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Local airports in the United States

Major airports in the United States are shown at the top of the page. There are more than are 300 airports in the United States. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Cairns Army Airfield
Smith Field
Greenville Airport
Columbus-Lowndes County Airport
Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport
Jack Barstow Municipal Airport
Fresno Chandler Executive Airport
Campbell Lagoon Airport
Chicago Metropolitan Area
Holtville Airport
Koliganek Airport
Danville Regional Airport
Deer Harbor Airport
Ekuk Airport
Bear Cove Farm
Pack Creek Airport
Brackett Field
Naval Air Station Kingsville
Manzanita Lake Airport
Adin Airport
Council Bluffs Municipal Airport
Port Althorp Airport
Duplin County
Moffet Bay Airport
Destin Ft Walton Beach
Dahl Creek Airport
Waterville Robert LaFleur Airport
Glen.Aspen County
Chena Hot Springs Airport
Baker City Municipal Airport
Napamute Airport
Marion County - Rankin Fite Airport
Puviaq Airport
Willows-Glenn County Airport
Henry County Airport
Beluga Airport
McClellan Airfield
Payson Airport
Mifflin County Airport
Levelland Airport
Hartsville Regional Airport
Valdosta Regional Airport
Oman Ranch
Nugget Creek Airport
Jasper Airport
Marion Municipal Airport
Volcano Bay Airport
Moody Air Force Base
Dillant-Hopkins Airport
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport
Oneonta Municipal Airport
Naval Air Station Oceana
Roberts Army Heliport
Tullahoma Regional Airport
Auburn Municipal Airport
Shisholik Airport
Springdale Municipal Airport
Naval Air Station North Island
TSTC Waco Airport
Twentynine Palms Airport
Ovid Airport
Port Alice Seaplane Base
Deming Municipal Airport
Lake Cumberland Regional Airport
Hot Springs County-Thermopolis Municipal Airport
St. Clair County Airport
Anacortes Airport
Perry Island Seaplane Base
Nevada County
Drake Field
Trona Airport
Illinois Valley Regional Airport
Monmouth Executive Airport
Robert J. Miller Air Park
Taku Lodge Seaplane Base
Tokeen Sea Plane Base
Michael J. Smith Field
Hawley Municipal Airport
Kako Airport
McCall Municipal Airport
Dothan Regional Airport
A. L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport
Weed Airport
Plymouth Municipal Airport
Waterville Airport
Coffee Point Airport
MacDill Air Force Base
Greenway Plaza
Roundup Airport
South Weymouth Nas
Clintonville Municipal Airport
Myricks Airport
Ainsworth Regional Airport
Tunica Municipal Airport
Bartlesville Municipal Airport
Los Banos Municipal Airport
Doylestown Airport
Kayenta Airport
Pembina Municipal Airport
Chennault Industrial Airpark
Usi Belli Coal Mine
Pacific City State Airport
Ivatuk Airport
Hazleton Municipal Airport
Island Heliport
Marfa Municipal Airport
Zanesville Municipal Airport
Middle Bass Island Airport
Emporia Greensville Regional
Chilton County Airport
Okmulgee Regional Airport
Three Rivers Municipal Dr Haines Airport
Donlin Creek Airport
Shannon Pond Airport
Sugar Creek Ranch
Logan-Cache Airport
Wheatland County At Harlowton
Kona Keahole
Pope Vanoy Airport
Ozona Municipal Airport
Town and Country Airpark
St. Johns Industrial Air Park
Lawrence Municipal Airport
Hurlburt Field
Lorain County Regional Airport
Batesville Regional Airport
Red Fox Bay Airport
Wilkes-Barre Wyoming Valley Airport
Mayfield Graves County Airport
Duchesne Airport
Longmont Municipal Airport
Big Sandy Regional
Baraboo-Wisconsin Dells Airport
Eastern Slopes Regional
Naval Air Station Point Mugu
Unuk River Airport
Miley Memorial Field
Tikchik Lodge Seaplane Base
Elkhart Municipal Airport
Colby Municipal Airport
Togiak Airport
Lake Florence Airport
Buckeye Municipal Airport
Fairmont Municipal Airport
New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport
Safford Regional Airport
Goose Bay Army Air Field
McGuire Air Force Base
Murray Field
Derby Field
Steamboat Springs Airport
Wright Army Air Field
Harry Stern Airport
Wildman Creek Airport
Henderson Airport
Raton Municipal Airport
Sallisaw Municipal Airport
Hastings Municipal Airport
Phoenix Goodyear Airport
Fort Madison Municipal Airport
Oconee County Regional Airport
Moore-Murrell Airport
Galesburg Municipal Airport
Linden Airport
Ohio State University
Lake County Airport
Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport
Portland-Hillsboro Airport
York Airport
Stillwater Regional Airport
Hearne Municipal Airport
Tehachapi Municipal Airport
Crissy Army Air Field
Johnson County Airport
Henry County Airport
Bader Field (defunct, closed on Sep 30, 2006)
Lewis University Airport
Marshfield Municipal Airport
Newport Beach Airport
Dodge County Airport
Gaylord Regional Airport
Farmington Regional Airport
Mendota Airport
City County
Carson City Nv
South Lewis County Airport
Nappanee Municipal Airport
Marin County Airport
Weld County Municipal
Barrow County Airport
Carbon County Regional Airport
Valkaria Airport
Gwinnett County Airport
Anaheim-Disneyland Helipad
San Clemente Island Nalf
Grand Geneva Resort Airport
Driftwood Bay Airport
Britton Municipal Airport
Ankeny Regional Airport
Chatham Municipal Airport
Reid Cove Airport
Cape Simpson Airport
Tenass Pass Airport
Orangeburg Municipal Airport
Natchez-Adams County Airport
Wheeling Ohio County Airport
Kelly's Island Airport
Catalina Terminal
Lake Placid Airport
Hobart Bay Airport
Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport
Pier 8 Seaplane Base
DuPage Airport
Farmville Regional Airport
Hawk Inlet Seaplane Base
Rosamond Skypark
San Nicolas Island
Tracy Arm Airport
Delhi Municipal Airport
Stanton Airfield
Animas Air Park
Flushing Airport
Route 128 Airport
Petrof Point Airport
North Central State Airport
Darlington County Jetport
Bear Creek 3
Klag Bay Airport
Livermore Municipal Airport
Telida Airport
Windslow Bay Airport
Selief Bay Airport
Susanville Municipal Airport
Campbell Army Airfield
Peterson's Point Airport
Catalina A-S Term.
Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport
Mobile Downtown Airport
Souther Field
Fort Madison Airport
Marion County Regional Airport
Elkins-Randolph County Airport
Malina Bay Airport
Mccarley Field
Gardner Municipal Airport
Avra Valley
Fort Worth Spinks Airport
Commerce Business Park Heliport
Shawnee Regional Airport
Quincy Municipal Airport
Lake City Gateway Airport
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Jackson Municipal Airport
Groton-New London Airport
Levelland Airport
Danger Bay Airport
Parowan Airport
Truckee Tahoe
Aleknagik Airport
Ophir Airport
Hernando County
Blaine Municipal Airport
Opa-locka Executive Airport
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport (Iowa)
Marin County Heliport
Delaware Airpark
Barstow-Daggett Airport
Chelan Municipal Airport
Busch Creek Mining
Grand Canyon National Park Airport
Thomas C. Russell Field
Mackall Army Airfield
Kosciusko-Attala County Airport
Calexico International Airport
Omar N. Bradley Airport
Halliburton Field
Columbia Airport
Miller Field
Mount Washington Regional Airport
Lime Village Airport
Malden Regional Airport
Chicago Executive Airport
San Carlos Airport
Tyndall Air Force Base
Independence Airport
Bullen Point Air Force Base
Wexford County Airport
Cheboygan City/County
Eagle Creek Airport
Saginaw County Harry W. Browne Airport
Polk Inlet Airport
Stanford Field

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