Map of major airports around the United States

Local airports in the United States

Major airports in the United States are shown at the top of the page. There are more than are 300 airports in the United States. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Naval Air Station Brunswick
Laguna Army Airfield
Lake Florence Airport
Johnson County Airport
Roseau Municipal Airport
H.A. Clark Memorial Field
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Groton-New London Airport
Junction City Municipal Airport
Meade Municipal Airport
Holloman Air Force Base
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
Camden County
Greenwood Airport
Quillayute Airport
Clark Regional Airport
Laughlin Air Force Base
Tucumcari Municipal Airport
Glynco Nas
Brandywine Airport
Serpentine Airport
Cabin Creek Airport
Greater Southwest International Airport (defunct, closed 1974)
Portage Creek Airport
Dixie USFS Airport
Ketchikan Waterfront Sea Plane Base
Lawson Army Airfield
Butts AAF
Rio Bravo
Mansfield Municipal Airport
Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport (Michigan)
Paf Warren Airport
Prudhoe Bay Airport
Burlington Municipal Airport (defunct, closed)
Sherman Municipal Airport
Duchesne Airport
Tonopah Test Range
Perryville Airport
Kelp Bay Airport
Post Oak Manor Airport
Phoenix Goodyear Airport
Wildman Creek Airport
Capital City
Chesapeake Regional
Lemhi County Airport
Mush Bay Airport
Kashvik Bay Airport
Leesburg International Airport
Moore County Airport
Ward Field
Manitowoc County Airport
Beaver Inlet Seaport
Aransas County Airport
South St. Paul Municipal Airport
Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport
Carbon County Regional Airport
Southwest Georgia Regional Airport
Naval Air Station Kingsville
Hutchinson County Airport
Shangri-La Airport
Terre Haute International Airport
Cordova Municipal Airport
Mohall Municipal Airport
Brunswick Golden Isles Airport
Wilkes County
Fort Worth Spinks Airport
Portales Municipal Airport
Centerport Heliport
Manassas Airport
Tokeen Seaplane Base
Ganes Creek Airport
Mifflin County Airport
Space Coast Regional Airport
Lake Placid Airport
Winona Municipal Airport
Duncan Canal Airport
Akulik Air Strip
Window Rock Airport
Petaluma Municipal Airport
Palmer Municipal Airport
Moffett Federal Airfield
Delhi Municipal Airport
Fremont County
Hawk Inlet Seaplane Base
Apple Valley Airport
Fort Worth Alliance Airport
Dalhart Municipal Airport
Nevada County
Decatur Island
Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport
Chomondely Sound Airport
Richards/Gebaur Air Force Base
Moore Army Airfield (defunct, closed in 1995)
Herendeen Bay
Renton Municipal Airport
Gary/Chicago International Airport
Immokalee Airport
Lompoc Airport
Upolu Airport
Orangeburg Municipal Airport
South Big Horn County Airport
Cascade Locks State Airport
Ice Strip
Weedon Field
Falcon Field
Naval Air Station Patuxent River
Lyndonville Airport
Springdale Municipal Airport
Robert J. Miller Air Park
Butte Valley Airport
Owatonna Degner Regional Airport
Danger Bay Airport
Eielson Air Force Base
Deep Bay Airport
Converse County Airport
Fergus Falls Municipal Airport
Columbus Metropolitan Airport
Pittsfield Airport
Statesville Regional Airport
Henderson City - County
Brundidge Municipal Airport
Hazleton Municipal Airport
South Wood County Airport
Salmon Bay Lake Airport
Emeryville Heliport
Lee C. Fine Memorial Airport
Poplar Airport
Bowman Field
Spirit of St. Louis Airport
Glen.Aspen County
Hogatza Airport
Accomack County Airport
Ingolstadt Manching Airport
Willow Airport
Metcalf Field
Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport
Tullahoma Regional Airport
Bremerton National Airport
Northeast Ohio Regional Airport
Smith Reynolds Airport
Rodman Bay Airport
Woodward Field
Souther Field
Hemet-Ryan Airport
Bryce Canyon Airport
Maury County Airport
Mountain Empire Airport
Edgewater Inn Heliport
Steamboat Bay Seaplane Base
Payette Municipal Airport
Roseburg Regional Airport
Carl R Keller Field
Puviaq Airport
Kenosha Regional Airport
China Lake Naws
Mcgregor Executive Airport
Richland Airport
Carroll County Regional
Busch Creek Mining
Danbury Municipal Airport
Sallisaw Municipal Airport
Miles City Airport
Andrews County Airport
Butte Valley
Garfield County Regional Airport
Hawley Municipal Airport
Frankfort Municipal
Stillwater Regional Airport
Westerly State Airport
Kona Keahole
Hale County Airport
Hanford Municipal Airport
St. Landry Parish Airport
Put-In-Bay Airport
Ashland Muni-Sumner Parker
Whiteman Air Force Base
Colusa Airport
Centralia Municipal Airport
Fayette County Municipal
Johnson County Executive Airport
Kalakaket Creek Afs
Ocean Reef Club Airport
Catalina A-S Term.
Ames Municipal Airport
Taylor County
Kern Valley
Vero Beach Municipal Airport
Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport
Port Althorp Airport
Weld County Municipal
Aleknagik Airport
Southern Cross Airport
Flora Municipal Airport
Nartron Field
Cape May Airport
Easton Airport
Elkins-Randolph County Airport
Oneida County Airport
Tradewind Airport
Harrison County Airport
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
Wasilla Airport
Santa Paula Airport
Rehoboth Aircrafters
University-Oxford Airport
Twentynine Palms Airport
Levelland Airport
Ophir Airport
Avi Suquilla
Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport
Bar Ten Airstrip
Kline Kill Airport
Johnstone Point
Albertville Regional Airport
Dogfish Bay Airport
Samuels Field
Collinsville Mine Airport
Cloverdale Municipal Airport
Dutch John Airport
Willoughby Lost Nation Municipal Airport
Auburn Municipal Airport
Illinois Creek Airport
Chinitna Bay Airport
Cape Pole Airport
Whittier Airport
Miley Memorial Field
Waltham Airport
Colonel James Jabara
Newport State Airport
Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport
Malad City Airport
Harlequin Lake Airport
Lamar Municipal Airport
McNary Field
Malmstrom Air Force Base
Imperial Municipal Airport
Colstrip Airport
Mission Field
Miami Downtown Heliport
Illinois Valley
Del Rio International Airport
Sedona Airport
F and F Airpark
Hopedale Industrial Park Airport
Kugururok River Airport
Cairo Regional Airport
Hanna Airport
Felts Field
Cal Heliport 78
Togiak Airport
Gull Cove Airport
Brooks Lodge Airport
Myrtle Creek Municipal Airport
Bagdad Airport
Crossroads Heliport
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
California City Municipal Airport
Elk River Municipal Airport
Shreveport Downtown Airport
Waycross-Ware County Airport
Farewell Airport
Guymon Municipal Airport
Neets Bay
Ocala International Airport
Northwest Alabama Regional Airport
Eareckson Air Station
Big Creek Airport
Winnemucca Municipal Airport
Jim Kelly Field
Lake Havasu City Airport
Beaumont Municipal Airport
Jacksonville Municipal Airport
Montague Island Airport
Joint Base Langley-Eustis
Cable Airport
Bartlesville Municipal Airport
Easton State Airport
Sacramento Executive Airport
Boca Raton Airport
Whiteman Airport
Kinston Regional Jetport
Santa Ynez Airport
Boundary Airport
Trent Lott International Airport
Pickens County Airport
Wells Municipal Airport
McConnell Air Force Base
Polson Airport
Troy Municipal Airport
Challis Airport
Peconic River
Bartletts Airport
Darke County Airport

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