Major airports in the United States:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Denver International Airport
Miami International Airport
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
McCarran International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport
George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Orlando International Airport
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Boston Logan International Airport
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Washington Dulles International Airport

This is a random list of 20 major airports in the United States. Scroll down the page to see a list of smaller local airports.


Map of major airports around the United States

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Local airports in the United States

Major airports in the United States are shown at the top of the page. There are more than are 300 airports in the United States. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Levelland Airport
Naval Air Station Point Mugu
Schroon Lake Airport
Freeman Field
Chickasaw Municipal Airport
Hastings Municipal Airport
Converse County Airport
Salmon Bay Lake Airport
Chomley Airport
Indianapolis Executive Airport
Driftwood Bay Airport
Josephine Lake Airport
Diomede Island Airport
Granite Point Ndb
Cascade Locks State Airport
Barwick Lafayette
Indian Mountain LRRS Airport
Gull Cove Airport
Shisholik Airport
Marshfield Municipal Airport
47-Mile Mine Airport
Bob Sikes Airport
Lee Airport
Gwinnett County Airport
Elizabeth City Regional Airport
Midland Airpark
New River Valley Airport
Whitesburg Municipal Airport (defunct, closed)
Lake Hasselborg Airport
Anderson Field
Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport
El Monte Airport
Clarks Point Airport
Hondo Municipal Airport
Trona Airport
Arthur D. Little Heliport
Delta Junction Airport
Palmer Municipal Airport
Miley Memorial Field
Pittsfield Airport
Queen Airport
Frankfort Airport
Hopkins Field
Mankato Regional Airport
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport
Butler County Airport
Oroville Municipal Airport
Kokrines Airport
Northway Airport
Houlton International Airport
Portland-Hillsboro Airport
Creech Army Air Field
Marvel Creek Mine Airport
Port Graham Airport
Decatur County Industrial Air Park
Greenlee County Airport
California Pines Airport
Newton Municipal Airport
Hayward Executive Airport
Beverly Municipal Airport
Hobby Field
Arlington Municipal Airport
Smyrna Airport
Cartersville Airport
Katmai Bay Airport
Whiteman Air Force Base
Moody Air Force Base
Cambridge-Dorchester Airport
Lincoln County
North Shore
Enid Woodring Regional Airport
Beaufort Mcas
Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst
Wells Municipal Airport
Plymouth Municipal Airport
La Grande/Union County Airport
Cabin Creek Airport
Teton Peaks
Shangri-La Airport
St. Clair County Airport
Deer Lodge City/Co
Dietrich Camp Airport
Oakland County International Airport
East 60th Street Heliport
Grider Field
Oneonta Municipal Airport
McPherson Airport
Jaffrey Airport - Silver Ranch Airpark
Montevideo-Chippewa County Airport
Twin Hills Airport
Middleton Island Airport
Levelland Airport
Catalina Airport
Pickens County Airport
Gastonia Municipal Airport
Laurel Municipal Airport
Dinsmore Municipal Airport
Sumter Municipal Airport
Park Rapids Municipal Airport
Skagit Regional/Bay View
Vrems Airport
David River Airport
Boundary Airport
Dalton Municipal Airport
Blue Fox Bay Airport
Dyess Air Force Base
Albertus Airport
Telida Airport
Bryant Army Heliport
Rowan Bay Airport
Amery Municipal Airport
Mandan Municipal Airport
South Big Horn County Airport
Nondalton Airport
Oakland/Coliseum Station Airport
Beale Air Force Base
Half Moon Bay Airport
Perimeter Mall Helipad
Burlington Municipal Airport (defunct, closed)
Waukesha County Airport
Sugar Creek Ranch
Falcon Field
Ellamar Sea Plane Base
Sedona Airport
St. Johns Industrial Air Park
Umnak Airport
Cliff Dwellers Lodge
Faulkton Airport
Seldovia Airport
Cobol Alaska/Scaled/
Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport
Rolla National Airport
Cessna Aircraft Field
Kennett Airport
Gillespie Field
Baraboo-Wisconsin Dells Airport
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport
Crystal Airport
Michael J. Smith Field
Yankee Creek 2 Airport
Garner Field
James H Easom Field
Butte Valley Airport
Shirleyville Airport
Roosevelt Municipal Airport
Allen Army Airfield
Craig Field
Maury County Airport
Crossroads Heliport
McClellan Airfield
San Carlos Airport
Clinton County Airport
Meshik Airport
Tenass Pass Airport
Tulelake Municipal Airport
Chautauqua County/Dunkirk Airport
Calder Bay Airport
Stillwater Regional Airport
Lewistown Municipal Airport
Grand Strand Airport
Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport
St. Louis Downtown Airport
Hawk Inlet Seaplane Base
Polson Airport
Robert S. Kerr Airport
Buckeye Municipal Airport
Nogales International Airport
Gray Army Airfield
Black River Falls Area Airport
Fire Island Airport
Greenwood-Leflore Airport
Kahli Cove Airport
Deadmans Bay Airport
Gratiot Community Airport
Dodge County Airport
Keokuk Municipal Airport
Beluga Airport
Bell Creek Airport
Randolph Air Force Base
Seward Airport
Colorado Springs East Airport
Distin Lake Airport
Northern Aroostook Regional Airport
Reading Regional Airport
Halifax County Airport
Yantarni Bay Airport
Fort Collins Airpark
Moore Army Airfield (defunct, closed in 1995)
Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County
Mefford Field
Marine Corps Air Station El Toro
Garrison Municipal Airport
Mission Field
Mangham Field
Fort Madison Municipal Airport
Horsham Valley Heliport
Sugar Land Regional Airport
Cheraw Municipal Airport
Halibut Bay Airport
Hawley Municipal Airport
New York Metropolitan Area
South Jersey Regional Airport
O'Sullivan Army Heliport
Mckenna Army Air Field
Soda Springs Airport
Drummond Island Airport
Martin State Airport
Marshalltown Municipal Airport
Cape Canaveal Air Force St
Shreveport Downtown Airport
Challis Airport
Hattiesburg Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport
Barnwell Regional Airport
Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport
Golden Creek Mine Airport
Felts Field
Socorro Municipal Airport
Port Orchard Airport
Allegheny County Airport
Minden-Tahoe Airport
Malcolm McKinnon Airport
Modesto City-County Airport (defunct, no flights as of June 4, 2014)
Hanchey Army Heliport
York Airport
Karluk Lake Seaplane Base
Hill City Municipal Airport
Le Mars Municipal Airport
Craig Municipal Airport
Van Wert County Regional Airport
Clinton Municipal Airport
Philip Billard Municipal Airport
Nashua Street Heliport
Chelan Municipal Airport
Townsend Airport
Bruce Brothers Huntsville Regional Airport
Henderson Airport
Edwards Air Force Base
Camp Sivinuvik
Pembina Municipal Airport
Minot Air Force Base
Tompkinsville-Monroe County Airport
Sharpe Field
Roland Norton Memorial Airstrip
Salem-Leckrone Airport
Stanley Municipal Airport
Chanute Martin Johnson Airport
Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport
Southern Cross Airport
Nasa Shuttle Landing Airport
Danger Bay Airport
McAlester Regional Airport
Trona Airport
Frankfort Municipal
Malina Bay Airport
Karta Lake Airport
Hatteras Airport
Lima Allen County Airport
John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport
Norfolk Regional Airport
Porterville Municipal Airport
Merrill Field
Frankfort Municipal Airport
Oneida County Airport
Tulip City
Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport
Port Alice Seaplane Base
Crows Landing Naval Auxiliary Air Station (defunct)
Columbus Municipal Airport
Lonesome Pine Airport
New Ulm Municipal Airport
Dora Bay Airport
Sanderson Field
Worthington Municipal Airport
Daniel Field
Ice Strip
Doylestown Airport
Omalik Lagoon Airport
Afognak Straits Airport
Fort Bragg Airport
Greenwood Airport
Charlevoix Municipal Airport
Kit Carson County
Cape Peirce Airport
Hale County Airport
Post Oak Manor Airport
Waukegan Regional Airport
Hemet-Ryan Airport
Grand Glaize -Osage Beach
Pedro Bay Airport
Emeryville Heliport
Goose Bay Army Air Field
John The Diver
Pine Ridge Airport
Cape Simpsom #1
Sebring Regional Airport

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