The cost of driving from Lawton, Oklahoma to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is:

$11.31 one-way / $22.61 round trip

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Route to drive from Lawton, OK to Oklahoma City, OK

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The total cost of driving from Lawton, OK to Oklahoma City, OK (one-way) is $11.31 at current gas prices.

The round trip cost would be $22.61 to go from Lawton, OK to Oklahoma City, OK and back to Lawton, OK again.

Regular fuel costs are around $3.29 per gallon for your trip. This calculation assumes that your vehicle gets an average gas mileage of 25 mpg for a mix of city and highway driving.

All currency units are U.S. Dollars. If you prefer international units, the equivalent petrol pump price is 86.8 cents/litre. This assumes a typical fuel economy of 9.4 L/100 km.

You'll go through 3.4 gallons of gas during this trip. This is equal to 13.0 litres.

If you fill your tank with unleaded gasoline, the carbon emissions will be around 67 lbs CO2. This is equivalent to 31 kg CO2e or 0.03 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. These numbers may change depending on the exact make and model of your car. If your vehicle uses diesel instead, the CO2 emissions will be around 79 lbs CO2, which is equivalent to 36 kg CO2e or 0.04 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents.

These results are based on the actual driving distance from Lawton, OK to Oklahoma City, OK, which is 86 miles or 138 kilometers.

Your trip begins in Lawton, Oklahoma. The price of regular gas is currently averaging $3.29 in Oklahoma.

Your trip ends in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The price of regular gas is around $3.29 in Oklahoma.

Gas prices were last updated on Friday, August 22nd, 2014. Currently, we only have exact data for locations in the United States. To improve the accuracy of your fuel cost estimate, you can enter the actual price you pay for gas or petrol at the local pump in the table above.

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The following chart displays the difference in total cost of driving given varying fuel grades. If your car requires higher octane gas, you can find out how much more it will cost you to drive between Lawton, OK and Oklahoma City, OK.

Fuel grade   Avg Price   Trip Cost
Regular $3.29 $11.31
Mid-Grade $3.42 $11.78
Premium $3.58 $12.32
Diesel $3.60 $12.37

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Lawton, Oklahoma

City: Lawton
State: Oklahoma
Country: United States
Category: cities
Average gas price in Oklahoma: $3.29

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

City: Oklahoma City
State: Oklahoma
Country: United States
Category: cities
Average gas price in Oklahoma: $3.29

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