Major airports in the United States:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Denver International Airport
Miami International Airport
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
McCarran International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport
George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Orlando International Airport
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Boston Logan International Airport
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Washington Dulles International Airport

This is a random list of 20 major airports in the United States. Scroll down the page to see a list of smaller local airports.


Map of major airports around the United States

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Local airports in the United States

Major airports in the United States are shown at the top of the page. There are more than are 300 airports in the United States. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Frankfort Municipal Airport
Valle Airport
Horace Williams Airport
Johnstone Point
Beaufort Mcas
LA/Palmdale Regional Airport
Kona Keahole
Ingolstadt Manching Airport
Town and Country Airpark
Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport
Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport
Witham Field
Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport (Iowa)
Clarks Point Airport
North Perry Airport
Independence Municipal Airport
Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport
Culberson County Airport
Henderson-Oxford Airport
Garner Field
Saint Marys County Airport
Bartow Municipal Airport
Compton/Woodley Airport
Richmond Municipal Airport
Siskiyou County Airport
Kulik Lake Airport
San Juan County
Ashley Municipal Airport
Nebraska City Municipal Airport
Aztec Municipal Airport
Hyder Sea Plane Base
Mccarthy Airport
Rodman Bay Airport
Catalina A-S Term.
Columbia Airport
Yankee Creek 2 Airport
Terre Haute International Airport
Funter Bay Seaplane Base
Herendeen Bay
Perry Stokes Airport
Prairie Du Chien Municipal Airport
Cosna River Airport
Triangle North Executive Airport
Union County
H.A. Clark Memorial Field
Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport
Groton-New London Airport
Monroe County Airport
Columbus Municipal Airport
Yellowstone Airport
Antrim County Airport
Sherman Municipal Airport
Hawthorne Municipal Airport
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Wildman Creek Airport
Farmville Regional Airport
Colusa Airport
Hogatza Airport
Cape Fear Regional Jetport
World Trade Center Heliport
Galbraith Lake Airport
McAlester Regional Airport
Nikiski Private Airstrip
Bartlesville Municipal Airport
Gordon K. Bush Airport
Kelp Bay Airport
Dutchess County Airport
Weydahl Field
William T. Piper Memorial Airport
Van Nuys Airport
Beatrice Municipal Airport
Twin Hills Airport
Pinal Airpark
Cape Simpsom #1
Phifer Airfield
Fitchburg Municipal Airport
Frazer Lake Airport
Leesburg Executive Airport
Mackall Army Airfield
Beaufort County
Harris County Airport
Yankee Creek 2
Miami Municipal Airport
Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport
Central Colorado Regional Airport
Douglas Municipal Airport
Three Rivers Municipal Dr Haines Airport
Catalina Sea Plane Base
Petit Jean Park Airport
Naval Air Station Patuxent River
Pier 8 Seaplane Base
Blue Fox Bay Airport
Hastings Municipal Airport
Lorain County Regional Airport
Farmington Regional Airport
Catalina Terminal
Centerville Municipal Airport
Peconic River
Sumter Municipal Airport
Petrof Point Airport
Glynco Nas
Cherokee County
Thomasville Regional Airport
Nasa Shuttle Landing Airport
Enterprise Municipal Airport
Lincoln County
Pearce Field
Koliganek Airport
Grenada Municipal Airport
Fort Worth Meacham International Airport
Labouchere Bay Airport
Person County Airport
Omolik Lagoon Airport
Smith Ranch
Penns Landing Seaplane Base Airport
Wien Lake Airport
Marshall Field
Chinitna Bay Airport
Fletcher Field
Bar Ten Airstrip
Bridger Municipal Airport
Cairns Army Airfield
Murray-Calloway County Airport
Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport
Carroll County Regional
Castle Airport
Mefford Field
Michael Army Airfield
Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility
LaGrange-Callaway Airport
Ross County
Newton Municipal Airport
Kiavak Airport
McKinley National Park Airport
Roben-Hood Airport
Phillips Field
Nushagak Bay Airport
Searle Field
Vrems Airport
Tonopah Airport
Coles County Memorial Airport
Arthur D. Little Heliport
Lake Nerka Sea Plane Base
Malden Regional Airport
Othello Municipal Airport
Chautauqua County/Dunkirk Airport
Karluk Lake Seaplane Base
Lewis University Airport
Chan Gurney Municipal Airport
Hopkins Field
Tunica Municipal Airport
Frederick Municipal Airport
Crissy Army Air Field
Omak Airport
Raton Municipal Airport
Albert Whitted Airport
Fairfield County Airport
Ocean Reef Club Airport
MacDill Air Force Base
Delta Municipal Airport
Burlington Municipal Airport (defunct, closed)
El Capitan Peak
New Nuiqsut Airport
Orange County Heliport
Babe Islands Airport
Montgomery County Airpark
Needles Airport
March Joint Air Reserve Base
Juneau Sea Plane Base
Lincoln Regional Airport
Williams Gateway
Ellamar Sea Plane Base
Fulton County Airport
Camillus Airport
Middleton Field
Sebastian Airport
Westover Metropolitan Airport
London-Corbin Airport
Marvel Creek Mine Airport
Patrick Air Force Base
Richards/Gebaur Air Force Base
Rehoboth Aircrafters
Blaine Municipal Airport
Ingalls Field
Greely Helipad
Glendale Municipal Airport
Henry County Airport
Dillingham Airfield
Manila Municipal Airport
Townsend Airport
Hickam Air Force Base
Willow Airport
Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field
Grider Field
Miles City Airport
Clayton Municipal Airpark
Renton Municipal Airport
Capital City
Bullen Point Air Force Base
Troy Municipal Airport
West Georgia Regional - O V Gray
Island Heliport
Ann Arbor Municipal Airport
Shisholik Airport
Malina Bay Airport
Akulik Air Strip
Creech Air Force Base
Millville Municipal Airport
Portland-Hillsboro Airport
Scholes International Airport at Galveston
Washington Metropolitan Area
Inyokern Airport
Petaluma Municipal Airport
Naval Air Station Brunswick
Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport
O'Neal Airport (defunct, closed)
Waterbury-Oxford Airport
Las Vegas Municipal Airport
Gordonsville Municipal Airport
Taylor Mountain
North Rim
Hatteras Airport
Stevens Point Municipal Airport
Rutherford County Airport
Santa Rosa Air Center
O'Sullivan Army Heliport
Hope Airport
Brookings Airport
Lake Havasu City Airport
Virgil I. Grissom Municipal Airport
Peach Springs Dirt Strip
Fort Dodge Regional Airport
Polk Army Airfield
Marfa Municipal Airport
Linden Airport
Clarendon Airport
Truckee Tahoe
Hunt Field
Hazleton Municipal Airport
West Houston Airport
Strother Field
Ohio State University Airport
New River Valley Airport
Flat Airport
Tri-County Regional Airport
Keyes Point Airport
Andrews Air Force Base
Whittier Airport
Furnace Creek
Grand Canyon Heliport
Monroe County Airport
Mccarley Field
Mount Washington Regional Airport
Jasper Airport
Milford Municipal Airport
Felts Field
Frederick Regional Airport
Fort Stockton-Pecos County Airport
Downey Heliport
Bay City Municipal Airport
Stuart Powell Field
Sugar Land Regional Airport
Beaver Island
Salt Lake Municipal Airport
Quonset State
Nixon Fork Mine Airport
Hondo Municipal Airport
Griffiss International Airport
Mountain Home Air Force Base
Denali West Lodge Private
Usi Belli Coal Mine
Oroville Municipal Airport
Fremont Municipal Airport
Corcoran Airport
Rosario Seaplane Base
Woburn Airport
Cottonwood Airport
Ugashik Airport
Sumner County Regional
Vermilion Regional Airport
Clinton-Sampson County Airport
Burley Municipal Airport
Coffeyville Municipal Airport
Oconee County Regional Airport
Cordova Municipal Airport
Santa Monica Airport
Morrisville-Stowe State Airport
Aurora State
Lake County Airport
Mendota Airport
Waltham Airport
South Saint Paul Municipal Airport
Naval Air Station Lemoore
Warm Spring Bay Sea Plane Base
Lee Airport

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