Major airports in the DR Congo:

N'Djili International Airport
Lubumbashi International Airport
Goma International Airport
Bunia Airport
Kananga Airport
Mbandaka Airport
Bangoka International Airport
Kavumu Airport
Isiro Airport
Tshikapa Airport
Kindu Airport
Kongolo Airport
Beni Airport
Boende Airport
Mbuji Mayi Airport
Gemena Airport
Lodja Airport

The 18 major airports listed above are all in the DR Congo.

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Local airports in the DR Congo

Major airports in the DR Congo are shown at the top of the page. There are 25 airports in the DR Congo. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Moanda Airport
Libenge Airport
Tshimpi Airport
Kabalo Airport
Inongo Airport
Lisala Airport
Bumba Airport
Bandundu Airport
Buta Zega Airport
Kikwit Airport
Idiofa Airport
Basankusu Airport
N'Dolo Airport
Manono Airport
Nioki Airport
Boma Airport
Kolwezi Airport
Kamina Base Airport
Basango Mboliasa Airport
Ilebo Airport
Gbadolite Airport
Yangambi Airport
Lusambo Airport

DR Congo

Country: DR Congo
Continent: Africa
Category: countries

Major and local airports in DR Congo

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