azerbaijan
Lokbatan, Azerbaijan
Sabirabad, Azerbaijan
Fizuli, Azerbaijan
Siazan, Azerbaijan
Buzovna, Azerbaijan
Agdash, Azerbaijan
Hajiqabul, Azerbaijan
Sabran, Azerbaijan
Quba, Azerbaijan
Zabrat, Azerbaijan
Sabuncu, Azerbaijan
Gazakh, Azerbaijan
Neftchala, Azerbaijan
Bilasuvar, Azerbaijan
Tartar, Azerbaijan
Kurdamir, Azerbaijan
Qazax, Azerbaijan
Susa, Azerbaijan
Neftcala, Azerbaijan
Saatly, Azerbaijan
Zaqatala, Azerbaijan
Xanlar, Azerbaijan
Goygol, Azerbaijan
Agsu, Azerbaijan
Qusar, Azerbaijan
Ucar, Azerbaijan
Beylagan, Azerbaijan
Astara, Azerbaijan
Ismailly, Azerbaijan
Xudat, Azerbaijan
Artyom, Azerbaijan
Qobustan, Azerbaijan
Qovlar, Azerbaijan
Qabala, Azerbaijan
Qakh, Azerbaijan
Tovuz, Azerbaijan
Agstafa, Azerbaijan
Julfa, Azerbaijan
Qax, Azerbaijan
Zardab, Azerbaijan
Badamdar, Azerbaijan
Dashkasan, Azerbaijan
Culfa, Azerbaijan
Balakan, Azerbaijan
Saray, Azerbaijan
Ordubad, Azerbaijan
Turkan, Azerbaijan
Jabrayil, Azerbaijan
Masally, Azerbaijan
Gadabay, Azerbaijan
Ramana, Azerbaijan
Corat, Azerbaijan
Nardaran, Azerbaijan
Qobu, Azerbaijan
Goranboy, Azerbaijan
Qubadli, Azerbaijan
Lerik, Azerbaijan
Naftalan, Azerbaijan
Oghuz, Azerbaijan
Sharur, Azerbaijan
Yardymly, Azerbaijan
Aran, Azerbaijan
Mincivan, Azerbaijan
Ceyranbatan, Azerbaijan
Qarayeri, Azerbaijan
Kijaba, Azerbaijan
Mugan, Azerbaijan
Qaracala, Azerbaijan
Babek, Azerbaijan
Shakhbuz, Azerbaijan
Horadiz, Azerbaijan
Qala, Azerbaijan
Sahbuz, Azerbaijan
Vurgun, Azerbaijan
Hadrut, Azerbaijan
Korgoz, Azerbaijan
Haftoni, Azerbaijan
Suraabad, Azerbaijan
Samur, Azerbaijan
Qabaqcol, Azerbaijan
Basqal, Azerbaijan
Puta, Azerbaijan
Qazanbulaq, Azerbaijan
Istisu, Azerbaijan
Alunitdag, Azerbaijan
Sonqar, Azerbaijan
Gurgan, Azerbaijan
Quscu, Azerbaijan
Turyancay, Azerbaijan
Sollar, Azerbaijan


Country: Azerbaijan
Continent: Asia
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Cities in Azerbaijan

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