Map of major airports around Brazil

Local airports in Brazil

Major airports in Brazil are shown at the top of the page. There are 89 airports in Brazil. Here is a list of some of the smaller airports.

Ponta Porã International Airport
Arraias Airport
Rio Negrinho Airport
Brasileia Airport
Parnaiba Airport
Comandante Gustavo Kraemer International Airport
Caceres Airport
Carauari Airport
Sorocaba Airport
Nanuque Airport
Francisco Beltrão Airport
Paranagua Airport
Bacacheri Airport
Zona da Mata Regional Airport
Mossoro Airport
Matupa Airport
Alcantara Airport
Pato Branco Airport
Cassilandia Airport
Ponta Pelada Airport
Sena Madureira Airport
Videira Airport
Urubupunga Airport
Lages Airport
Concordia Airport
Ponta Grossa Airport
Avelino Vieira Airport
Portel Airport
Dix-Sept Rosado Airport
Caravelas Airport
Itumbiara Airport
Dianopolis Airport
Toledo Airport
Dracena Airport
Raimundo de Andrade Airport
Juara Airport
Ourinhos Airport
Guajara Mirim
Telêmaco Borba Airport
Franca Airport
Porto Nacional Airport
Bauru Airport
Alberto Bertelli Airport
Diamantina Airport
Crato Airport
Umuarama Airport
Sao Paulo Airport
Araraquara Airport
Itaqui Airport
Paulo Afonso
Oiapoque Airport
Fonte Boa Airport
Sao Carlos Airport
Carolina Airport
Resende Airport
Turiacu Airport
Itambacuri Airport
Barra do Garcas Airport
Livramento Airport
Braganca Paulista Airport
Pinheiro Airport
Helmuth Baungartem Airport
Cameta Airport
Itapetinga Airport
Ariquemes North
Aragarças Airport
Santa Isabel Do Morro Airport
Campo dos Amarais State Airport
Bartolomeu de Gusmao Airport (defunct)
Una Airport
Guiratinga Airport
Ijui Airport
Ipiranga Airport
Apucarana Airport
Barra Airport
Itabuna Airport
Confresa Airport
Floriano Airport
Rio De Janeiro Metropolitan Area
Labrea Airport
Alenquer Airport
Sao - Jose D Campos
Assis Airport
Caruaru Airport
Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Area
Colatina Airport
Cruz Alta Airport
Alegrete Federal Airport


Country: Brazil
Continent: South America
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Major and local airports in Brazil

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