Major airports near Sjenica, Serbia:

The nearest major airport is Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari (PRN / BKPR). This airport has international flights from Pristina, Kosovo and is 192 km from the center of Sjenica, Serbia.

Another major airport is Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ / LQSA), which has international and domestic flights from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and is 227 km from Sjenica, Serbia.

Podgorica Airport (TGD / LYPG) has international flights from Podgorica, Montenegro and is 243 km from Sjenica, Serbia.

Tivat Airport (TIV / LYTV) has international flights from Tivat, Montenegro and is 322 km from Sjenica, Serbia.

The nearest major airport in Serbia is Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG / LYBE). This airport has international flights from Belgrade, Serbia and is about 174 km from the center of Sjenica, Serbia.

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International airports near Sjenica, Serbia

192 km: Pristina, Kosovo (PRN / BKPR) Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari
227 km: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (SJJ / LQSA) Sarajevo International Airport
243 km: Podgorica, Montenegro (TGD / LYPG) Podgorica Airport
322 km: Tivat, Montenegro (TIV / LYTV) Tivat Airport

Domestic airports near Sjenica, Serbia

227 km: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (SJJ / LQSA) Sarajevo International Airport
354 km: Dubrovnik, Croatia (DBV / LDDU) Dubrovnik Airport
393 km: Osijek, Croatia (OSI / LDOS) Osijek Airport
404 km: Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF / LBSF) Sofia Airport
422 km: Timisoara, Romania (TSR / LRTR) Timișoara Traian Vuia International Airport
446 km: Brac, Croatia (BWK / LDSB) Bol Airport
497 km: Split, Croatia (SPU / LDSP) Split Airport
533 km: Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BNX / LQBK) Banja Luka International Airport

Local airports near Sjenica, Serbia

117 km: Uzice, Serbia (UZC / LYUE) Uzice-Ponikve Airport
143 km: Cacak, Serbia (LYCA) Cacak-Preljina Airport
148 km: Berane, Montenegro (IVG / LYBR) Dolac Airport
161 km: Kraljevo, Serbia (KVS / LYKA) Kraljevo Sport Airport
169 km: Kraljevo, Serbia (LYKV) Morava Airport

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Sjenica, Serbia

City: Sjenica
Country: Serbia
Category: cities

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