Map of major airports around the United States

Local airports in the United States

Major airports in the United States are shown at the top of the page. There are more than are 300 airports in the United States. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Accomack County Airport
Apple Valley Airport
Decorah Municipal Airport
Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport
Mountain Home Municipal Airport
Greeneville-Greene County Municipal Airport
Coal Bay Airport
Cannon Air Force Base
Derby Field
Space Coast Regional Airport
Kogru River Airport
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Indianapolis Executive Airport
Holtville Airport
Volcano Bay Airport
Fresno Chandler Executive Airport
Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport
Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airpo
Kern Valley
Southern Cross Airport
Sacramento Executive Airport
Delaware County Airport
Ottumwa Regional Airport
Dry Bay Airport
Kingdon Airpark
Brackett Field
Akulik Air Strip
Kelly's Island Airport
Atlanta Nas
Doylestown Airport
Weydahl Field
Fond du Lac County Airport
Airborne Airpark
Plymouth Municipal Airport
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Prudhoe Bay Airport
Lyndonville Airport
Tri-County Regional Airport
Perry County Municipal Airport
Cincinnati - Blue Ash
Riverside Municipal Airport
Crissy Army Air Field
South Big Horn County Airport
Adin Airport
Mojave Air and Space Port
Kline Kill Airport
Avra Valley
Cecil Field Nas
Delhi Municipal Airport
Beatrice Municipal Airport
Lincoln County
Boundary Airport
Smith Reynolds Airport
Port Ashton Airport
Concord Regional Airport
Witham Field
Petit Jean Park Airport
Cordova Municipal Airport
St. Johns Industrial Air Park
Fullerton Municipal Airport
Triangle North Executive Airport
Newport State Airport
Astoria Regional Airport
Meyers Chuck Sea Plane Base
Independence Municipal Airport
Trading Bay Production
Anniston Metropolitan Airport
Cape Greig Airport
Waukesha County Airport
Distin Lake Airport
Ashland Muni-Sumner Parker
Roscommon County – Blodgett Memorial Airport
Salton Sea Airport
Wilkes County
Stuart Powell Field
Harris County Airport
Marin County Heliport
Phillips Army Airfield
Dalhart Municipal Airport
United States Air Force Academy Airfield
Quincy Municipal Airport
Danville Regional Airport
Hatbox Field
New York Metropolitan Area
Marguerite Bay Airport
Wasco-Kern County
Avi Suquilla
Sequim Valley
Myrtle Creek Municipal Airport
Corvallis Municipal Airport
Glacier Point
Eagle River Union Airport
Hope Airport
Greater Southwest International Airport (defunct, closed 1974)
Wildman Creek Airport
Dansville Municipal Airport
Harry Stern Airport
Nashua Street Heliport
Vandenberg Air Force Base
Jack Barstow Municipal Airport
Merrill Field
Shirleyville Airport
Bluff Airport
Ulysses Airport
Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport
Northern Aroostook Regional Airport
Hesler-Noble Field
Columbus Municipal Airport
Portland-Hillsboro Airport
Kokomo Municipal Airport
Colorado Creek Airport
Louisa County Airport
Northeast Ohio Regional Airport
Port Walter Seaplane Base
Burlington Municipal Airport (defunct, closed)
Ovid Airport
Park Township Airport
Coast Guard Heliport
Manila Municipal Airport
Lake Hasselborg Airport
Edwards Air Force Base
Mount Saint Elias Airport
Butler County Regional Airport
Carson City Nv
Lowell Airport
Macomb Municipal Airport
Elk River Municipal Airport
Elfin Cove Seaplane Base
Tulelake Municipal Airport
Pleasant Harbour Airport
Chickasaw Municipal Airport
Mush Bay Airport
Circle Town County
Clayton Municipal Airpark
Bar Ten Airstrip
Bridger Municipal Airport
Shawnee Regional Airport
Port Frederick Airport
Stanton Airfield
Hog River Airport
Monmouth Executive Airport
Danbury Municipal Airport
North Shore
Coulter Field
La Junta Municipal Airport
Defiance Memorial Airport
Powell Municipal Airport
Jackpot Airport
Sparta/Fort McCoy Airport
C David Campbell Field
Park Ten
Orange County Airport
Skwentna Airport
Jackson County Airport
Lake Hood Strip
Hawk Inlet Seaplane Base
Rolla National
Scott Valley Airport
Saufley Field
Penn Valley Airport
Newton City/County Airport
Baytown Airport
Andrews Air Force Base
Rigby-Jefferson County
Wash Meadows
Headland Municipal Airport
Morrisville-Stowe State Airport
Ponca City Regional Airport
St. Louis Regional Airport
Port Graham Airport
Angel Fire Airport
Bartletts Airport
Berkeley Municipal Heliport
Majors Airport
Chandalar Lake Airport
Horsham Valley Heliport
Bryce Canyon Airport
Loring Air Force Base
Roscoe Turner Airport
Cobol Alaska/Scaled/
Barksdale Air Force Base
China Basin Heliport
Mesa Del Rey Airport
Hawkins Field
Nellie Juan Airport
Mission Field
South Wood County Airport
Millinocket Municipal Airport
Akolik Airport
Converse County Airport
Illinois Valley Regional Airport
Craig Municipal Airport
Independence Airport
Camp Sivinuvik
Barstow-Daggett Airport
Beluga Airport
Michigan City Municipal Airport
Amedee Army Airfield
Hondo Municipal Airport
Easton State Airport
Safford Regional Airport
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans
Chisana Airport
Acadiana Regional Airport
Antrim County Airport
Baxley Municipal Airport
Bob Sikes Airport
Dyess Air Force Base
Colorado Plains Regional Airport
San Clemente Island Nalf
Fort Collins Airpark
Las Vegas Municipal Airport
De Kalb County
Fulton County Airport
Cortland County Chase Field
Emporia Municipal Airport
Cinder River Lodge Airport
Baker City Municipal Airport
Prairie Du Chien Municipal Airport
Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Airport
Malden Regional Airport
Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock
Hutchinson County Airport
Sherman Municipal Airport
Chanute Martin Johnson Airport
Warren County Memorial Airport
Mobridge Municipal Airport
Garberville Airport
Le Mars Municipal Airport
Saint Marys County Airport
Oconee County Regional Airport
Auburn University Regional Airport
Nashua Municipal Airport
Evart Municipal Airport
Johnstone Point Airport
Butler County Airport
Casa Grande Municipal Airport
Southern Seaplane Airport
Crossroads Heliport
Corner Bay Airport
Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport
Hill Air Force Base
South St. Paul Municipal Airport
Searcy Municipal Airport
Blue Fox Bay Airport
North Bass Island
Ellamar Sea Plane Base
Grider Field
Perry County
Cascade Locks State Airport
Mefford Field
Malmstrom Air Force Base
South Weymouth Nas
Forest City Municipal Airport
Coles County Memorial Airport
Schoolcraft County Airport
Barnwell Regional Airport
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove
Mason County Airport
Naval Air Warfare Center Warminster (defunct, closed on Sep 30, 1996)
South Lewis County Airport
A. L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport
North Buffalo Suburban
La Porte Municipal Airport
David River Airport
Burlington Municipal Airport
Alice International Airport
Sullivan County Airport
Grand Strand Airport
Princeton Airport
Waltham Airport
Orlando Executive Airport
Wausau Downtown Airport
Montague Island Airport
Hartsville Regional Airport
Denton Municipal Airport
Detroit Lakes Airport
Naval Air Station Pensacola
Easton Airport
Council 2
Ozona Municipal Airport
Nogales International Airport
Phifer Airfield
Millington Regional Jetport
Amery Municipal Airport
Lumberton Municipal Airport
Logan-Cache Airport
Naval Air Station Sanford (defunct, closed in 1969)
Aniakchak Airport
Willow Run Airport
Ayakulik Lagoon Airport
Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport
Hot Springs Airport
Georgetown County Airport
Deadmans Bay Airport
Yerington Municipal Airport
Chandler Municipal Airport

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