Map of major airports around the United States

Local airports in the United States

Major airports in the United States are shown at the top of the page. There are more than are 300 airports in the United States. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Steamboat Bay Seaplane Base
Elfin Cove Seaplane Base
Oakland County International Airport
Franklin Municipal-John Beverly Rose Airport
Frazer Lake Airport
Catalina Terminal
Herendeen Bay
Port Althorp Airport
Goodland Municipal Airport
Hunt Field
Butler County Regional Airport
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
Cannon Air Force Base
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Hog River Airport
Florida Keys Marathon Airport
Cairo Regional Airport
Patching Lake Airport
Hartness State Airport
Los Banos Municipal Airport
Fort Worth Spinks Airport
Moody Air Force Base
Sumner County Regional
Le Mars Municipal Airport
Orange County Airport
Godman Army Airfield
Lenawee County Airport
Dalton Municipal Airport
Peach Springs Dirt Strip
Nevada County
Deep Bay Airport
East 34th Street Heliport
Vero Beach Municipal Airport
Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport
Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport
Dixie USFS Airport
Upper Cumberland Regional
Roundup Airport
Moore Army Airfield (defunct, closed in 1995)
First Flight Airport
Pauloff Harbor Seaplane Base
Purkeypile Airport
Fairfield County Airport
Hazleton Municipal Airport
Ivatuk Airport
Kalakaket Creek Afs
Meade Municipal Airport
Silver Salmon Creek Airport
Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport
Columbia Airport
Stanford Field
Fort Bridger Airport
Natchez-Adams County Airport
Circle Hot Springs Airport
Naval Air Station Patuxent River
James H Easom Field
Bar Ten Airstrip
Redstone Army Airfield
Beluga Airport
Colorado Creek Airport
East 60th Street Heliport
Otsego County
Teshepkuk Lake Airport
Stellar Airpark
Spirit of St. Louis Airport
Moore-Murrell Airport
Aiken Municipal Airport
Grenada Municipal Airport
Paimiut Sea Plane Base
Big Bear Airport
Lee C. Fine Memorial Airport
MacDill Air Force Base
Parks Sea Plane Base Airport
Destin Ft Walton Beach
Kimball Municipal Airport
Whiteriver Airport
Hesperia Airport
Kako Airport
Logan-Cache Airport
Okmulgee Regional Airport
Three Forks Airport
Fulton County Airport
Olympia Regional Airport
Mccarley Field
Palm Beach County Glades Airport
Benson Municipal Airport
Tonopah Test Range
Girdwood Airport
Akron Fulton International Airport
Anderson Municipal Airport
San Juan County
Clay Center Municipal Airport
Hutchinson County Airport
Bartow Municipal Airport
Windom Municipal Airport
Cabin Creek Airport
Creech Air Force Base
Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County
Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport
Pittsfield Airport
Waterbury-Oxford Airport
Ashland Muni-Sumner Parker
Lancaster Cove Airport
Andrau Airpark (defunct, closed in 1998)
Stillwater Regional Airport
Minute Man Airfield
Houma-Terrebonne Airport
Mettel Field
Clear Sky Lodge Airport
Taylor Municipal Airport
Omak Airport
Naval Air Station Key West
Lawrence Municipal Airport
Atlantic Municipal Airport
Orange County Heliport
Anniston Metropolitan Airport
Space Coast Regional Airport
Kodiak Municipal Airport
Glacier Point
Calexico International Airport
Centerport Heliport
Montgomery County Airpark
Magnolia Municipal Airport
Trona Airport
Whittier Airport
Naval Station Norfolk
Cape May Airport
Eagle Airport
DeKalb-Peachtree Airport
Searcy Municipal Airport
Smith Field
Saint Marys Municipal Airport
Pembina Municipal Airport
Eastland Municipal Airport
Hemet-Ryan Airport
Tuscaloosa Regional Airport
Dahl Creek Airport
Navigator Airstrip
Bakersfield Municipal Airport
Concord Municipal Airport
McMinn County Airport
Marion Municipal Airport
Chicago/Aurora Municipal Airport
Chennault Industrial Airpark
Tullahoma Regional Airport
Millington Regional Jetport
Marshall Field
Southern Seaplane Airport
Kayenta Airport
Captain Jack Thomas/El Dorado Airport
Wasilla Airport
Gulkana Airport
Glacier Creek Airport
Sagwon Airport
Red Bluff Municipal Airport
Farmville Regional Airport
Meridian Regional Airport
Jacksonville Municipal Airport
St. Clair County Airport
Stuart Powell Field
Cheraw Municipal Airport
Anderson Field
Independence Airport
Farington Field
Edward F. Knapp State Airport
Deer Lodge City/Co
Mobile Downtown Airport
Mohall Municipal Airport
Snohomish County Airport
McNary Field
Greenlee County Airport
Mccarthy Airport
Colstrip Airport
Grissom Joint Air Reserve Base
Minot Air Force Base
Lawson Army Airfield
Delaware County Airport
Colorado Plains Regional Airport
New Nuiqsut Airport
New Ulm Municipal Airport
Delta Municipal Airport
Scholes International Airport at Galveston
Hampton Municipal Airport
Baxley Municipal Airport
Wheeling Ohio County Airport
Eagle River Union Airport
Palestine Municipal Airport
Ellamar Sea Plane Base
Globe-San Carlos
Easton Airport
London-Corbin Airport
Garner Field
Weedon Field
Monmouth Executive Airport
Beverly Municipal Airport
Waikoloa International
Marine Corps Air Station El Toro
Hartsville Regional Airport
World Trade Center Heliport
Clinton Regional Airport
Kogru River Airport
Denton Municipal Airport
Nappanee Municipal Airport
Joliet Regional Airport
Pan Am Building Heliport
Catalina A-S Term.
Naval Outlying Field Barin
California Pines Airport
Painter Creek Airport
Hunter Army Airfield
Southern Cross Airport
Catalina Airport
Galbraith Lake Airport
Quartz Creek Airport
Furnace Creek
Muscatine Municipal Airport
Meigs Field (defunct, closed on March 30, 2003)
Cape Simpson No. 7
McPherson Airport
Circle Town County
Chenega Airport
McEntire Joint National Guard Base
Queen Airport
Spencer Municipal Airport
Medfra Airport
Pecos Municipal Airport
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma
Chignik Lake Airport
Ingolstadt Manching Airport
Dobbins Air Reserve Base
Van Nuys Airport
Flushing Airport
Franklin County Airport
Storm Lake Municipal Airport
Sidney Municipal Airport
Harrison County Airport
Cambridge-Dorchester Airport
Gold Beach Municipal Airport
Ninilchik Airport
Fullerton Municipal Airport
Bryce Canyon Airport
Wiley Post Airport
Hayward Executive Airport
Falcon State Airport
Chehalis-Centralia Airport
Wausau Downtown Airport
Beaufort Mcas
Yellowstone Airport
Cessna Aircraft Field
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove
Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst
Coeur d'Alene Airport
Park Township Airport
Crows Landing Naval Auxiliary Air Station (defunct)
Hurricane Airport
Coal Bay Airport
Skypark Airport
Camp Sivinuvik
Katmai Bay Airport
Oxford Municipal Airport
Monroe County Airport
North Perry Airport
Port Orchard Airport
Blue Fox Bay Airport
Twin Hills Airport
North Central State Airport
H.A. Clark Memorial Field
Vaiden Field
Smith Ranch
Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport
Ladd Army Airfield
Hidden Hills
Central Colorado Regional Airport
Kern Valley
Flying Cloud Airport
Laurinburg-Maxton Airport
Bader Field (defunct, closed on Sep 30, 2006)
Carbon County Regional Airport
Plymouth Municipal Airport
Inagok Airport
Horsham Valley Heliport
Snettisham Airport
Mountain Home Municipal Airport
Warren County Memorial Airport
Jensens Strip Airport
Vandenberg Air Force Base
Waskish Municipal Airport
47-Mile Mine Airport
Rogers Municipal Airport
Ainsworth Regional Airport
John The Diver
Gallup Municipal Airport
Napamute Airport

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