Major airports in Venezuela:

Simón Bolívar International Airport of Maiquetia
Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport
La Chinita International Airport
General José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport
Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport
Arturo Michelena International Airport
Jacinto Lara International Airport
Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport
José Tadeo Monagas International Airport
Josefa Camejo International Airport
Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso Airport
Aeropuerto Internacional Alberto Carnevali
Bartolome Salom
Dr. Antonio Nicolás Briceño Airport
Barinas Airport
Cacique Aramare Airport
La Fría Airport
Canaima Airport
San Antonio Del Tachira
Antonio José de Sucre Airport

This is a random list of 20 major airports in Venezuela. Scroll down the page to see a list of smaller local airports.

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Local airports in Venezuela

Major airports in Venezuela are shown at the top of the page. There are 22 airports in Venezuela. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Pedernales Airport
Calabozo Airport
Josefa Camejo
San Felipe Airport
Puerto Paez Airport
Guanare Airport
Santa Barbara Airport
Elorza Airport
Caicara Venez.
Guasdualito Airport
General Jose Francisco Bermudez Airport
Ciudad Bolivar Airport
Guiria New
Oswaldo Guevara Mujica Airport
Bob Wiley Field
Ciudad Guayana Airport
San Cristobal Airport
Maracay Airport
Carora Airport
Vamdrup Airport
Anaco Airport
Los Roques Airport


Country: Venezuela
Continent: South America
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Major and local airports in Venezuela

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