Major airports in the United States:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Denver International Airport
Miami International Airport
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
McCarran International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport
George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Orlando International Airport
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Boston Logan International Airport
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Washington Dulles International Airport

This is a random list of 20 major airports in the United States. Scroll down the page to see a list of smaller local airports.

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Local airports in the United States

Major airports in the United States are shown at the top of the page. There are more than are 300 airports in the United States. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Springdale Municipal Airport
Wharton Municipal Airport
Bible Camp Airport
Charlevoix Municipal Airport
Union County
Ziegler Field
Putnam County
Naval Air Station Pensacola
Coffee Point Airport
Mountain Home Municipal Airport
Bernard Usfs
Reston Airport
Elk City Regional Business Airport
Jefferson City Memorial Airport
Ellsworth Air Force Base
Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
Curtis Field
Pike County Airport-Hatcher Field
Otis Air National Guard Base
Lee's Summit Municipal Airport
Burlington Municipal Airport (defunct, closed)
Johnstone Point
Frederick Regional Airport
Southern Cross Airport
Grand Strand Airport
Francis S. Gabreski Airport
Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport
Naval Air Station Sanford (defunct, closed in 1969)
Fort Bridger Airport
Jasper Airport
Fairfield County Airport
Phillips Field
Murray-Calloway County Airport
Oak Harbor Airpark
Henry County Airport
Antrim County Airport
Crows Landing Naval Auxiliary Air Station (defunct)
Carl R Keller Field
Thomas C. Russell Field
Eareckson Air Station
Headland Municipal Airport
Ak Thumb Bay
Alice International Airport
Cordova Municipal Airport
Harris County Airport
Bowers Airport
Alitak Seaplane Base
Nixon Fork Mine Airport
Naval Air Station Oceana
Newnan-Coweta County Airport
Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport
Hondo Municipal Airport
Opa-locka Executive Airport
Glacier Point
Saginaw Seaplane Base
Mankato Municipal Heliport
Ocean City Municipal Airport
Bear Creek 3
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth
Harrison County Airport
Marin County Heliport
Nartron Field
Chickasaw Municipal Airport
Independence Airport
Hope Airport
Bear Cove Farm
Montague Island Airport
Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark
Ravalli County
Gallup Municipal Airport
Orlando Executive Airport
Barbers Point Nas
New River Valley Airport
Ellington Airport
Ugashik Airport
Tracy Arm Airport
Astrodome Airport
Port Clarence Coast Guard Station
Palm Beach County Glades Airport
Gabbs Airport
Cal Heliport 78
Allegheny County Airport
Onida Municipal Airport
Clinton Regional Airport
Cape Canaveal Air Force St
Apple Valley Airport
Kerrville Municipal Airport
George T. Lewis Airport
Moore County Airport
Cartersville Airport
Aiken Municipal Airport
Catalina Terminal
Greenville Municipal Airport
Corvallis Municipal Airport
Keyes Point Airport
Solomon State
Orange Municipal Airport
Palm Beach County Park Airport
Manassas Airport
Dalton Municipal Airport
Bear Creek Mining Strip
Rock Hill/York County Airport
Northeastern Regional Airport
Roseau Municipal Airport
Naval Air Facility El Centro
Telluride Regional Airport
Sumner County Regional
Boston City Heliport
Levelland Airport
Jamestown Regional Airport
Mcdonald Lake Airport
Majors Airport
Trent Lott International Airport
Middletown Regional Airport
Butts AAF
Trident Basin Seaplane Base
Goshen Municipal Airport
Chino Airport
Dalhart Municipal Airport
Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport
Danbury Municipal Airport
Federal No.1
Animas Air Park
Apalachicola Regional Airport
Vidalia Regional Airport
Rome State Airport
Denali West Lodge Private
Terrell Municipal Airport
Whiteman Air Force Base
Harbor Springs Airport
Lenawee County Airport
Wright Army Air Field
Payette Municipal Airport
Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County
Waterbury-Oxford Airport
Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport
Yerington Municipal Airport
St. Paul Downtown Airport
Florida Keys Marathon Airport
Napamute Airport
Globe-San Carlos
Del Rio International Airport
DuPage Airport
Corner Bay Airport
United States Air Force Academy Airfield
Robert J. Miller Air Park
Sault Ste. Marie Metropolitan Area
Orcas Island
Bagdad Airport
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Astoria Regional Airport
Point Barrow Airport
Cranland Airport
Hawthorne Industrial Airport
Fort Dodge Regional Airport
Lake City Gateway Airport
New Nuiqsut Airport
Lamar Municipal Airport
Nut Tree Airport
Selief Bay Airport
Shelby Municipal Airport
Fayetteville Municipal Airport
Mcs-Pad Heliport
Cape Newenham LRRS Airport
Amos Chamberlain Municipal
Owatonna Degner Regional Airport
Healdsburg Municipal Airport
Tatitlek Airport
Hill City Municipal Airport
Alpine Airstrip
Indian Creek Usfs
Payson Airport
Weld County Municipal
Marion County - Rankin Fite Airport
Ionia County
Space Coast Regional Airport
Oxford Municipal Airport
Beale Air Force Base
Barstow-Daggett Airport
Lake Cumberland Regional Airport
Dillon County Airport
Boundary Airport
University-Oxford Airport
Mels Airport
Prudhoe Bay Airport
Everett-Stewart Regional Airport
Stellar Airpark
Oakland County International Airport
Paf Warren Airport
Mccarley Field
Hurricane Airport
Columbus-Lowndes County Airport
Rutherford County Airport
Harrell Field
Ingalls Field
Beluga Airport
Raton Municipal Airport
Grenada Municipal Airport
Port Orchard Airport
Hartsville Regional Airport
Naval Station Norfolk
Eagle Creek Airport
Gull Cove Airport
Peterson's Point Airport
Sherman Army Airfield
Tunica Municipal Airport
Duchesne Airport
Miller Field
Spencer Municipal Airport
New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport
Westover Metropolitan Airport
Devils Lake Regional Airport
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans
Omak Airport
West Memphis Municipal Airport
Lawrence County
Mansfield Municipal Airport
Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport
Ketchikan Waterfront Sea Plane Base
Needles Airport
Naval Air Station Patuxent River
Dennis F. Cantrell Field
Dixie USFS Airport
French Lick Municipal Airport
Mount Sterling-Montgomery County Airport
Conway-Horry County
Greater Southwest International Airport (defunct, closed 1974)
Manila Municipal Airport
Beluga Airport
Funter Bay Seaplane Base
Williams Gateway
Shelbyville Municipal Airport
Inagok Airport
North Bass Island
Southern Seaplane Airport
False Island Airport
Barksdale Air Force Base
Mercer County Airport
Tulip City
Houston Gulf Airport
Platinum Mine
Dobbins Air Reserve Base
Wausau Downtown Airport
Callaway Gardens Ga
Illinois Creek Airport
Whalers Cove Lodge Airport
O'Neill Municipal Airport
Marin County Airport
Shangri-La Airport
Portland Troutdale Airport
Ponca City Regional Airport
Bergstrom Air Force Base
Benson Municipal Airport
Wheeler Army Airfield
Jack Edwards Airport
Casco Cove Coast Guard Station
St. Lucie County International Airport
Chester County
Greater Cumberland Regional Airport
Busch Creek Mining
Lompoc Airport
Double Eagle II Airport
Amedee Army Airfield
Barwick Lafayette
Fayette County Municipal
North Shore
Macomb Municipal Airport
Rice Lake Regional Airport
Eagle Pass Municipal Airport
Kaanapali Airport
Mckenna Army Air Field
Lowcountry Regional Airport
Wells Municipal Airport
Kline Kill Airport
Yuba County Airport
Schroon Lake Airport
Grant County International Airport
Mid-State Regional Airport
Biggs Army Airfield
Dexter Regional
Johnsons Landing
Situk Airport
Ganes Creek Airport
South Saint Paul Municipal Airport
Anaheim-Disneyland Helipad
Madisonville Municipal Airport
Port Allen Airport
Albert Lea Municipal Airport
Willow Run Airport
Woodward Field
Houma-Terrebonne Airport
Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport
Chautauqua County/Dunkirk Airport

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