Major airports in Algeria:

Houari Boumediene Airport
Es-Sénia - Ben Bella Airport
Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
Rabah Bitat Airport
Ain Arnat Airport
Zenata - Messali El Hadj Airport
Oued Irara-Krim Belkacem Airport
Soummam - Abane Ramdane Airport
Ain Beida Airport
Touat-Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir Airport
Aguenar - Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport
Noumérat - Moufdi Zakaria Airport
Mostépha Ben Boulaid Airport
Biskra Ouakda Airport
In Salah Airport
Djanet Inedbirene Airport
Ghriss Airport
Abdelhafid Boussouf Bou Chekif Airport
Hassi R'Mel Airport
In Aménas Airport

This is a random list of 20 major airports in Algeria. Scroll down the page to see a list of smaller local airports.

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Local airports in Algeria

Major airports in Algeria are shown at the top of the page. There are 13 airports in Algeria. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Mostaganem Airport
Timimoun Airport
Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport
Relizane Airport
Bou Saada Airport
Illizi Airport
Oran Tafraoui Airport
Boufarik Airport
Tindouf Airport
Skikda Airport (defunct)
Chlef International Airport
L'Mekrareg Airport
In Guezzam Airport


Country: Algeria
Continent: Africa
Category: countries

Major and local airports in Algeria

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